GH Update Tuesday 12/23/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is looking for his son, but he isn’t anywhere in the house. Carly informs her husband that she has sent her son out on a secret mission. Sonny tries to find out what exactly this is but Carly won’t say. Mike comes for Christmas Eve dinner and Carly refuses to tell him where his grandson is as well.

Michael shows up at Kelly’s and Courtney is surprised that he is there without his mom and dad. Michael tries to persuade Courtney to come home for Christmas dinner.

Michael comes home with Courtney and where he was and what he was doing is revealed to everyone in the room. A parcel comes addressed to Michael and from Jason. He opens it and it is a telescope. Michael calls Jason to thank him. The phone is passed around to everyone in the room except to Courtney. She is disappointed and it is obvious to everyone in the house.

Sonny, Courtney, Carly, Mike and Michael all sit down to Christmas dinner. Afterwards, Courtney leaves and Michael holds Morgan while his mommy and daddy dance.

Courtney uses her keys to get into Kelly’s and is there alone. She sits at a table and stares at the gift that she has nicely wrapped for Jason.

Alexis hands Nikolas his Christmas present, telling him that she didn’t know what to get him so just to pretend that he likes it. Nikolas laughs and Alexis leaves in a hurry to get to the hospital.

Nikolas hands Emily her Christmas present and she opens it. It’s a gorgeous engagement ring that he bought with money used by the sale of Windermere. Emily hands Nikolas his present. It is a deed to Windermere; Emily was the one that bought it.

Sage shows up at the hospital as a new volunteer. Georgie is there to and they are both dressed up as elves. Sage says some things that piss Georgie off and she tries to pick a fight. Tracy and Dillon are watching in the distance. Brain pulls Georgie off of Sage and takes her to the side to talk with her. Dillon talks to Sage. She tries to say how innocent she is but Dillon doesn’t buy it. He doesn’t think Georgie would start a fight for no apparent reason.

The kids from the hospital gather around to see Santa. Alexis and Kristina are among them. After the kids leave, Santa is revealed as Cameron and he hands Kristina another toy. Alexis just smiles at him.

Luke is on his boat, soon to be casino, supervising the renovations. Skye comes in and tries to give him her keys, saying that she quits. Luke asks her what it is about and she reminds him of their conversation the day before. She asks him to tell her to stay but Luke is not in the mood for head games. Skye slams her keys on the table and walks out.

Luke is sitting alone in his boat when his son comes in. Lucky has brought Lulu with him and she has a present. Lulu sits on Luke’s lap and hands him the present for him to open. It is a picture of him and her ice fishing. She asks him why they never spend any thing together and asks him to come to Christmas Eve dinner. Luke tells her that he is busy. Lulu is disappointed but she tells him she understands and leaves. Lucky lets Luke how upset he is with his father and leaves.

Luke goes to his daughter’s house and watches her open her presents happily. He debates on whether or not to go in and Nikolas asks him if he is going to go in. Luke shakes her head, says that his daughter is better off without him and walks away.

Luke sits alone on his boat and there are strange noises all around him. All of a sudden, Starvos appears as a ghost in chains. He tells Luke that if he doesn’t change, the chains waiting for him are going to be much worse.

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