GH Update Wednesday 12/17/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Bryan pulls Faith away from Courtney. Jason shows up and gets all defensive because Bryan’s hands are on Courtney. Courtney explains what just happened. Faith tells Bryan that she’s wants Courtney charged with harassment. He tells Faith that she started up but she doesn’t care because Courtney threw the first punch. Bryan has no choice but to arrest Courtney.

Courtney is at the police station and talking with Bryan. He asks her as a friend why she hit Faith. Courtney is just able to answer him when Jason shows up and tells Courtney to keep her mouth shut until the lawyer is present.

Courtney waits in the interrogation room while Bryan, Justus and Jason try and fix things up for Courtney. Rick doesn’t want to left go of her right away even though Bryan has said that there is no case against her. Justus gets things cleared up and Bryan tells Courtney that she is free to go.

Jason walks into the interrogation room to talk with Courtney, but instead of greeting his wife there, he finds Bryan.

Courtney is back in her room when there is a knock on the door. She opens the door to Jason, who asks her why she didn’t wait for him. Courtney tells Jason that she can drive herself. They talk about their relationship again and Courtney asks Jason if she can come work for him so they can be together. Jason knows that this is something Courtney doesn’t want to do but she tries to convince him that she could learn. Jason tells her that he doesn’t want her to change.

Courtney starts to cry when Jason asked her why she took her wedding ring off. Courtney tells him that she just wanted to see if he would notice or say anything. Jason starts to take his off and Courtney tells him to stop. He doesn’t listen. He tells her that they aren’t working out together and made different promises that they couldn’t keep.

Courtney doesn’t want Jason to go but she can’t go back to him. He tells Courtney that he’ll get Justus to get the divorce papers for her and he’ll make sure she has a lot of money. Courtney tells him that she’s not ready to think about papers, Jason tells her to just call him when she is. He tells her that he was happy to be married to her, if only for a short period of time, but can tell that she’s not happy. Jason leaves, Courtney goes to the door and starts to cry but doesn’t go after him.

Alcazar is shocked and can’t believe what he is seeing. Sonny clears it up for him, that he and his wife had just made love, in case Alcazar couldn’t figure it out for himself. Sonny tries to tell Alcazar that Carly is where she belongs and where she wants to be. Alcazar doesn’t listen to him so Carly tries to tell him herself. She tells Alcazar that she feels for her husband the way she did before and that she is where she wants to be. Alcazar accuses Sonny of treating Carly like a possession. Carly has nothing to say so she tells him to leave. Alcazar does just that after being told a couple of times.

Carly asks Sonny if he is going to kill Alcazar and he wants to know why Carly cares. She tells Sonny that in a perfect world, Alcazar would be gone and out of their lives but that isn’t going to happen. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t feel threatened by Alcazar and is sorry that he ever did. He asks Carly if she has any feelings for him. Carly tells Sonny that she feels anger for what he has done to them but she also feels sorry from him because she knows what he could have become. Sonny was hoping that Carly would say that she hated him but realizes that he can’t get everything he wants and is thankful that Carly is telling him the truth.

Sonny tells Carly how he thinks he got it easy and how he had this plan to make Carly fall in love with him again. Carly is curious to hear about this and Sonny tells her he’ll start by showing her.

Carly comes downstairs wearing a fancy black dress and Sonny is dressed up in a suit and tie. They hug and Sonny tells her more about his plant o make Carly fall in love with him again. He tells her how he was going to buy her jewelry and take her out dancing. Carly thinks that it’s a good idea to start dancing now and puts on some music.

Carly and Sonny are dancing in the middle of the floor and are just about to kiss when Michael comes in. He says how kissing is yuck and kissing and dancing is double yuck. Carly tells Michael that he is going to learn how to dance. Michael thinks that it is some kind of joke and asks his dad if he has to. Sonny tells Michael to listen to his mom and Carly gives both her sons a lesson in dancing. Sonny watches his family with a smile on his face.

Alcazar comes into his apartment and is greeted by his niece. She has her coat on and tells her uncle that she is ready to go pick out a tree. Alcazar is not exactly in the holiday spirit but Sage insists that they should go since Alcazar made a promise. There is a knock on the door and Faith is there to see Alcazar. He tells his niece to go to her room and tells Faith to come in.

Faith knows that Alcazar went to see Sonny and Carly and assumes that he was humiliated. She asks Alcazar if he is ready to talk revenge and tells him how she plans to go about it. Alcazar tells Faith that she would be a bad business partner and he is not interested. Faith leaves, telling Alcazar he is not going to earn brownie points with Carly by keeping her husband alive.

Sage comes out of her room and asks her uncle about the tree. Alcazar tells Sage that he thinks she should go by herself and surprise him. Sage doesn’t push him anymore and tells him that she is going to find the best tree there is. She tells Alcazar that he doesn’t like the holidays because he has never had anyone to share it with but that he will now.

After Sage leaves, Alcazar has flask backs to times that he felt close to Carly and times that he was with her without Sonny around. He finishes taking a walk down memory lane and throws a glass at the wall.

Jax comes up from scuba diving with more treasures. He shows them to Sam, who is just about to go down. He wonders why she is so anxious to go down, the treasure is going to stay there and Nicolas knows nothing about it.

Alexis is hiring a butler for the Cassidine household. They can only pay low amounts for a lot of work and Alexis is curious as to why a man would want to work like that. The man is Sam’s father.

Alexis introduces Emily and Nikolas to the man applying for the butler job and Nikolas is suspicious right away. The man explains that he wants to be close to his daughter and needs work. He tells Alexis that his references are good and that she can check them. Emily and Nikolas go out for a walk. Alexis lets the man know that she will be checking his references carefully and that he is on trail.

Nikolas and Emily come back early from their walk and Nikolas is carrying an unconscious Sam. Nikolas informs Alexis that she was found by the shore. Alexis calls the hospital and Nikolas tries to wake Sam. She is barely conscious and she only says two words: courage and ship.

Sam sits awake and in a robe. She is now fully conscious. Her father watches her in the background but doesn’t let himself be known to Sam, afraid that he will give her away. Jax comes running in and Sam brushes him off when he tries to pamper her. Nicolas asks her what she meant by the words she was saying before. Same tries to cover by saying that her father used to tell her that courage is all you need and she was by the ship when she went unconscious. She tries to convince Nicolas that the ship she was talking about was his, but he and Emily are suspicious.

Sam gets ready to go down and dive in the water again. Jax tells her that she shouldn’t and that she almost died down there. Jax thinks that she is worried about Nicolas and Emily catching on to her, but she tells him that she covered up well. Sam is rally concerned about her father.

Emily asks Nikolas is he believed Sam’s story and he agrees that it sounded a little odd. Emily tells Nikolas what she thinks about the whole thing. She tells him about a Quartermane ship that sunk thousands of years ago and no one ever saw it again. She tells him that there are rumors of the ship having great treasures on it that are worth fortunes.

Skye tells Luke that she likes him as a friend that that she isn’t going to ruin that over some stupid kiss. She starts to pack up her Christmas stuff because she gets the message that Luke doesn’t like it.

Luke explains to her that Christmas brings up a lot of bad memories and he thinks it best not to think about them at all. Skye tells Luke about her past Christmases. As a child, she was always in a motel room at Christmas watching a movie while her mother got drunk, and as an adult she always had a cheating boyfriend buying gifts for another woman.

He understands that Skye is hurt and tries to explain to her some things. He tells Skye that he likes her a lot, but he’s not the romantic type of guy. Skye tells him that his is egotistical, romance is not her friend and that she doesn’t even think of Luke that way.

Luke apologizes to Skye for ruining her Christmas fun. She accepts his apology but asks him why he dislikes Christmas so much, Luke talks about Laura and how Christmas was her favorite season, and how now she doesn’t even know that Christmas is coming up, or that it’s her birthday in to days. Skye is in the background crying because of Luke’s hardships, not knowing how to comfort him.

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