GH Update Wednesday 12/10/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Jennifer
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Sam tells Jax that she has to go to Sonny’s trail.

Rick goes over the plan for trail with Scott. He says that if Alcazar gives a statement and doesn’t scream entrapment, that they will win the case. Scott is confident that they will. Justus walks over to Alcazar and tells him that he knows that Alcazar is in love with Sonny’s wife. He warns Alcazar that if he testifies against Sonny, Carly will hate him.

Courtney is standing in the place that her and Jason got married. He catches her taking a walk down memory lane and asks her if she regrets marrying him.

Carly wakes up to Sonny watching her sleep. She smiles at him and asks him if he is worried about what is happening in Port Charles. Sonny knows that his trail is taking place and he will probably be convicted.

Alexis walks into Windermere and talks to Nicolas about his financial problems. Nicolas asks if he can budget in a wedding. Alexis warns him that it’ll have to be cheep. Nicolas tells her that he wants it to be prefect because he knows he’ll love Emily for the rest of his life.

Emily walks into Kelly’s while Elizabeth is having morning sickness. She tells Emily that she won’t have to hide it much longer. Emily assumes that Elizabeth has chosen to tell Zander about the child. Elizabeth tells Emily that she slept with Rick and plans to tell everyone he is the father of the baby.

Jax tells Sam that he wants her to tell the truth that the trail and there is no reason for her not too. Sam is not sure she wants Sonny convicted for kidnapping and Jax is not sure why.

Jason tells Courtney that he will love her for better or for worse and that he hopes she will get used to the way he lives and come back to him. Courtney tells him that she doesn’t want to think about that now and live in the present. Jason tells her that they aren’t going to be staying there much longer and it is the last time they will see Sonny and Carly ever again.

Sonny tells Carly that Jason has their new ids and they will be out of the country tomorrow morning. Carly feels bad about leaving Bobby without saying goodbye. Sonny tells her to write a note. She is not sure about it. Sonny says that if she is not sure if this is what she wants, then she has to stop now. Carly tells him she is going through so she can be with him, because she knows that is the one thing she wants.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she can’t base her life on a lie. She starts to go on about the mistake she made with Zander and marrying him. Elizabeth tells her that it is different because she is in love with Rick and they can be happy together if he thinks the baby is his.

Nicolas tells Alexis that he is heading over the Quartermanes to met Emily and tell her family about the engagement. Alexis warns Nicolas that the Quartermanes may not open his with open arms. Nicolas thinks that they should be happy for Emily if she is happy. Alexis is not sure if that is what will happen but she tells Nicolas that is they do welcome him, then to ask for a loan because they need the money.

Rick makes the opening statement at Sonny’s trail and then Sam is questioned. Rick asks her questions and Jax sits in the background hoping Sam will tell the truth. She admits that Sonny was holding a gun and pulled her out of her car, but when asked if he kidnapped her, she hesitates then answers no. Jax is not pleased with his.

Courtney tells Jason that he knows how to disappear and asks why they wouldn’t be able to visit the kids. Jason tells her how it’s too risky. Courtney has tears in her eyes as she talks about how Sonny is her brother; Carly is her best friend and how much she loves the kids. Sonny is watching near by. Jason pulls Courtney into a hug and then sees Sonny. She tries to act less upset around her but he can see her pain and pulls his sister into a hug.

The Quartermanes are all gathered in the family room talking about how ELQ is running. Tracy wants to take over and is sure that AJ is not doing a good job and that they are all in denial. Everyone is talking over each other. Nicolas meets Emily outside of the house and they kiss before going in. No one sees them at first except for Dillon, who warns them to get out before the Quartermanes start throwing knives at each other. Emily doesn’t listen, she speaks louder until she has everyone’s attention and then tells them all that Nicolas and her are engaged. The Quartermanes go silent.

Courtney goes to the room to talk to Carly and say her goodbyes. Carly is worried because she is not sure if she will ever be able to love Sonny again the way he loves her. Courtney tells her that her and Sonny’s love is powerful and that it’s just natural and will come back to her. This gives Carly hope and she and Courtney hug.

Jason tells Sonny that everything is ready and that he can go and just disappear. Sonny reminds Jason about the last time he disappeared and hoe he broke down but Jason covered for him, and how Jason won’t be able to do that again. Jason tells Sonny that he will be okay because this time he has Carly and the kids with him. Jason tells Sonny that he will be convicted so there is no going back.

Rick watches as Elizabeth walks into the courtroom. He continues questioning Sam to make the people of the court and her believe that she was indeed kidnapped. Justus comes in and cross-examines her. When he asks if Sonny told her why he was doing what he did, Sam answers that Sonny said that he had been set up. Jax shakes his head and walks out of the courtroom.

Everyone in the Quartermane family starts to congratulate Emily except for Edward and Tracy. Edward tells Nicolas that he has never liked the Cassidines but he is the best of them. Nicolas is not sure how to take it but says thank you anyways. Edward starts to talk about Nicolas investing money into ELQ but Nicolas revels that he can’t because he is broke. Edward tells him then that there is no way Nicolas is marrying his granddaughter. Everyone starts arguing and talking over one another. Emily makes them all be quiet, asks Nicolas for time alone with her family and then kisses him. He makes a quick little speech about how he loves Emily and plans to spend the rest of his life making her happy. The family is silent. He then leaves. Edward tells Emily that she is going to go up to her room and write Nicolas a letter about why she can’t marry him. Emily tells everyone in the room that she is marrying Nicolas and no one can stop her.

Carly folds up her letter that she wrote to Bobby saying her goodbyes. Jason walks in the room and she hands him the letter. They say their goodbyes. He talks about the first present she gave to him and hands her a present that can’t be traced. It is a little figure of a symbol of France to remember him by. She takes it and smiles. She asks him what she is going to do without him to catch her when she falls. Jason tells Courtney that he will always be there for her and that if she’s in trouble to give him a call. The two of them hug.

Sonny and Courtney try and say goodbye. He tries to tell her something to say to Mike but can’t think of anything. Courtney tells him how much Mike and Sonny love each other and that she will tell him that. Carly and Jason come outside with the kids. They want to take a walk. Sonny takes the baby to bring inside. Michael asks if Santa will be able to find him at his new house, with a new name. Sonny is listening nearby while Carly is trying to reassure him.

Elizabeth talks to Rick outside the courtroom. She tells him that she is there to watch him in action and see if he was really over his obsession with Sonny. She tells Rick that while he was questioning Sam, she didn’t hear hatred in his voice and he just sounded like he was doing his job. She asks Rick if she can stick around for moral support. He tells Elizabeth that he would love for her to stay.

Jax asks Sam why she is so determined to save Sonny. She tells him that she is just telling the truth. Jax tells her that she knows she was kidnapped. He goes on again about how Brenda was ruined because of Sonny and protecting him all the time. She tells Jax that he is overreacting but Jax disagrees. He doesn’t want to stand by and watch another woman ruined by Sonny.

Sonny talks to Morgan about how he has to do the right thing. He tells the baby how he wants to watch Morgan grow up but he wants his child to look up to him. He doesn’t want Morgan to have to pay for what he has done so he is going back. He tells Morgan that he is going back because it is the right thing to do and because he thinks it is best for his kids.

Nicolas tells Alexis how the meeting with the Quautermanes went. He says how he has love with Emily and that is enough, but he won’t be getting any money from the Quartermanes because he’s marrying her. Alexis tells him that he can support himself for a couple of months but when his fretter sank he lost his last chance at avoiding bankruptcy.

Emily tells the Quartermanes how much she loves them all but how she has to lay down some ground rules. She tells them that they are all invited to the wedding as long as they wish her and Nicolas well or keep their opinions to themselves. She warns them that at the first sign of someone trying to ruin the wedding, her and Nicolas will elope. The Quartermanes go silent. Some, such as AJ, as amused at the fact that Emily is standing up for herself, and some, such as Edward are just shocked. Emily leaves them with that, telling them all that she is going to see her fiancé.

Sam accuses Jax of blowing everything out of proportion. She also accuses him of trying to turn her into Brenda. She tells him that it’s not going to work out and she liked the Jax that he used to be. She tells him that when he finds that guy again, the give her a call and walks away.

Carly walks into her room to find Sonny gone and a maid tending to the baby. She asks where her husband is and is told that he left to go settle so unfinished business.

Emily greets Nicolas with a hug and she tells him about her time with her family and how no one is going to ruin their wedding. Nicolas tells her that so far they’ll have nowhere to live and that they have close to nothing. He doesn’t even know who would hire him to work. Emily reassures him that it’ll all work out and they start to kiss. Sam interrupts them, tells Nicolas that she has a business proposition that could make them both a lot of money.

Jax comes up to Tracy and tells her that he is ready to talk business again. She tells him she doesn’t want to work with him and Sam but he assures her that Sam is out of the picture in business anyways, and that his personal life is none of her business. Tracy agrees to talk to him and says that she’ll agree to his terms.

AJ gets off the phone and Skye is in front of him and in his face about what is going on. He tells her that it is business. Skye knows that AJ is up to something but she’s not sure what. AJ has nothing to say to Skye, he just smiles at her.

Carly tells Jason that she needs the next flight back to Port Charles. Jason tells her there is nothing that she can do. Carly tells Jason that if Sonny is going to fight then she is going to fight with him.

Rick questions Alcazar about the night that he was shot. Alcazar states that he didn’t conspire with the police or work with them in any way to trap Sonny. Just then, Sonny walks into the courtroom, apologizing for being late and saying how he thinks he should be at his own trail.

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