GH Update Wednesday 12/3/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/3/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy talks to Jax about their business partnership together and how Sam won’t be a factor anymore. Jax wonders if Sam has left the country. Tracy informs him that Sam was arrested for aiding and abiding Sonny.

The interrogation rooms are all full so Jason and Sam must share one. The two have never seen each other before but they soon realize that they are in for the same crime: aiding and abiding Sonny. Jason tells Sam that the police are just trying to pressure her into saying that she was kidnapped. Sam doesn’t plan on helping the police send Sonny to prison. Jason lets her know that he will pay for her bail and the best lawyer money can buy.

Courtney overhears Faith telling Zander that she plans to get a shipment through and that she will be using Sonny’s docks. She is confident that that money she makes will help her take over the rest of the territory.

Carly listens as Scott gives the press information on Sonny’s arrest. She goes up to see her husband in his hospital room. There is a guard posted at the door that gives her some trouble, but Carly passes him easily. She goes in and talks to Sonny about how he is feeling. She tells him not to give up and tells him that she will not let him go to prison. She tells him that he has to go home so that they can work things out.

Rick and Elizabeth are sending time together on a cross-country ski trip. They start to get close and kiss when there is a knock on the door. Rick is called back to work.

Jax visits Sam and Jason leaves to give the two of them some privacy. She thanks him for coming. He asks Sam why she is protecting Sonny and why she isn’t filing charges. Sam tries to explain that she didn’t feel threatened by Sonny and that she can connect with him on some level. Jax pushes harder, tells Sam that Sonny doesn’t care about her or anyone else that that he destroys strong woman. Sam refuses to listen to him.

Jason talks to Emily at the police station. She tells him that Nicolas is posting his bail. Brain comes up to them and is curious as to Emily’s relation to Jason. Emily quickly informs him that Jason is her brother.

Scott comes into Sonny’s room and tells Carly that she has to leave. She tells Sonny that she will be back soon and walks away. Scott questions Sonny about what happened. Sonny refuses to talk and tells him it'll have to wait until a lawyer is present.

Nicolas informs Jason and Emily that the bail is posted and Jason can go. Jason asks to talk to Nicolas in private so Emily walks away. Jason asks Nicolas to try and get information from Faith. He tells Nicolas to tell Faith that he wants to make peace and that hopefully Faith will spill her plans on what she is planning to do next. Nicolas agrees to help Jason out. Brain comes back and tells Jason that he is free to go but not to leave the country. Jason treats Brain with little respect and walks away.

Courtney shows up at the police station to post Jason’s bail. Brain tells her that she is too late. He gives Courtney some advice and tells her to walk away from Jason all together. Courtney tells him again that she loves her husband and nothing will ever change that so stop getting in the middle of things.

Geogrie sneaks into the Quartermine house and kinds when someone comes in. She realizes that it is Dillon and gets up to give him a hug. She tells him that she was worried about him and that she thought he might have gotten hurt when she heard about the shooting at Alcazar’s. Tracy interrupts them and tells Georgie to get her hands off her son. Dillon starts arguing with his mother when she tells Georgie to leave and that she is not wanted around the house. She goes, upset, and tells them not to fight over her. Dillon yells at his mother even more and tells her that he is in love with Georgie. Tracy tells Dillon that he is too young to be in love and threatens him with military school. He informs her that he has a job and that if she pushes him, he will move out to be with Georgie.

Sage sits at Kelly’s with her uncle and tells him that that is worried about him. She tells him that Carly is not worth his life. Alcazar tells her not to worry and gets a call on his cell phone. It’s Carly on the other end asking to see him.

Elizabeth sees Emily sitting at a table at Kelly’s and goes to sit with her. Elizabeth explains why her trip was cut short. Emily pressures Elizabeth to tell Zander about the baby but she is not sure if she wants to. Elizabeth wants to tell Rick about the baby but is afraid that she will lose him if she does. Emily tells her to trust in Ricks love for her and that he will forgive her. Elizabeth is not sure about this.

Sage runs into Dillon outside and she asks him to go to the library with her. She wants to get all the information out of a computer that she can about Carly.

Rick finds Scott and asks him what was so important that he had to take him away from his trip. Scott tells Rick to go and see Sonny and try to get him to confess to kidnapping or anything else that would incriminate him.

Jason goes to the hospital to talk to Sonny. He updates Sonny on what he knows. Sonny tells Jason that he knows what he did was stupid and they talk about how they can make Sonny walk free. Sonny plans to try and prove entrapment and that Alcazar and Scott were trying to set Sonny up. Jason lets Sonny know that Sam won’t be filing any charges and that they will pay for any expenses for her. Sonny doesn’t want Sam to face charges when she didn’t do anything. Jason tries to tell him not to worry about it and to let Jason take over and fix everything.

Alcazar meets Carly in the hospital. She tells him that she wants him to not press charges against Sonny and to say that he was setting Sonny up. She tells Alcazar that if he doesn’t that she will never talk to him and he will never see her again. Alcazar agrees to help Carly get her husband to walk free to prove how much he loves her and to prove that he would do anything for her.

Nicolas comes in and lets Emily know that he’s meeting Faith and Zander will probably be with them Emily doesn’t want to run away from Zander. They show up, Nicolas goes to talk to Faith and Zander waits nearby, Elizabeth goes to talk to him.

Nicolas tells Faith what Jason told him to say. Faith buys the whole story but doesn’t give Nicolas any information on anything, all she says is that she will be in touch.

Elizabeth starts to talk to Zander but he thinks that Emily sent her to talk him out of working for Faith. Elizabeth tries to bring up the topic of their baby by saying that she and him share a connection. Zander brushes it off by telling her that they had some fun times but that was it. Elizabeth gives up on trying to talk to Zander and walks away.

Emily sees that Nicolas is done talking with Faith and asks him what is going on. Nicolas tells Emily what Jason wanted him to do but also tells her that it was unsuccessful.

Courtney opens the door to Jason. She tells him to come in and also that she loves him. She goes on to say that the times they spend away together are the best times of her life. Jason agrees with her. Courtney asks Jason to move away with her to a place where they can just love each other. Jason tells her that he can’t leave his work. He asks Courtney to come back home with him but she feels that she can’t. She does, however, tell Jason what she overheard Faith and Zander talking about. Jason then leaves, telling Courtney that he’ll always love her and always wait for her.

Rick goes into Sonny’s room and sits down to talk with him. Sonny tells him that he won’t be getting any information. Rick tries a different method of getting Sonny to talk. He talks about Sam and how easy it would be to prove that they were working together, and how easy it would be to send her to jail. He plays out a situation but Sonny tells Rick that’s not what happened. Sonny breaks down and tells exactly what happened, confessing to kidnapping. Carly overhears the whole thing. She comes in and tells Sonny to stop.

Scott interrupts Sam and Jax and asks Sam if she’s ready to talk and press charges. Sam still refuses.

Sage and Dillon talk about the information they found on Carly. Georgie walks in and sits with them. She tells Dillon that he has to get a new job. Dillon tells Georgie that he needs the job to support himself so he won’t get sent to military school. Georgie tells him that she would rather see him in military school then dead and says that working for Alcazar is dangerous. Dillon has already decided that he is keeping the job though. Alcazar comes in and tells Georgie that she will have to leave, as he needs to talk to Dillon and his niece alone. She gets up and goes. Alcazar informs Sage and Dillon that he is in danger and doesn’t want them to be so they will have to leave the country for a couple of days.

Nicolas meets with Jason and tells him that he knows nothing. Jason tells him that it’s okay and that he found out another way. He asks for Nicolas’s help again, he is happy to help Jason out.

Rick is back with Elizabeth and tells him about how he got Sonny to confess. She is confused because Rick looks upset. He explains that revenge is not always everything and is pointless. He talks about what he lost because of his hate for his brother. Elizabeth sees the man that she knew Rick could be and trusts that he is being sincere. They start to kiss passionately.

Scott comes back into the interrogation room and tells Sam that she is free to go. He says that Sonny has confessed to kidnapped. She doesn’t understand why he would do that and Jax doesn’t understand why she cares so much.

Carly asks Sonny if he gave himself up to punish her for betraying him. Sonny tells her that he could never do that and that he thought giving himself up was the right thing and no matter what happens, he will always love Carly.

Courtney puts her fingers over her wedding ring and moves it around. With tears in her eyes, she takes it off and puts it in a drawer. There is a knock on the door and Courtney rushes, thinking that it is Jason. To her disappointment, she finds Brain standing in front of her.

Faith’s shipment has come in and she is talking to the distributor. Jason watches behind some crates. Nicolas comes up to Faith and Zander and tells them that he has rethought about things and he wants nothing to do with her business. He tells her that she has made a mistake and in the background a ship and everything around it blows up. Jason holds the device that was used for the explosion but is still hiding. Faith and Zander look at Nicolas, assuming that he is responsible.

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