GH Update Tuesday 12/9/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy tells Georgie that she will make Dillon quit his job if she breaks up with him. Georgie says that she will never break up with Dillon but then she changes her mind and says she will because she thinks it’s the only way to keep Dillon safe. Georgie sees Alcazar standing in the hospital. Georgie tells Tracy to go tell him to fire Tracy but she won’t do anything until Georgie breaks up with him.

Dillon is thrown in jail for assault. The man that he took out was in fact a famous singer. Sage finds it amusing when she hears the manager of the singer yelling at Dillon and telling him the damages he has cost. After he leaves Sage tells Dillon that, that wasn’t the man that attacked her and there really was no guy that attacked her. Dillon gets pissed off and screams at sage to get out.

Sage comes back and tells Dillon that she knows how to get him out of this mess. At first Dillon doesn’t want to hear it be Sage tells him that its his only chance. She tells Dillon to act like he’s crazy.

The manager comes back with Sage and she is showing him the “mentally insane” Dillon. He is huddled in the corner talking to himself. Dillon sees the manager there and walks up to him. He tells the manager that God sent him down to earth to save the butterflies. He starts walking around pretending there are butterflies in the room. The manager is not sure to believe if Dillon is really mental or if he is just faking it. He turns around and when he goes to find Sage and the manager again they are gone, but his mother is there instead.

Tracy plays along with the whole “Dillon is insane act”. She tells the manager that she will play for expenses and they go to talk over coffee. Dillon acts Sage what she was thinking, bringing his mother in and he knows that it is going to cost him.

Dillon, Tracy and Sage show up at the hospital. Georgie comes running over to see Dillon but then sees Tracy and backs away. She starts yelling at him and making up excuses for them to break up. She accuses him of sleeping with Sage, his job being more important to him then her and spending more time with his job then he does her. She starts to cry, tells him they’re through and walks away. Dillon is crushed but Tracy and Sage are both pleased.

Carly tells Sonny that she is ready and they start to kiss again. Sonny pulls away and tells Carly that they are moving to fast. Carly starts to say how this escape plan is all a big mistake and how she doesn’t know how to do or feel anything since her injury. Carly starts to worry about if she never feels love for Sonny again or if she never goes back to the way she was. She knows Sonny loved her before but she isn’t sure if he can love who she is now. Sonny keeps on telling her that it’ll come back and she will remember again.

Sonny and Carly go outside and walk in the snow. Carly comments on ho beautiful the countryside is. She continues to worry about if she feelings for Sonny will ever come back. Sonny asks her why she took him out of the country and Carly replies that she reacted on instinct. Sonny tells her that she has never been able to resist him or helping him and right now that is enough. He tells her that they will love each other again if that’s what they both want.

Alcazar goes into Sonny and Carly’s room in France. He looks around and then opens the door and walks onto the balcony. She sees Sonny and Carly together walking and watches them. They hug and Alcazar watches in jealousy.

Jason tells Courtney not to worry about the boys and that he will get Justus to take care of it. He leaves and Courtney continues packing her bags. She calls up Myers and tells him that she needs a flight to the island right away.

Justus meets with Alexis at Kelly’s and is shocked that she has a baby. He couldn’t picture her as a mother before. He tells her that he is there to talk about Sonny’s case since she used to be a lawyer who worked for Sonny. Alexis is uncomfortable with the subject and tells Justus that she can’t help him, he offers her money but she still can’t. She tells Justus that she thinks Sonny gets what he deserves. Justus thinks that she is talking like that because of personal experiences.

Nikolas and Emily come into Kelly’s to meet with Alexis and talk business. They both greet Justus. He leaves and Nikolas and Emily come and sit with Alexis. She gives Emily divorce papers and Nikolas papers that state that he is bankrupt. Alexis leaves to drop off Kristina but tells Nikolas she will come by Windermere and talk with him after. Nikolas kisses Emily and leaves.

Emily sits alone at Kelly’s. She watches as Zander comes in with a pretty woman. He sits down with his date and then goes to talk with Emily. She tries to make nice but Zander doesn’t want to. He shows Emily his signed divorce papers and Emily signs hers. He gives his to Emily since she is heading over to Windermere and will probably see Alexis there anyways.

Emily tells Zander that what they had together was beautiful but it didn’t last but she will remember all of it. She tells Zander that she will always care about him. He asks her not to go to Canada with Nicolas. She agrees. They say their good-byes on a little more friendly bases. Zander is left alone at the table and is trying to hold back his tears.

Jason runs into Justus outside of Kelly’s and he tells Justus about Sonny’s kids and how Scott is getting an order to take them away. Justus lets Jason know that there is nothing he can do in such short notice and that Sonny’s kids could become wards of the state in a matter of hours.

Courtney shows up at the island and tells Leticia to pack Michael and Morgan’s bags because they are leaving. There is a knock on the door and Courtney starts to panic. She tells Michael to stay calm and if someone comes grabs him to scream.

Some Port Charles Police and a Child Social Care Worker come into the house and tells Courtney that she is taking Sonny’s kids away. Courtney acts offended, says that they are her children and acts as if she has never heard the name Sonny. The woman shows Courtney the court order but she still acts like she knows nothing. Michael calls Courtney mommy and asks if they have done anything wrong. Courtney tells the woman that she has to get out before she files a complaint. The woman leaves with the police but then sees a picture of Sonny and Carly and is curious as to why it is there.

Courtney tells the woman that the house was rented. The woman doesn’t believe the story and tells Courtney that she is taking the kids away. There are shots fired outside of the house and she and the police leave to see what it is. Jason comes through the side door and leaves with Courtney and the kids in a hurry.

Carly looks out the window, thinking she sees someone. Sonny comes up behind her and shocks her. He puts a necklace around her neck then leaves her alone staring out the window. Alcazar is standing behind a tree where she is looking.

Courtney and Jason come into Sonny and Carly’s room with the children. They are all happy and smiling. Carly and Sonny hug their kids and smile at each other.

Alcazar makes a call to Scott Baldwin. He tells Scott that he wants to testify Sonny and put him away. Scott smiles and tells Alcazar that he knew that he would come through. Alcazar hangs up the phone and watches Carly again.

Alexis tells Nikolas that he is officially broke. He is not used to this. Alexis tells him how he will have to sell most things and makes jokes about not having hired help and having to make his own bed. Nikolas tells her that he wants the car and the horses. Alexis tells him that she will see what she can do.

Emily comes in and hands Alexis the divorce papers. She tells Emily that they will be filed tomorrow and asks how Zander is. Emily says that he could be better. Alexis nodes her head and leaves.

Nikolas tells Emily how he is broke and not sure what he will be keeping and not keeping. He tells her that all he needs is her though. They both tell each other that they love each other. Nikolas asks Emily to marry him. Emily smiles, hugs him and says yes!

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