GH Update Thursday 12/18/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney is behind the counter at Kellys. Brian asks her if she is still with Jason. Courtney questions his motives for asking her as Jason walks in and sees the two of them. Justus meets Jason at Kelly’s. Jason is trying to convince Justus to work for Sonny again. Justus turns down the offer.

On the docks, Dillon tells Faith he is Sage’s bodyguard. Sage tells Faith that Alcazar thinks she (Faith) is “dirt”. She tells Faith she is not afraid of her. When Faith implies that Alcazar slept with her, Sage throws the ball back. She says that Lorenzo rarely makes mistakes, but if he does, he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Ouch!! Faith is not rattled, though. Dillon, who has been with them, but silent throughout, now tells Sage to disappear. Sage leaves. Faith begins to speculate about his personal life. Dillon has it out with her and tells her to keep out of his business. When Zander goes to see her, he tells her that he is going to quit soon. Faith doesn’t like what she hears. Zander leaves. Later, she calls him and tells him that Sonny is getting a shipment in tomorrow and she wants him to hijack the truck.

One of Sonny’s henchmen pays Alcazar a visit. He pulls a gun on him and is about to shoot when Sage knocks him out from behind. He falls to the ground unconscious. Ironically, Alcazar reprimands Sage. He feels she has put herself in danger. He threatens to send her back to boarding school but relents after she begs him not to. He tells her to go find Dillon and stay in a public area until she does. As she leaves, she suggests that maybe Alcazar should leave Carly alone after all.

At the park near the ice-skating rink, Emily urges Liz to tell Ric about the pregnancy and about the baby’s paternity. Ric comes up. He has rented skating shoes. He tries to persuade Liz to go skating. When she refuses, he insists. Liz then gets just a bit testy as she continues to refuse. He then gets the message. Emily quickly tries to save face for Liz by telling Ric that Liz hurt her ankle earlier that day. Ric gets called away. Liz resolves to tell both Zander and Ric the truth by day’s end. When Liz goes to Zander and says she has to talk to him, he interrupts her and proclaims that he wants no ties to anyone. He wants to be able to leave town at the drop of a hat. He is still reeling from the pain of what happened between him and Emily. Upon hearing this, she chickens out. Later, she goes to Ric. He meets her with a single long-stemmed red rose. She tells him about the pregnancy but he starts babbling with joy before she can tell him it is not his baby. She chickens out again.

Maxie calls Georgie, who is working at the hospital, from Kellys. She tells Georgie that she has spotted a hottie and that Georgie needs to come to Kellys right away to meet him. Georgie is reluctant until Maxie sends a picture of the guy via cell-phone. That closes the deal and Georgie goes to Kellys and meets him. It turns out that his name is Guy. He describes himself as a geek and they go on to have an animated conversation about chemistry and English Literature. He asks her to hang out with him and she accepts. At the park, Guy gives Georgie his backstory. They are having a great time when Dillon and Sage happen upon them. Sage mentions that “Guy” is an unusual name. This leads to the mention of movie actor Guy Pierce of L.A. Confidential fame. That leads to Dillon and Guy doing an Ebert and Roeper about the movie “Giant”. There is an undercurrent of resentment borne of jealousy on Dillon’s part. When Dillon and Sage leave, Guy gazes after them and says, “wow…”. Georgie starts to get angry until she realizes that the comment was not for Sage, but for Dillon. Guy admits he is gay. After this, they talk about her and Dillon. He assures her that Dillon is still in love with her. He says he could tell Dillon was jealous when he saw them together. Georgie goes back to the hospital and is visiting an online teen dating service. Maxie tells her this sounds desperate.

Sonny and Carly begin planning baby Morgan’s christening. Carly asks Jason to come to the Christening. Sonny does the same with Courtney. They both express great reluctance to attend. In the end they do show up for the christening along with Bobbie, Mike, and little Michael. Alcazar watches the proceedings from afar. Mike talks to Courtney, telling her he is proud of her. He says she and Jason will work things out and that he believes she will receive a miracle and will have a baby of her own one day. Sonny thanks the priest and asks if there is anything he can do for him. The priest says that the church needs a truck to transport Christmas gifts to poor children. Sonny asks Jason to take care of this.

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