GH Update Monday 12/15/03

General Hospital Update Monday 12/15/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Sage and Dillon are in bed together when Georgie walks in. At first she is speechless and then Dillon notices her. He asks her what she is doing here and quickly wraps a sheet around himself. She says how she came to apologize but that she made a mistake and that she will never talk to Dillon again and they are over.

Dillon tries to go after Georgie but Sage tells him not to let her ruin it for them. Dillon tells her that he can’t believe that he was so stupid and believed Sage’s whole virgin act. She is actually hurt by his comment and lets him know that it was her first time. Dillon finishes off getting dressed, telling Sage that if that is the truth he is sorry because he considers it a big mistake. He leaves and Sage starts to cry.

Georgie yells at Tracy, saying that she was set up and that Tracy knew all along that Sage was with Dillon in bed. Tract is shocked about the bed part but pleased just the same. Georgie starts to yell at her, saying how sick she is and how Alcazar is dangerous and how they made a deal. Georgie walks out crying, passing Alan and Emily on the way.

Dillon tries to leave the house to o after Georgie but Alan refuses to let him go, saying how much trouble Emily has gone to make sure the family is together to trim the tree. Tracy comes in and knows why her son wants to leave, so insists that he stays.

Dillon tells his mother that if she loved him even a bit, she would respect his love for Georgie and accept it. She tells him that he is just dragging on something that is going to end anyways and that she is ending it quickly for him. They argue some more about Georgie and then Dillon leaves, upset with his mother.

Georgie runs into the hospital hurt. She tells her sister that she needs a boyfriend right away and she doesn’t care who. Georgie sits down with Maxie and tells her all about how she found Dillon with Sage in his bed and how upset she is.

Dillon is sitting at a table by himself when Maxie comes up to him. She tells Dillon how hurt her sister is and how he broke her heart when he slept with Sage. She tells Dillon about Georgie’s deal with his mother and how she was afraid he was going to get hurt. She walks away, telling Dillon that the only reason she talked to him was to tell him how great her sister is and how much he missed out on. Dillon asks Maxie where Georgie is now but she refuses to tell him.

Dillon finds Georgie at the hospital desk and tries to talk to her. She tries to walk away but can’t and is forced to listen to him. Dillon says how he thought they were over and was thinking, what’s the point about pushing Sage away. He tells Georgie that she should have trusted him and told him about her deal with his mother. She admits that she was wrong but Dillon slept with Sage, cheated on her, and for that she can never trust him and go back to him.

Carly collapses while talking with Alcazar. Sonny comes out and sees his wife on the ground, he tells Jason to call 911 and blames Lorenzo for what has happened.

Carly is taken away in a stretcher. Jason warns Alcazar to stay away from Carly and not bother to go to the hospital to see her. He and Jason leave to go the hospital. Courtney tells Alcazar that it is all his fault because he won’t leave Carly alone. She tells Alcazar that he is not in love with Carly, only obsessed.

Alcazar tells one of his men to go to the hospital and get information on Carly since he already knows that Sonny’s men won’t let him in the hospital.

Sage comes running up to her uncle crying. She is ready to tell him why she is upset but can’t. All she tells him is that it is because of Dillon and that she needs to get out of town and get away from him. Alcazar tells Sage that he can’t leave and she assumes that it’s because of Carly. Alcazar explains how he lost someone at a young age and has always walked away since then with regrets. Alcazar tells Sage that is she is sure that she’ll leave Port Charles with no regrets then they can leave. Sage gives her uncle a hug and starts to cry, but decides to stay.

Jason and Sonny question Monica about Carly’s condition. They are afraid that she might have slipped into a coma again. Monica says that they don’t know anything for sure right now and won’t know until Carly wakes up. Sonny asks to go and see his wife and Monica gives him permission.

Sonny talks to Carly and she slowly opens her eyes. She smiles at him and asks him if she fainted. He nods his head and Carly smiles at him again. She tells him that she was having a dream. Sonny is concerned at first but learns that the dream was about him and not Alcazar.

Carly tells Sonny about her dream. He was about to shot Alcazar but stopped because Carly rushed in and told him how she loved him and will always love only him. She smiles and asks Sonny if she can go home.

At home, Courtney has planned a surprise party for Carly and Mike and Bobby are there. Michael gives Carly an angel that he made to go on the tree. She smiles at him, gives him a hug and they talk. Michael is happy, he tells his mom that she is back to the way she was before. Carly starts to cry; now she is on emotion overload.

She asks Michael to go get her some cookies when she finds he is getting confused. She tells everyone in the room how she is back and has feelings like before and she hugs Sonny, tells him how much she loves him.

Faith has added a Roulette table to Luke’s floating casino. Skye comes in and tells Faith that she can’t do that but Faith reminds Skye that she is a partner. She also tells Skye that they won’t be needed her services as a hostess since Faith is taking that job.

Faith and Skye decide to gamble to settle some things. They play a game of Roulette, if Faith wins, Skye walks out of the casino and stays out and if Faith loses, she has to go back to being a silent partner. Skye agrees to a spin, and chooses red. The ball lands on Black 22.

Faith tells Skye to leave but she’s not cooperative. Faith tells Skye that she’s lost long before with a husband that divorced her and a family that rejected her and now she’s clinging on to Luke. Skye gets pissed off and slaps her. Luke comes in and breaks them up.

Luke suspects that the Roulette table is fixed so he offers another wager to Faith. She denies when Luke says he wants black. Luke spins anyways and the ball lands on Black 22 again. Luke pulls out the device that was fixing the table and tells Faith that he is running a legitimate business.

Faith tells Luke to get rid of Skye and if he doesn’t, she is taking her money and protection out. She leaves so that Luke can make his decision. Skye tells him that she’ll make it easy for him and leave. Luke tells her that if she tries, he’ll throw her overboard himself and that he wants Skye to stay.

Skye tells Luke that Faith doesn’t want her as a partner but Luke doesn’t care. He tells Skye all she can offer to the casino and tells her that he wants her there. She agrees to work with him as a partner but asks for a favor in return.

Faith is all pissed off at Skye but Zander doesn’t understand why. He tells Faith to let it go. She starts describing Skye and Zander thinks she is talking about herself. She tells Zander not to compare her to Skye and she starts talking about power, and how power is the reason she wants the casino. After that, her and Zander start to kiss.

It turns out that Sam’s piece of rubbish that she found by the boat is in fact a tiara that is probably an antique worth a lot of money. She leaves, tells Jax that she is going to look for more.

Nicolas comes onto the ship after Sam has gone diving again. He is curious as to how things are going along. Jax shows him the antique Sam found and insists that Nicolas should keep it. Nicolas says that it is not part of his ship so he doesn’t deserve it because it’s not his. Jax tells him that Sam wouldn’t have found it if she hadn’t been looking around the boat and that he needs the money more. Sam comes back up and sees Jax trying to give away her new treasure.

Sam tells Nicolas that there is a lot of the salvage boat that can be taken and sold and that she can use the money from the antique to hire divers. Satisfied, he gives Sam the tiara and leaves. As soon as he’s gone, Sam shows Jax what else she has found in the water. It is a fairly large piece of metal with the words “courage” engraved on it.

Sam tells Jax about the boat she found that was buried under Nicolas’s and how it probably has more antiques from where the tiara comes from. She talks about how she is going to be rich. Jax tells her that if it weren’t for Nicolas’s boat, she wouldn’t have found the stuff so he could say he owned half of what she finds. Sam tells Jax that he never has to know. She sits on his lap and they start to kiss.

Edward tells Emily about a rich guy that is coming down that has a crush on her, and how she should spend time with him tomorrow. Nicolas comes in and tells Edward that Emily and him are busy tomorrow. They start to kiss and Edward is sickened. Alan tells Edward to cheer up and it’s not a big deal that Nicolas is broke if Emily loves him. Edward talks about how young people have hopes and dreams that aren’t practical but Emily just ignores him.

Skye stands outside the Quartermaine house with Luke. He is not thrilled with going in and is confused as to why Skye would want to spend time with a bunch of “loony people”. Skye tells him that she’s used to them and that he promised to come with her. She asks Luke if he is afraid but he tells her to bring the Quartermaine’s on.

Luke and Skye walk into the Quartermaine house and Tracy is not thrilled to see them. She tells them to get out but Alan tells her that Skye is his daughter and she and her guest are welcome. Edward asks Luke what his angle is but Luke assures him that he has none.

Emily and Nicolas are outside planning to leave. Nicolas wants to go get a tree for Windermere so that they can celebrate Christmas there for the last time, together.

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