GH Update Tuesday 12/16/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie opens her locker and there is a picture of her and Dillon in it. She almost starts to cry but then sees him coming and tries to hide in embarrassment. Dillon finds her and tells her they have to talk. He tries to explain that sleeping with Sage was a mistake but they are interrupted by Sage herself, who has just enrolled into P.C. High and conveniently is in all the same classes as Dillon.

Georgie starts to yell at Sage, calling her a slut and giving her advise on where to have sex. Dillon tries to quiet Georgie down but she ignores him. Dillon tells her not to be mad at Sage but to be mad at him. Georgie looks at Sage and tells her she hates her. Dillon tells Georgie that if she is going to hate someone then to hate him. Georgie tells him that she hates them both and walks away.

Dillon finishes giving Sage a tour of the school. He is kind of quiet and held back. She thanks him for sticking up for her and tells him that he is a nice guy. Dillon doesn’t agree with her and feels guilty for what he has done. Dillon asks why she enrolled into public school, considering all the money her uncle has. Sage tells Dillon that she wanted to be closer to him because she can be herself around him and like him. Dillon feels even guiltier and sage asks him the same question. Dillon wanted to be close to Georgie. They talk about how they are both new and have no one and Dillon offers to take Sage home.

Georgie comes to the hospital all pissed off and tells Maxie about Sage. She tells her sister that she wants to get revenge. Maxie tells Georgie that it’s not like her to do that but Georgie wants Dillon to hurt. She sees a guy from school come in and rushes over to help him. She smiles at Josh and tries to flirt as she pushes him away.

Josh comes back from getting his foot tended to and Georgie rushes over to flirt again. Just as she is telling him that her is single, his girlfriend comes rushing in and helps him leave the hospital. Maxie tries to tell Georgie that revenge won’t work and that she’s miserable without Dillon. Georgie tells her sister that she can’t go back to him after what he’s done, she can’t forgive him and every time she looks at him, she sees Sage.

Dillon and Sage get t Alcazar’s apartment and Sage thanks Dillon for walking her home. They try and make small talk but Dillon finds it awkward being around her. He tells Sage that he has homework and has to go. Sage asks him if she’ll see him around at school and Dillon nods his head before leaving.

Skye is decorating the haunted star with a Christmas tree and tinsel and other Christmassy decorations. Luke walks in and asks her what is going on. She tells him that he is decorating for a Christmas party that they are having for the workers. Luke is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit and is curious as to why it’s so important to Skye. She tells him to help her put up the tinsel.

Skye stands up on a ladder and tries to finish up the decorations. Luke watches her with great interest. She hangs mistletoe as the final touch and starts to talk about a boy she kissed when she was 16 underneath the mistletoe and how she never saw him again. Skye falls and Luke catches her. The two of them start to kiss.

After Luke has realized what he has done, he pulls away from the kiss and they both back away from each other. Luke is shocked and afraid and says that he stopped everything. He keeps on repeating words to himself, saying how he and Skye can’t get close. It’s obvious that he’s afraid. Skye gets pissed off, tells Luke he’s reading in too much over one little kiss and storms out.

Luke destroys the Christmas tree that Skye put up and rips down everything to do with holiday cheer. He sits down and pours himself a glass of whiskey. Skye comes backs, throws something at Luke to get his attention and tells him he’s not getting off the hook that easy.

There’s a man dressed up as Santa outside of Kelly’s. Courtney has just gotten her old job as a waitress back and hands the man a cup of black coffee, and tells him that she saved him a piece of pie, suspecting that it is her father. Courtney goes back inside and runs into Jason.

Jason asks Courtney to come back home with him considering that things have calmed down a bit and Carly and Sonny are back together. Courtney tells him that she can’t do that and that it doesn’t change the way she feels. Faith comes in and starts to talk to Jason about business. She tells Jason that he ran a shipment through her territory and now she’s going to keep it and he should inform Sonny. Courtney says how Sonny and Carly have just gotten back to together and Faith should give them a break.

Courtney walks over to the window and sees that Santa has gone on break. Just then, Mike walks into Kelly’s. Courtney makes jokes about him being Santa but he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Courtney walks over to the counter and hands Mike a piece of apple pie that she saved him. He mentions how he wants to have a Christmas gathering with the family, her, Sonny, Carly, Bobby, the kids and Jason. At the sound of Jason’s name, Courtney changes the subject, grabs her coat and heads outside.

Carly and Sonny start to kiss. She tells him how much she loves him but Sonny is not sure if he can believe it as it sounds to good to be true. Carly is just about to prove it to him when Michael comes downstairs, trying to rush out because he wants to mail his letter to Santa. Carly wants to see what he has written but Michael won’t let her. Carly tells Michael that Santa is at Kelly’s and to go get Morgan and Leticia so they can go see him. Carly asks Michael to give her the letter so that he doesn’t forget it. Michael is excited, and he runs upstairs without his letter to Santa.

Carly hands the letter to Sonny so that they can read it and get Michael what he wants for Christmas. Sonny tells Carly that she won’t have to buy what is on his list and hands it to her. The letter says: “Morgan doesn’t need any toys because he’s a baby, and I don’t need anything because I got my mommy back.” Carly smiles and folds up the letter as Michael is coming down the stairs.

Michael rushes out the door but Carly heads out more slowly. Jason comes in and Carly asks him what he wants for Christmas. Jason tells her not to get him anything but Carly just smiles. She tells Jason that every year he says that and every year she gets him something he doesn’t need and he always keeps it because he loves her. Jason smiled back and Carly leaves to go with Michael.

Faith comes to Alcazar’s apartment and tells him she has news about Carly. She tells him that Sonny and Carly are back together. Alcazar tells Faith that Carly is just pretending but Faith shakes her head and tells Alcazar that that’s just what he wants to believe. Faith tries to push Alcazar buttons but then he realizes what she is trying to do. He accuses Faith of trying to get to him so that he’ll be so mad he’ll kill Sonny. Faith shakes her head, tells Alcazar that he wants Sonny dead more then she does because as long as Sonny is alive, he has no chance with Carly. With that said, Faith leaves. Alcazar pulls out his gun from a drawer and holds it.

Michael and Carly get to Santa’s chair but he is gone. Courtney says that he is on a coffee break in a less then cheerful voice. Carly tells her boy to go with Leticia to Queen of Angels church to look at something and that Santa will probably be back when they come back. Michael leaves and Carly asks Courtney what’s wrong.

Courtney brushes it off, tells Carly that she’s just trying to get used to her old new life. Carly asks Courtney about Jason because she knows that’s why Courtney is really upset. Courtney tells Carly that she can’t accept the life he lives and she thought that she could and that she can’t get over it. Carly tells Courtney that she is miserable without Jason and that she should spend time with the Jason she feel in love with and just ignore his business and stay out of it. Santa comes back and so does Michael. Courtney tells Carly that her break is over and has to get back to work. Carly reminds Courtney to call her whenever she needs to talk. Courtney runs into Mike while going back into Kelly’s and realizes that he’s not the one dressed up as Santa.

Rick knocks on Sonny’s door while Jason and Sonny are talking about Courtney. Sonny invites him in and listens to watch Rick has to say. Rick tries to give Sonny some advise. He tells his brother to try and stay away from Faith or live in the town peacefully with her, because if Faith disappears, Sonny will get blamed and he won’t get a third chance. Sonny is confused as to why Rick is telling him this but really doesn’t care. Rick then leaves and Sonny and Jason continue talking.

Jason tells Sonny about how Faith got in his face about the shipment she stole. Sonny tells Jason not to worry about it. They talk about Courtney again. Sonny tells Jason that he wants his sister to be happy but she can’t accept the life he lives so Jason has to make a choice, the business or Courtney. Jason just nods his head, not sure if he is ready to give Courtney up so soon and so easily.

Rick runs into Faith outside of Kelly’s and he gives Faith the same speech that he gave to Sonny only he makes it sound more like a warning. Faith brushes him off and goes inside to talk with Courtney.

Faith tells Courtney that she wants Courtney to work for her but Courtney is not jumping up and down at the opportunity. Faith says how she needs a hostess for the cellar and Courtney could work there for more money and better opportunities. Courtney gets on her coat and tells Faith to take a hike. They continue the conversation outside. Courtney tells Faith that all she’s doing is trying to get her pissed off enough to go to Jason so that Jason will go after Faith. Faith makes a comment on how Jason and Courtney are over. Courtney gets pissed off and slaps Faith across the face.

Faith’s bodyguards go after Courtney but she starts to take them out as well. Santa watches with interest and when he sees Courtney can’t handle herself, steps in. He holds Courtney back and push away the guys coming after her. Santa is revealed as Brian.

Carly comes home and tells Sonny that the kids are at Mike’s because she wanted some alone time with her husband. He smiled and him and Carly start to kiss. He takes off her coat and they start making out on the couch. The two of them eventually make love. Carly makes sure Sonny knows how much she loves him and missed him.

Sonny and Carly hear voices outside their apartment and Sonny recognizes it as Alcazar. He goes outside to greet the guest, without his shirt on, and tells Alcazar that he’s been expecting him so to come in. Alcazar walks in on a naked Carly covered up by sheets. He realizes quickly what Sonny and Carly have been doing

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