GH Update Friday 12/19/03

General Hospital Update Friday 12/19/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny meets Carly at GH after her checkup. She says that the doctor says she is OK. But there may be some other difficulties that come up in the future. Sonny says he wants to talk to the doctor but Carly tells him he has nothing to worry about.

Liz and Emily are also at GH. Liz has just finished her checkup too and the doctor said that everything is okay. Ric meets Liz at GH. He asks her to go to an undisclosed location with him. At first she refuses, but soon relents. It turns out that he took her to a church. He asks her to marry him. She accepts, and they marry again. Afterward, they go Kellys for dessert and Ric tells Liz they are going to South Carolina for their honeymoon. As they grab their coats to leave, a note slips from Ric’s pocket. As he reads it, his face goes ashen but he does not tell Liz what the note says. She insists that he tell her what the note said. He tells her the note says, “you are not the father.”

Jax asks a sailor, Elias Cutler for info about the ship, “The Courage”. Elias said that legend had that it was loaded with jewels which rightly belonged to Constance Quartermaine. Tracy is eavesdropping.

Sam accuses her Dad of spying on Nikolas instead of really working for him. She tells him to quit working for Nikolas. He threatens to tell Nikolas about the rest of the treasure that Sam found unless she gives him a percentage. He leaves. Later, Jax, armed with the info from Elias, tells Sam that the tiara and jewels belong to the Q’s. She insists that whatever she finds is hers to keep. Later as they come up from a dive, it seems that they have found the location of the ship and treasure. As Sam screams, “We are filthy rich!!” Nikolas enters the boat and reminds her that if she is rich, he is also rich.

Michael, with Courtney at Kellys, asks her if Jason had picked up the toys for the church yet. Michael leaves to go upstairs and Brian brings a present for him. He gives it to Courtney to give to Michael. Later, Carly asks Courtney to come to church Christmas party. At that time, Sonny gets a call from Faith asking him to meet her at the pier because she has kidnapped Jason. He leaves. Courtney serves a mother and her young daughter who cannot afford to pay for the meal. Courtney says it is okay. Courtney tells Carly she is leaving Jason. Carly says she should stay with him. Courtney says that since she is always judging him, she does not see how she could stay with him.

Jason, driving the toys for the underprivileged kids to the church, spies someone standing in the middle of the road. He stops and goes to ask the person if he or she is all right. He is knocked out from behind. It turns out that the person was Faith. After Faith calls him, Sonny meets Faith and she tells him she is going to kill Jason. She tells Sonny that she is stealing the shipment she hijacked from the van Jason was driving. Faith opens the crate and discovers that it is only toys. Disgusted, she orders her men to unload them. Sonny tells her they have business to discuss. Sonny tells Zander to find another job. He is about to throw Faith into the water when the poor woman from Kellys runs onto the pier looking feverishly for her daughter. Sonny spies the girl, as she is about to fall into the water and rescues her. Sonny goes to church and discovers that Faith has delivered the toys. She is still there taking everything in. He tells her that she has done a good thing. She said she did it because it is Christmas and because she knows what it’s like to have a lousy childhood.

Nikolas goes to the mansion and asks Edward about “the Courage”. Ed tells him that pirates sank the ship with the treasure still on it. Edward was not sure if there was really a shipload of treasure though. However, he knew that Constance had a valuable tiara on the ship. Ed shows Nikolas a portrait of Constance with the tiara. Nikolas is now sure Sam has THE tiara, but he does not let Edward in on his secret. He asks Edward to tell him where the ship sank when Emily walks in. Emily calls a family meeting and informs everyone about Sam, the ship and the treasure. They vote, against Edward’s wishes, to split the profits 50/50 with Nikolas. Edward thinks the Q’s should get it all. Later, when they are alone, Tracy tells Edward she agrees with him that the treasure belongs only to the Q’s. She is just allowing Nikolas to think that she will split the proceeds.

On the docks, Jason talks to Courtney and tells her he is leaving town for a while. She is devastated. He leaves and she sits on a bench trying desperately to digest this when she hears Jason approaching. She springs up from the bench, grabbing him and crying out, “Jason—“. It turns out that it is Brian.

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