GH Update Tuesday 12/2/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Emily flips through pages of a book while Nicolas tries to talk to her. It is clear that she is attempting to ignore him. Emily apologizes to Nicolas and stops studying for a second to spend some time with him. He tells her about how people take walks in the snow with someone they love on this day. Emily tells him that she has to study. Nicolas leaves to go for a walk alone.

Emily changes her mind and decides to go outside with Nicolas after all. She yells after him but he doesn’t answer back. He throws a snowball at her, which she dodges. They start running around in circles throwing snowballs at one another when Nicolas slips and falls. Emily falls on top of him and they start to kiss.

Emily and Nicolas are inside and sitting by the fireplace. They talk about living every day to its fullest and how they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jason asks what Brain is doing here. Brain is curious as to the same thing. Courtney tells Brain that Bobby rented her a room. Brain tells Jason not to worry about Courtney’s safety because Lucky is living in the room beside her. He leaves on a call. Courtney tells Jason she didn’t know Brain was going to be there. He tells her that it’s okay but to be careful because she’s going to try and work her for information. Courtney tells Jason that she would never tell Brain anything. He nods his head. She tells him that she wished she could go home with him but she can’t because she doesn’t understand the way he lives his life. Jason gets a call and then has to leave.

Jax gives Sam a hug and asks her how she got away from Sonny. Scott shows up at Jax’s door and wants to know the same thing but also wants a statement so that he can put Sonny away. Sam tells Scott that she’s not going to be pressing charges. She says that sonny asked her to drive him away and then she thought that he needed someone to talk to so she talked with him and then he let her go. Scott gives up and then leaves after saying that he’ll be in touch.

Jax asks Sam why she came back. He tells her what he knows about how she thought she gave the cards to a homeless man and what she said to him. He wants to know the truth from Sam. She tries to talk around it but can’t. She asks him what he thinks about love. Jax answers that love is a gamble. Sam replies by saying, not if it’s real. Jax has nothing to say to that. Sam gives up and walks out of Jax’s penthouse telling him to have a nice life. She slams the door behind her; frustrated that Jax didn’t go after her.

Sam is at the airport. She asks for the next flight out of town. She sits down to wait and has flashbacks of her and Jax together. The person at the front desk interrupts her and tells her that her flight is boarding. Sam is about to leave when she sees Jax. He tells her that he has something to say that might make her change her mind about leaving. He says that Port Charles is most beautiful during Christmas and she should stay to witness it. She asks Jax if he wants to spend Christmas with her but he tells her that he doesn’t plan that far ahead and walks away. Sam stands alone and confused, not knowing what to do.

Sonny walks in on Carly and Alcazar talking. She tells him to leave. Sonny is really upset. Carly tries to explain but Sonny doesn’t give her the chance. He asks if he drove her home after she sold him out to the cops. She tries to tell him that she didn’t betray him and that all she did was call Alcazar because she didn’t want Sonny to commit murder and she thought that he would leave the country. Sonny tells her that she did it because she is in love with Alcazar. Carly explains that she was in love with who he was in the dreams but she knows that Sonny is her husband and father of her children so she wants to be with him but he needs to be alive and not in prison. Sonny tells her that no matter what happens, he will always love her.

The police are outside of the penthouse. Brain and Lucky go in to get Sonny. Scott sends Capelli afterwards, tells him that if he gets a clear shot of Sonny, to take it and shoot.

Courtney is listening to the news. She hears the update on Sonny’s case, and grabs her coat to leave.

Alcazar explains to Scott that Carly is with Sonny and they can’t shoot or else they might hit her. Scott says that none of this would be happening if he had pressed charges in the first place. Alcazar walks away from Scott and into Mike. Mike sees the man as an enemy and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says that his son is up in that penthouse. Scott tries to get the two of them away from the scene but they won’t go anywhere. Courtney shows up and Mike is happy to see her. He asks why Sonny would want to kill Alcazar now. She shrugs her shoulders and tells him that Alcazar has been stocking Carly for months and maybe sonny just finally lost it. Alcazar is nearby watching Courtney.

Carly convinces Sonny to leave so that he can live and be with his family. He exits the room without a gun. He soon sees the police and is against the wall. They are all aiming to shoot. Jason runs in and knocks Cappelli’s arm so that he doesn’t hit Sonny. Brain shoots Sonny in the arm. Sonny runs back into his penthouse.

Carly sits Sonny down and looks at him worried. He tells her that in a couple of minutes the cops are going to come in and shoot at anything that moves. He tells her that she has to leave so that he won’t get shot again because of him.

Rick comes into Kelly’s to talk to Elizabeth. He asks her if it’s okay if the postpone their trip until tomorrow morning. She asks if it’s because of what’s happening to Sonny. Rick tells her that the police have orders to shoot now and ask questions later. Elizabeth senses that Rick is worried for his brother.

Rick explains how he and his brother are a lot a like and says how. He then stops and tells Elizabeth that this is probably not helping her to trust him again. Rick says that his brother will always be in his life but he is not obsessed with him anymore. Elizabeth tells Rick that she would be worried and trust him less if Rick didn’t worry or think about his brother at all.

Cappelli has Jason arrested for interference and gets Brain to take him downstairs. Jason yells that Capelli is shooting to kill and that Brain is going to just let Sonny die. They go downstairs and exit the building. Courtney goes up to Jason to see what is going on. She asks about who got shot and when Jason says it was Sonny, she asks who Jason looks at Brain and tells her to ask him. Jason says that he is just like Scott and wants to see Sonny dead.

Sonny tries to talk Carly out of leaving without him but he won’t. After realizing how stubborn Carly is, he agrees. They talk to Lucky through the door. Sonny tells him and Capelli not to shoot because his wife is with him. Lucky tells Sonny to surrender his gun. Carly throws the gun out the door and they exit together. Sonny is being supported by Carly, who will not leave his side.

Sonny, Carly and the cops exit the building together. Sonny is weak and is slowing slipping away, though he says he is okay. Carly refuses to leave his side still. Alcazar watches them closely along with the crowd that has formed around the building.

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