GH Update Wednesday 12/24/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/24/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, this year we didn't get to see the Quartermaine's eat pizza for their holiday meal, but we did get treated to a wonderful 'Scrooge' story. This was an excellent episode, with Tony Geary at his best. We got to see the wonderful Constance Towers and the gorgeous Robert Kelker-Kelly again. The chemistry between Tony and these two is still as gripping as it ever was.

We start of the episode on the Haunted Star with Stavros' chain-bound ghost telling Luke that he has one last chance to make things right in his life. Stavros warns Luke that if he doesn't do something positive with this last chance, Luke will be doomed to carry even more chains through eternity. He tells an unbelieving Luke that he will be visited by three spirits. The first one will arrive at the strike of 1:00 on the clock.

The first spirit arrives in the 'guise' of Helena Cassadine. She takes Luke back through his 'past' Christmas holidays. We see a very young Barbara Jean and Luke. Luke is convincing Bobby that they need to run away to Aunt Ruby's in Florida, or Social Services will split them up. Luke explains to a reluctant Bobby that they will get money by lying to that 'lady' that they need groceries. The lady approaches them and give Bobby a coat for a Christmas present. Luke remembers that 'Barbara Jean' loved that coat. The woman explains that she wants to take them home to meet her husband after the movie. Young Luke tells the woman the story of needing money for groceries. The woman gives them the money and Luke leads Bobby away promising they will meet her at the movies. Helena then explains to Luke that 'the woman' was Lila Quartermaine. If he and Bobbie had gone to the movie, and home with Lila to meet Edward, he and Bobbie would have been adopted by the Quartermaine's. Luke replies in his typical 'cynical' way: "Well, first of all, I don't believe any of this, and even if it's true, better to grow up in Florida in a whorehouse than with the Quartermaine's."

Helena then shows Luke a teenage 'Bobby' in Florida trying to run away to get away from being a prostitute. A young Luke talks Bobby into staying with him, as he has just landed his first job with the Mob. When Helena congratulates Luke for causing his sister to continue turning tricks for another two years, Luke defends what he did by saying he was only trying to take care of Bobby and Aunt Ruby. That is all he ever wanted. Back on the Haunted Star, Luke tells Helena that he sees no reason to look back. What's done is done. Helena tells him that he needs to look back and learn from his mistakes, or he will continue to make the same mistakes until he dies. He will end up like Stavros, dragging chains into eternity.

Helena disappears as the clock chimes twice. The next spirit comes in the form of Nikolas. Nikolas is there to show Luke 'Christmas present'. Nikolas tries to explain to Luke that his hatred for the Cassadine's is the root of all his problems. Luke wants nothing to do with any of this anymore. Nik tells him that he doesn't have a choice and takes Luke by the arm. They first go to a scene outside and watch Scott take money that was raised from a toy drive. Luke isn't surprised, he says Scott has always been a corrupt jackass. Nik disagrees, telling Luke that Scott started off wanting to help people, until he got his heart broken by his wife and his friend. Luke refuses to take responsibility for the way Scott turned out. Nik tells him that is why all this is happening, because he never takes responsibility for anything. Nik takes Luke to the Quartermaine's next. Luke doesn't think there is anything he can learn from them, Nik disagrees. Edward talks about wishing he and Lila had been able to adopt those 'poor little orphans' all those years ago. Tracy doesn't want to hear this again. Edward tells them all that he would have had the boy running E.L.Q. by now and the girl could have given him grandchildren that he would really love to see. Skye reminds Edward that he is against adoption, which Edward tells her that he is only against 'her' adoption. This hurts Skye's feelings and she goes out to the terrace as the whole Quartermaine clan launch into their usual arguing. Luke follows Skye out to the terrace and sees her start to take a drink. He tries to grab the flask out of her hand, and realizes they are now somewhere else. Nik thinks it is sad that Luke doesn't recognize his own house. Luke tells Nik to forget it, he is never going back in that house again, as he realizes they ARE in the house. They watch Lucky try to explain to Lulu why he bought the bicycle for her and told her that Luke bought it. Lucky assures Lulu that her daddy really does love her, he just doesn't know how to show it. Back on the Haunted Star, Luke tells Nik that his biggest mistake was ever having children. He only had them because Laura wanted them so badly, and he couldn't deny her. Now he regrets it because Lulu deserves a better father than he could ever be. Luke refuses to take responsibility for how Lucky, Scott, or Bobby turned out. They are adults and make their own choices. Nik asks Luke if he takes responsibility for Laura, and they are now at the asylum. Luke thinks maybe this is a chance for him to break through to Laura and asks Nik if that is true. Nik tells him he will have to figure that out on his own. Luke kneels in front of Laura and asks her to help him 'believe'. He asks her to reach out for him. When she doesn't, Luke is back on the Haunted Star yelling for Nik to come out and take a bow. They got him. Nik and his rotting relatives made him realize that he failed Laura. Luke sits down to cry as the clock strikes three times.

Luke is impressed to see the grim reaper himself. He thinks the reaper is there to escort him to hell. Luke tells the reaper that he has been waiting for this his whole life. They first see a grave with a teenage Lulu weeping. Luke doesn't understand what is going on. If he is supposed to die tonight, why are they seeing a teenage Lulu? He realizes that this is Lucky's grave when Emily, Nik, Bobby, and Leslie explain to Lulu that Lucky died in the line of duty. He had joined the police department to try to be a better man than Luke had been. Lulu comments that Lucky wasted his life then, because their father wasn't worth it. Luke vows not to let this happen. Next they see a covered body with Cameron explaining to a cop to just list the man as John Doe. He was a homeless man that Cameron tried to treat years ago, but the man didn't want help. In the morgue, Luke is shocked to see that the homeless man is him.

Luke wakes up at the bar of the Haunted Star and realizes that he is alive. He is elated. He calls someone on the phone to verify what day it is. It is Christmas day, he runs out yelling that maybe there is still time. He sees Max and Michael walking Rosey and again confirms that it is Christmas day. He wishes them a Merry Christmas and runs to the diner where he great Lucky with a big hug. Lucky asks if Luke is okay. Luke tells him that he is fine, and even though Lucky decided to join the Police department, and Luke thinks of the police as his lifetime enemies, it shows that Lucky is his own man, and Luke is proud of him. He tells Lucky that he will be there for the holiday meal, and tells him to inform Bobby that Luke is bringing a few extra people with him.

Luke barges into the Quartermaine's to find Skye and ask her to join him at the Spencer house for the holiday meal. Skye agrees that she would love to do that instead of spending time with the Quartermaine's. Luke then runs to Wyndemere and invites Nik, Emily, 'Natasia', and Kristina to the holiday meal also. On the way out he runs into Cameron and invites him also.

At the Spencer house, all invited are waiting for Luke, who finally comes in carrying a huge bag of presents. Presents for everyone. Luke has a special gift for Lulu. As everyone looks on, Luke presents Lulu with a necklace telling her that it is supposed to remind her of her mother. Luke tells Lulu that Laura will always be watching her and loving her. Skye starts to sing Silent Night. As everyone else joins in, Luke heads outside. On the front lawn, with a tear rolling down his cheek, he looks to the sky and tells Laura: "Well, I did it darling. I'm here and I did it for you my angel. Merry Christmas."

[Wonderful episode. Merry Christmas to all.]

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