GH Update Monday 12/8/03

General Hospital Update Monday 12/8/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is out riding on her stolen boat. A helicopter comes down and drops a ladder. Jax climbs down and into the boat.

Sam lies in Jax’s arms and they look at the stars together. She tells him how she likes it out in the boat and how she likes the quiet and being out in the open and not trapped in an office. Jax tries to tell her how she has good instincts and could make it as a vice president but Sam wants to make it on her own. She talks about how she likes taking risks and going on the wrong side of the law. Jax tells her that she can do that in his offices but Sam thinks that Jax stays on the right side of the law all the time.

The police come up to Sam and Jax in their boat and tell them not to move. Sam smiles and says that they’ve been caught. Jax takes control of the wheel, speeds them up and runs from the police.

Sam and Jax hide in a cove and watch the police pass them in their boat. She puts working in an office for him in perspective for her by talking about boats. He tells her that she likes taking chances and risks except when it comes to him. Jax feels that Sam is afraid to get close to him. She tries to assure him that this isn’t the case.

Carly and Sonny go to the “safe house” that Carly has chosen for her and her husband. It is across from the area where Courtney and Jason got married. Sonny goes outside and looks at the view. He takes off his jacket and sees that his bullet wound has opened again.

A doctor comes into the room and fixes up Sonny’s wound. Carly, Sonny and the doctor are having a hard time communicating since they both know little of the other’s language. Carly is able to thank him though and he leaves. The couple is sure that he won’t go to the police considering that large amount of money they paid him.

Carly wants to call the kids and talk to them, see how they are doing. Sonny tries to stop her by telling her that the phones might be wired and that Leticia is doing fine with the kids. Carly tells him that Leticia is not their mother and that she will talk to her children.

Carly and Sonny both talk on the phone. When they get off, Carly asks Sonny why he didn’t want her to call the children. Sonny tells her that he was trying to prove that she still cares about her kids, but she just doesn’t feel anything for him.

They sit and talk about what they are going to do from now and their “new life”. Carly asked Sonny how he would feel if she never got her feelings for him back. Sonny is confident for the first time and tells Carly that she will. He says that she still has feelings for him deep down in her heart and she just needs to find them again. Sonny and Carly start to kiss but Carly pulls away. Sonny tells her that he’s not going to push her to do anything she’s not ready for.

Luke is sure that Faith won’t push Skye off the edge so he tells her that he still won’t work with her. Faith tells Zander to push her but he refuses to another one of Faith’s employees has to do it. Luke can’t believe what she just did and jumps in after Skye.

Skye and Luke cough on the side of the boat. Skye asks Luke if he’s crazy and why he didn’t just cooperate with Faith. Luke tells her that he didn’t think she would push Skye. She tells Luke that Faith is insane and would do anything to get her own way.

In the boat, Luke and Skye are both trying to get warm again. Skye is getting annoyed because Luke has nothing but alcohol to drink. Faith comes in and asks if they enjoyed there swim and are ready to talk business yet. Faith wants her money back and a percentage of the profits from the casino.

Faith and Luke decide on a game of poker to settle things. If Luke wins, Faith will leave him alone, if Faith wins, she gets what she wants. The cards are dealt and Skye makes signals to Luke that Faith has a bad hand. Luke folds and Faith walks out happy.

Pissed off that Luke wouldn’t even play the game, she looks at Luke’s hand. He has a royal flush. Skye is furious that Luke wouldn’t play his hand against Faith. Luke tells her that he had his reasons, puts on his charm and makes Skye smile.

Zander reports to Faith what Luke’s hand was. Faith is pleased, thinking that she scared Luke so much that he was forced to fold.

Justus, Jason and Courtney walk into Sonny’s hospital room to find Scott there but Sonny gone. They are all shocked. Justus starts acting like an attorney and tells Scott to find his client. Scott has already decided that he is going to have a trail in 2 days, with or without Sonny present. After Scott has left the room, Justus tells Jason that if Sonny’s not at the trail, he’s going to lose the case.

Courtney asks Jason where Sonny is but he doesn’t know. Courtney pressures Jason to look for him but Jason doesn’t want to. He says that Sonny is probably with and he thinks that they are okay and safe. Courtney gets mad again, confused as to why Jason won’t look for Sonny. Jason walks away to go talk to Justus.

Alcazar comes up to Courtney and tells him that for Carly’s own good and safety, she must tell him where Carly and Sonny are. Courtney tries to make Alcazar understand that she doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell him either way. Jason comes up to them and tells Alcazar to get away from his wife.

Justus runs into Edward at the hospital, who is pleased to see him. He tells is grandson to give up working for Sonny and come work at ELQ. Justus tells him that he is also defending Jason and wants to help them. They run into more of the Quartermane family: Monica and Alan. They tell him how it is good to see him and Edward says how he is the success of the family. Tracy comes and interrupts the conversation saying how soon she will be successful.

Courtney is in her room when there is a knock on the door. She opens it up to Brain. He gives her information that he is not suppose to tell anyone. Scott is arranging for Sonny’s kids to be taken away, and it is likely that he’ll succeed since Carly and Sonny are both missing.

Courtney packs her bags immediately. Jason comes in and asks her where she is going. Courtney is headed to the islands.

Georgie is on the phone, trying to locate Dylan. She is having no such luck. She runs into Tracy and she tries to talk to her about Dylan’s new job working for Alcazar, and with his niece Sage. Tracy lets Georgie know that she like both people. Georgie says how working for Alcazar could be dangerous. Tracy wants to make a deal with Georgie: she will make Dylan quit his job if Georgie breaks it off with Dylan.

Dylan wakes up in bed with a major hangover. Sage tries to convince Dylan that he lost his virginity last night but Dylan doesn’t buy it. He tells Sage that he could never get drunk enough to cheat on Georgie.

Sage goes on and on about how in love Dylan is with Georgie and what a loser she is. She also says that he is a bad bodyguard and how any other guy would kill to be with her. Dylan tells her that he's not any other guy and that he is in love with Georgie. He loses it totally and tells Sage to get out of the room.

Dylan phones Georgie but gets the answering machine. He leaves a message saying how he’s got his credit card with him and is buying a ticket back to Port Charles.

Sage is outside of the room and rips open her shirt. She runs in and begins the drama queen act by saying how she was attacked outside. She gives a description of the guy that attacked her and Dylan goes looking for him.

Dylan finds a guy that matches the description Sage gave him. Assuming that she was actually attacked, Dylan punches the guy. He gets punched right back and is knocked to the ground. Sage is watching close by with a smile on her face.

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