GH Update Friday 12/5/03

General Hospital Update Friday 12/5/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jax informs Tracy that Sam now works with him at his company. Tracy is incredulous. Still, she insists that she go into business with Jax as partner with everything split 50/50 and she calling all the shots. Sam insists that since Jax is taking on most of the risk, it should be 75/25 with Jax in control. Tracy basically tells him to get real and leaves. Sam shows signs of restlessness. She misses fresh air and being on her boat. Later, Jax returns to the boardroom that he was in with Sam. She has disappeared. She turns up on the docks where she helps a man moor his boat since he has trouble tying the right knot. He thanks her and leaves. She then, apparently, steals the boat.

Faith tells Luke that the $500,000 that he found is actually hers. She threatens Luke, saying that they are now partners since he took her money. Luke does not agree with this. Faith leaves, but Zander lingers. Skye takes the opportunity to warn him to leave Faith alone. She says that she understands that he is in a lot of pain, but Emily would not want him to do what he is doing. He quickly retorts that he does not give a hoot what Emily thinks. He then leaves at Faith’s beckoning. Skye tries to persuade Luke to give the money back. He refuses. She says she is getting out of there in the interest of her own safety. She warns Luke to be careful. Luke visits Sonny and asks for help in dealing with Faith. Sonny tells him that he is no longer in the business. Sonny does tell him that Faith is psychotic. Luke and Lucky argue when Lucky comes to the boat. Faith, lurking nearby, overhears. The wheels in her head begin spinning. Faith goes in and draws a skull and crossbones in red lipstick on one of the windows. She then orders him to go topside. For some reason, he feels compelled to listen to her. He is met by the vision of Skye tied to a chair, which is itself tied to the side of the boat. Faith’s henchmen are keeping watch. Faith asks Luke once again to do business with her.

Jason visits Justus at the monastery. Justus has just taken a vow of silence. He can only listen as Jason does a rehash of his history. Justus warms to Jason and begins talking. Actually, Jason has brought up a lot of things about which Justus feels guilty. The audience is clued in on the fact that Justus murdered a villainous guy but let Laura take the rap for it. He then went on to work with Sonny’s organization before leaving town.

In Sonny’s hospital room, Carly tells Scotty that locking Sonny up is cruel and unusual punishment since Sonny is injured and is claustrophobic. Later, Carly goes to Sonny and tells him to just trust her this time to get him out of this predicament. Carly goes to see Bobbie to talk about all that has been going on with Sonny. Bobbie advises Carly not to fight too hard to recapture what she had with Sonny. She wants her to let things come naturally. Further, she hints that she would not mind if Carly was not with Sonny any longer. Later, Bobbie and Carly enter Sonny’s room and Bobbie administers an injection which she tells him is to prepare him for the trip to the jail. Scotty goes to retrieve Sonny from his room, but finds the room empty. He is about to blow his top when Jason and Justus appear. Sonny wakes up groggy, in a strange place. Carly is there. It turns out that they are on a private plane. She tells him no one knows where they are.

Carly bumps into Courtney in the hallway and fills her in on what has been going on with Scotty. Courtney tells Carly that there is something that she might be able to do. Courtney spies on Brian from afar in the reception area of the hospital. Without looking at her, Brian calls to Courtney. He has spotted her through his peripheral vision. She goes up to him and asks for his help with regard to Sonny. Brian then asks Scotty not to send Sonny to prison right then and there because it could be construed as harassment. Scotty refuses to change his mind.

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