GH Update Friday 12/12/03

General Hospital Update Friday 12/12/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

General Hospital December 12, 2003

Jax runs to the rescue as a strange man approaches Sam. It turns out that he means her no harm. He is her father and she labels him an opportunist. Jax seems to take an instant liking for her father. He fires her in front of her father. She accuses her father of stealing from her. Her father leaves. Sam’s father goes to Kellys and overhears two men talking about Sam and her salvage boat Later, when Sam goes into the boat, she gives Jax her backstory. With teary eyes and quivering voice she says she had no mother, was raised by her scam artist father. He taught her how to be a scam artist and taught her to swim and sent her to get diving lessons. Jax gives her a hug. She goes on a dive. Her father shows up soon after and begins a conversation with Jax. He tries to tell Jax that Sam is a world-class con artist who ripped him off and left him in the desert with no food or water.

Alcazar orders the crooked cop (Capelli) who works for him to kill Sonny if he is found not guilty. Brian asks the same guy why he is always talking to Alcazar. He says he is investigating…trying to get close to him to get more info. Brian orders him to turn over the paperwork behind his investigation.

Jason tells his henchmen that no matter what the verdict, Sonny must walk free

At the police station, Justus tells Carly that Sonny wants to see her. Carly visits Sonny. He’s had a rough night in jail. Carly tries to get Justus to get Sonny out of prison. Scotty approaches them and says that the jury has already reached a verdict. This fast verdict seems to bode ill for Sonny. Back at the courthouse, Scotty, confident that Sonny has been convicted, gives an impromptu press conference to reporters assembled there. Mike comes in and tells the reporters to investigate Ric, the ADA for his crimes against Carly. Sonny is found not guilty for attempted murder, Kidnapping, and Wreckless endangerment. Scotty polls the jury. He asks that the verdict be vacated, the judge refuses. Crooked cop gets ready to do his moonlighting duty, but Jason and Brian stop him. He refuses to tell them whom he is working for.

Sonny, Carly, Mike, and Courtney go to Kellys to celebrate. Ric shows up and “congratulates” him. Liz interrupts the conversation and begins to defend Ric when Sonny accuses him of being stuck in the past. Alcazar shows up, lurking outside. Sonny catches him and approaches him. Alcazar insists Carly loves him and she shows up just in time to hear this. She rails at Alcazar telling him that anything she ever felt for him was “just a dream” and though she does not love Sonny in the SAME way that she did before, there was still a LOT of feeling and commitment left on her part. She then suddenly grabs her head in agony and summarily faints.

Georgie at work at the hospital is a basket case. Maxie tries to get her to change her mind about breaking up with Dillon. She also gets her to admit that she is jealous of him and Sage. Georgie admits this then Dillon approaches. He says he did not sleep with Sage. He thinks his mother is the one behind Georgie breaking up with him. He says that Tracy is manipulating Georgie into thinking that hanging around Alcazar is more of a threat to his safety than it really is. Dillon tries to convince her to come back to him. Sage shows up as he leaves for a film festival. She says she will accompany him. They stop at the Q mansion first, and Tracy orders him to give Sage a tour of the house. He reluctantly complies. In the bedroom, Sage comes on strong again. Then she switches gears. She tells him she is a virgin. He finds this ridiculously difficult to believe. She tells him her history of being lonely. Dillon can relate to this notion of being wealthy but isolated and lonely. Dillon begins to make love to Sage. Georgie shows up and asks Tracy, who is in the drawing room, where Dillon is. At this point, she realizes that Tracy has manipulated her. She gets angry. Tracy tells Georgie to go to the bedroom to see Dillon. She opens the door and sees Dillon and Sage, under the covers, making love.

Brian tells Scotty that Capelli is on Alcazar’s payroll. Scotty does not believe him and accuses Brian of working with Sonny and Jason. Ric approaches Brian after Scotty leaves and tells him that he is biding his time and plans to take Scotty’s job.

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