GH Update Thursday 12/11/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

General Hospital December 11, 2003

Sam makes Coleman an offer for the salvage boat. He is interested, but when she admits she cannot cough up the down payment, he declines. Sam goes to the Quartermaine mansion looking for A.J. She tells Ned she wants to borrow $60,000 for the down payment for the salvage boat. Ned himself makes out a check to her. Sam goes back to the bar to look for Coleman. An unsavory looking fellow is there instead. Coleman is not around. The fellow says his name is Dan Boyle and says he owns the salvage boat. Sam gives him a check for the boat and he has the bartender check to make sure it is good. When the guy comes back and says the check is no good, he gets mean and attacks her. Jax rides in on his white horse in just the nick of time and kicks the guy’s butt.

Tracy is still trying to broker a partnership with Jax in which she is in control. She tries to con him by pulling at his heartstrings but he does not fall for it.

Alexis tells Nikolas and Emily that Wyndemere has to be sold. Nikolas expresses his insecurities about being broke. Emily tells him she loves him just the same. Later, they go to the docks to meet Sam and see the salvage boat. She is beside herself of course, since Ned’s check turned out to not be any good and she did not get the boat. As Sam is tripping over her words trying to explain the situation, Jax appears and points out the salvage boat in the harbor. Apparently, he bought the boat for Sam.

Alcazar is cross-examined by Justus. Justus grills him about his infatuation with Carly. On the witness stand, he admits to being in love with Carly. When Carly takes the stand, it is Scotty’s turn to do the grilling. He tries to get her to admit that she has feelings for Alcazar. She says that she doesn’t know if she has feelings for him. Scotty goes much further by saying that Carly hops from one man’s bed to another. This makes Sonny furious and the court goes into an uproar as people take sides and the judge tries to re-institute some decorum. The judge bars Scotty from cross-examining anyone else. Sonny is next to take the stand with Ric doing the cross-examination. He gets Sonny to admit that he was jealous when Alcazar was pursuing Carly and was intending to kill him the day he ended up taking Sam hostage. When Justus questions Sonny, he explains that he was angered by Alcazar kidnapping Carly and trying to gaslight him. He explained how he came to shoot Carly and that this incident led to his disavowal of guns. However, because Alcazar’s behavior was so disrespectful and outlandish, he broke the vow he made to himself and set out to kill him. Both sides then give closing arguments.

The Quartermaines slowly begin to realize that a lot of their money is disappearing from various accounts. Skye accuses Tracy of being the culprit. Edward gets a call from A.J. who says he knows who took the money. Edward puts him on speakerphone. A.J. identifies himself as being the one who has taken the lion’s share of the Quartermaine fortune. The Q’s are beside themselves. A.J. is beside co-conspirator Lydia in a tropical paradise having a great big laugh.

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