GH Update Friday 12/26/03

General Hospital Update Friday 12/26/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Penthouse, Sonny surprises Carly with a gorgeous diamond necklace hanging from the Christmas tree. Sonny warns Carly that Alcazar will be at the opening tonight. He says he wants Alcazar to see them together- looking beautiful and having fun. He says he wants Alcazar to know that he cannot have Carly under any circumstances.

Courtney and Jason meet outside Kellys. He asks if she’s called Justus. She asks why he is so eager to begin divorce proceedings. He says she could then start getting alimony. When she goes back into Kellys, she bumps into Brian in a tux. He looks good enough to eat! Hot! He asks her to the opening of the casino on the “Haunted Star”, she says yes. Jason goes to the penthouse and tells Sonny and Carly that the marriage is over between him and Courtney. Jason sees Courtney with Brian at the casino. So does Carly. She goes over to them and points out to Courtney that Jason is there. Courtney becomes flustered, tells Brian this was a, “bad idea” and leaves. Brian follows her. They stop outside Kellys and she starts to go on and on about how wonderful Jason is. He asks her what the status of their relationship is, and she tells him that they are no longer with each other. She gives him a hug and he tries to take a little more, Jason shows up out of nowhere and tells him to back off. Brian surmises that Courtney was just using him to get Jason to come running after her and leaves. Jason tells her to be careful of Brian.

Ric and Liz plan to tell Zander about the baby at the “Haunted Star” opening that same night. Liz keeps trying to put it off. Ric warns her that she should do this as soon as possible because it could look bad if Zander takes her to court. At the “Haunted Star”, they approach Zander and tell him the baby is his. Ric tells Zander he would like to be the child’s legal father. Zander just stomps off. Emily comes up to Liz and Liz tells her what happened. Emily tells her she needs to relax for the baby’s sake.

Cody shows Nikolas a cache of explosives. In front of the “Haunted Star”, Nikolas and Emily spy Cody near Sam’s boat. They are giddy with anticipation. They are not aware that Sam is on the boat and is going to dive that night. Zander burns with anger as he watches Nik and Em from across the room. After talking to Liz, Emily tells Nikolas that she has to leave immediately and that she must go without him. She will explain later. She goes to Kellys and finds Zander. He tells her that Liz and Ric want to take away his baby. He says he turned them down because he knew that Emily would come looking for him.

Sam makes plans to dive into the “Courage”. Tracy starts laying into Sam when she sees her on the docks. Jax asks Tracy on a date. She eagerly accepts. They go to the opening of the “Haunted Star”. Jax decides to leave early on in the evening and Tracy follows him, all the while trying to convince him to stay. They end up on the docks when they spot Sam’s lifeless looking body in the water. They call 911.

Faith and Skye go at it at the casino. Skye doesn’t want to open the casino until Luke gets there. Faith wants to open on time so that she can start making some money. Faith wins and they act as hosts.

Skye asks Lucky if he has heard anything from Luke. He tells her that he will keep looking for him but he is not really worried. Luke always shows up sooner or later.

As soon as Skye finishes her speech, inaugurating the reopening of “The Haunted Star”, there is a loud noise, the boat shakes, and the lights go out momentarily. Later, a gang of men rush in firing bullets in the air. Of course, all attendees are terrified. Carly slips out of the main area and goes to the deck. She begins calling for help on her cell phone, but a masked individual grabs her form behind and put his hand over her mouth. He then begins kissing her deeply, passionately. She does not really push him away, but asks him who he is when he is done.

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