GH Update Monday 12/22/03

General Hospital Update Monday 12/22/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Emily asks Tracy what is going regards to the sunken ship. Tracy acts all innocent but Emily has a strong feeling that something is up. Tracy says how she is a nice person but everyone always questions her. Emily doesn’t buy a word of it.

Rick shows Elizabeth the note the was in his pocket saying that he’s not the father of the baby. She starts to rip it up but Rick is questioning whether or not the note is really true. Elizabeth tries to change the subject, asking who would do this to them. Rick doesn’t drop it though, and Elizabeth feels as if she is forced to lie to Rick again to keep him from getting hurt.

With tears in her eyes, Elizabeth tells Rick that he is the father of the baby and she doesn’t know who would do this to them. Rick takes her into a hug and comforts her. Elizabeth asks Rick if he believes her and he tells her that he does, he’s just not used to being happy. He tells Elizabeth that he is going to make up for everything that he ever did wrong to her. This makes Elizabeth fell loved, but she also feels guilty.

Elizabeth calls Emily and tells her that they need to talk right away. Emily leaves her conversation with Tracy to go meet with her friend. Outside of Kelly’s diner, Elizabeth accuses Emily of putting the note in Rick’s pocket. Emily is confused about what Elizabeth is talking about and claims that her did no such thing. Elizabeth asks her whom she told, but Emily says that she wouldn’t tell Elizabeth’s secret. Elizabeth says that it is her secret to keep and no one has to know that Zander is the father of the baby. Rick is around the corner and has heard every word.

Elizabeth apologizes to Emily inside Kelly’s for accusing her of telling Rick. Emily tells her not to worry about it but quickly changes the subject when she sees Rick walk through the door. Elizabeth tells Emily that she’ll call her while on her honeymoon and Emily leaves, telling Rick that he better treat her best friend better than he did the first time.

Rick sits down again and brings up the note. She tells him again that she didn’t know who would do something like that to them and Rick admits that it was him that wrote the note and pretended to look surprised when he read it. He tells Elizabeth that he knew something was up and knows the truth.

Not wanting to admit that she was wrong, Elizabeth tells Rick that he lied to her. Rick quickly lets her know that they were both in the wrong since she lied to him to. Rick tells her to look him in the eyes and admit that Zander is the father. Elizabeth does so but afterwards is afraid to look at Rick.

Rick doesn’t get mad at Elizabeth or hold anything against her. She is afraid to look at him and covers her face. She asks Rick if he still would have married her if he knew the baby wasn’t his. Rick tells Elizabeth that he loves her so yes he would have. He also tells Elizabeth that they need to tell Zander about the baby.

Elizabeth doesn’t want Zander to know but Rick tells her that they don’t want to hind from the truth and to get it all out in the open. Elizabeth asks him if they can just go on their honeymoon first. Rick tells Elizabeth that they will go, and that he will love her child as much as he will love their own, and that when they get back, she has to tell Zander about the baby. Elizabeth hugs her husband and they get ready to go.

Nicolas comes onto the ship and tells Sam that he knows about the treasure and that it is rightfully his. Sam is not so willing to give it up and tries to get Jax to take her side. Jax remains silent for most of the time. Nicolas tells Sam that he will pay her for what she has done and that if she goes near the treasure she will be in trouble with the law. Sam doesn’t seem threatened by this. Nicolas writes up a check and leaves, says that he hopes this is where it ends.

Jax takes the check then hands it back to Sam. She says how she always gets so close then loses it all. Jax suggests that she cut her loses and move on before he leaves. Sam tells him that she’ll try but doesn’t look too happy about it.

Sam stares at the check Nicolas wrote out and looks at it depressingly. Tracy comes in and asks why she is so sad, considering that it is her lucky day. Sam looks up at Tracy in confusion.

Tracy makes Sam an offer. She can use the Quartermane ship house and hide the treasure there, and they will put fake jewels in place of the real ones while Tracy sells the real ones through black market. She agrees that they will split the profits 70:30, 70 being Sam’s portion. Sam is not to sure what Tracy is up to but ends up agreeing.

Jax comes onto the ship while Sam is alone ad hands her and early Christmas present. She opens it up and it is a compass on a chain. He tells Sam it is because she had real courage to walk away from that ship and the gift will remind her of that. Sam tells Jax that she doesn’t need the treasure because she has him and they start to kiss.

Alexis is holding her daughter and showing her the Christmas tree. The new butler, Sam’s father, comes in with Cameron, who has a gift for Kristina. Alexis tells the butler that he can leave and he does so, not so willingly. Alexis helps her daughter open the gift, a doll. Alexis hands it back to Cameron and he suggests that Alexis is overprotective and doesn’t want Kristina getting anything for anyone but her. Alexis takes the doll back and asks Cameron to leave.

Alexis finds the butler at the door and accuses him is eavesdropping. He tries to cover his tracks but can’t. Alexis tells him that she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt but not to do it again. She leaves the room with Kristina.

Sam’s father snoops around the house, looking through financial records and other such things.

Nicolas talks to Alexis at Windermere about writing up a document so that the Cassidines won’t get robbed of the portion of profit they deserve from the sunken treasure. Alexis tells him that she will work on it and walks away.

Emily comes into the room and greets Nicolas. She tells him about how she talked to Tracy and how her best friend is married to Rick Lansing again. They talk about the treasure again and how they are going to bring it up. Samís father overhears the conversation and offers to help, telling them that he is a diver. Emily and Nicolas are suspicious but he leaves the offer on the table and walk away

Emily tells Nicolas how she doesn’t care about the treasure as long as she has him. The two of them start to kiss.

Skye finds Luke at the Bar drinking away. She tries to get him out, but when she can’t sits with him. She asks him if he would rather be somewhere else but Luke doesn’t want to go anywhere and starts talking about Laura and how she loved holidays.

Luke pours himself a drink and tries to pour Skye one to. She picks it up, looks at it and smells it but isn’t sure what to do with it.

Cameron comes into the bar looking for his son. Jake tells him that he hasn’t been around in a while. Cameron watches Skye as she puts the drink Luke gave her down and walks away. Cameron comes up to Luke, and asks him if he is trying to kill Skye.

Cameron starts acting like a therapist and telling Luke how he feels. He tells Luke that he has feelings for Skye but is trying to push her away. Luke tells Cameron to get out and tries to make him go away. Before he does, Cameron asks Luke to think about what would have happened if Skye did take a drink.

Skye shows up at the Quartermanes and attempts to spend some time with them as a family. Edward tells her to get out and they all start blaming her for all the bad things that have happened. Edward and Ned say how she was probably the reason ELQ has no money and that AJ stole it all and Monica says how Skye stressed out Emily and that might have been what caused her cancer. Skye stands alone and hurt when Luke comes in.

Luke yells at the Quartermanes’, lets Skye know that she is better then all them and escorts her out of the house. The family is all speechless.

Luke and Skye laugh together and walk outside. Luke gets all serious again and tells Skye that he’s out of the rescuing business. She tells Luke that she thinks he has misunderstood something but Luke disagrees. He tells Skye that it’s a mistake to get close to him so to do herself a favor and walk away. When she doesn’t do so, Luke tells her that he’ll do the walking and turns her back on her and leaves. Skye is left outside and alone, for the second time in one night.

Courtney hears footsteps behind her and jumps up, assuming that it is Jason. Bryan is there instead. He tells Courtney that he wants to help her.

Bryan shows up with Courtney at a bar. She isn’t too sure if she wants to go in at first because of memories. She is quickly sidetracked when Bryan challenges her to a game of pool. Courtney smiles, confident that she’ll win.

Courtney shoots and Bryan is impressed he offers Courtney a bet. If he wins, he gets a dance, and if Courtney wins, she gets whatever she wants. It’s a close game, but Bryan ends up winning the match of pool. He goes onto the dance floor and Courtney joins him. They dance together, but Courtney feels uncomfortable. Bryan can see this and pulls away. He apologizes and leaves.

Courtney follows Bryan to the church and lays a hand on his shoulder. He asks what she is doing and Courtney replies that she can see Bryan needs a friend. They sit down together and Bryan tells her how it is around the Christmas season and he is remembering his last Christmas with Karen and his son. He tells Courtney about it and then tells her not to waste her time with Jason because life is short, and not to spend Christmas alone. Courtney thanks him for the advice and leaves.

Courtney lights a candle in the church. She looks up at it, and tells Jason that she loves him, even though she knows he can’t hear her.

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