GH Update Thursday 12/4/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly tells Jason she has help for Sonny--In the form of Lorenzo Alcazar. He tells Jason that he is not pressing charges since Carly asked him not to. He leaves. Jason tells her that Lorenzo’s motives are not pure. Carly does not see any other way to go. When Lorenzo leaves, Jason and Carly argue about her going to Alcazar for help. Carly goes to visit Sonny at the hospital. She tells him that Dara called her and told her that he fired her. She tells him that Alcazar has agreed to drop the charges and will say he was coerced if forced to testify. He is appalled at what he is hearing. Lorenzo comes to the door and Sonny invites him in and tells him not to bother retracting his statement or trying to help him in any way. Jason comes to visit Sonny when they leave. Sonny says that Alcazar is trying to play savior again and that that is only half of the problem. He tells Jason he needs a new lawyer, one who is willing to rip out Scotty Baldwin’s jugular. Cut to Justus Ward at some sort of monastery.

Jax and Sam visit Sonny at the hospital. Jax is really just accompanying Sam. Sam tells Sonny she won’t press charges. Jax is miffed about this. She tells Jax that basically she does not think Sonny is a bad guy. Sonny tells her that he won’t let her pay for what he did. Jax tells Sam he will not stand by and let Sonny ruin another woman that he cares about. Jax catches Sam up on his history with Sonny. He asks her what she wants from Sonny. She said she approached him on the pier in order to get back at Jax. Now, she feels sympathy for Sonny as someone else who is desperate and alone. She says she does not have a clue what to do with her life, Jax tells her to let it begin with him. He extends his hand to her but she does not take it. She says she should concentrate on figuring out what she wants to do with her life. He says he has an idea where she should start. She goes to shower. When she comes out, Jax is no longer there. He left a long-stemmed red rose and a note telling her to put the suit on and go the waiting limo to drive into her “future”. Sam shows up in a boardroom in the business suit that he had left for her to put on. Jax is waiting there, working. He says he is offering her a job as vice-president. She starts to salivate when he gives her the details of the job. They engage in a steaming hot languorous kiss at the long, shining mahogany conference table. Whew!!

Sage continues to taunt Georgie at the hospital as Dillon tries to reassure her at the same time. She questions Alcazar’s belief that Dillon could protect Sage. When two of Sonny’s henchmen show up, Sage tries to convince Dillon that she could be in danger and whisks him away from Georgie. It turns out that Sage has lured Dillon to a fancy hotel room and has registered them as a married couple. Sage says she feels safest with Dillon. He tells her about his travels in Europe. They argue. He gets called a lame, laughable virgin she gets called a slut. He decides to drink to pass the time. Sage does not. He gets drunk. Sage does not. Sage begins to undress and jumps on top of him. Georgie calls Dillon on his cell. Sage picks up and torments her with details about the honeymoon suite that she and Dillon are in. She says that Dillon has gone out for more provisions. She does not tell her that Dillon has passed out, shirtless on the bed.

When Lorenzo goes to the hospital, Georgie accosts him and asks him how he could put Dillon in so much danger for his spoiled niece. Lorenzo says he suspects she is just scared about Dillon being alone with Sage and says if they love each other nothing can keep them apart.

Courtney reproaches Brian for shooting Sonny. She accuses him of trying to manipulate her into giving him information. She says that Jason could not have had anything to do with a bombing the night before since he was with her at the time. As soon as Brian leaves, Courtney tries to get Jason on the phone but the police do not allow him to come to the phone since she is not his lawyer. Courtney goes to the police station and bumps into Brian, who after he spoke to her said he was on his way to the park to investigate a mugging. She realizes that he tricked her in order to find out if she was lying about being with Jason the previous night during the time of the bombing of pier 52. Since he now had evidence (Courtney running to tip Jason off about what alibi he should give), he goes to question Jason. Somehow, when Brian asks Jason about his whereabouts, he is able to say that he was with Courtney. Brian is flabbergasted. After he leaves, Courtney goes to visit Jason. He tells her he knew she would try to cover for him. She tells him that she still loves him.

Dara visits Sonny after Sam and Jax leave. She tries to convince him to let Sam testify for him or plea bargain for a five year sentence. He says he finds neither of these alternatives acceptable and that he will come up with some other way. He fires her.

Lorenzo tells Ric that if they force him to testify, he will say that the police was trying to entrap Sonny. His statement falls on deaf ears.

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