GH Update Wednesday 11/26/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sam talks to Jax and tries to get him to give her the cards. She has her cell phone on and Skye is listening to the conversation. Jax agrees to get the cards and keep them in his penthouse so that Sam can prove herself trustworthy to him. He leaves to go find Tracy. Sam picks up the phone to talk to Skye but she has already hung up the phone.

Skye shows up at Jax’s penthouse while only Sam is there. She explains to Skye what is going on but Skye heard the whole conversation. Skye tries to give Sam some advise, saying that Jax is playing her but Sam doesn’t listen because of her feelings for Jax. Skye leaves, frustrated and unable to do anything else.

Jax tells Tracy to give him the cards. He tells her his plans, he is going to make love to Sam and then pretend to fall asleep. He thinks he knows Sam and what she will do, Sam will steal the cards, but Jax will catch her red-handed. Tracy gives Jax the cards, confident that he is one step ahead of the game.

Jax goes back to his penthouse with the cards. Sam gives him a beer and they start to talk. She tells Jax that she doesn’t know exactly what to call them but she knows she has feelings for Jax and wants to take it as far as they can go.

Jax and Sam start to kiss. Before they can make love, Jax pulls away. He tells Sam that he can’t go through with it and accuses her of trying to seduce him. He tells her what his plans where and then throws the cards at Sam. In spite, she tells him that she wouldn’t want to disappoint him, takes the cards and leaves.

Sam is wandering the streets of Port Charles. She runs into a homeless man keeping close to the fire to stay warm. He asks her if she has any change but Sam has nothing. She starts to cry, thinking about what she has lost. She shows the homeless man the cards she has and tells him that they seem to bring luck to everyone but her. She hands the man the cards, hoping they will do him some good and walks away. The man looks down at the cards and then looks up. The homeless man is really Luke in disguise.

Skye is heading over to Jax's penthouse but runs into Tracy before she can get to the door. The two of them start arguing. Jax hears them and opens the door. He tells them both that he has given the cards to Sam and that she left with them. Both are shocked by this news.

Sonny tries to calm Carly down. She wants to be honest with Sonny and decides that his is a good time to do so. She tells him that she can’t feel her love for him. He doesn’t seem that upset by this and considers it his punishment for shooting her. She also tells him that she can’t feel anything for the children either. She tells him that she wants to but her dreams are getting in the way. Sonny asks her about her dreams. Carly tells him everything about how she was in love with Alcazar, the history professor and how the dreams seem more real then her actual life. Sonny asks her about his role in her dreams and Carly tells him how he wanted to end her marriage with Lorenzo in the dreams. She explains that he was the guy who she couldn’t help to have feelings for but did. Sonny nods his head and assumes that that’s who Alcazar is to her now. Carly doesn’t deny it. Sonny seems hurt by this.

Michael comes running into the room telling Carly she has to give Morgan his bottle. She tries to tell him that mommy and daddy are in the middle of something but Sonny urges Carly to feed the baby. Carly agrees. She holds the baby in her arms and tries to fed it. She looks at him and tells Morgan that he will be a heartbreaker like his big brother and daddy. Carly glances up to look at Sonny but he is gone.

Brain continues to question Jason as to why he didn’t press charges when Courtney was kidnapped. Courtney tries to tell him that it was lack of evidence but Brain seems to disagree. Jason tells him to get out before Jason files a complaint of harassment. Brain throws his badge on the table and tells Jason to consider him off duty. Brain tells Jason that he should do anything he can to protect his wife. Jason takes it as an insult and pulls a gun on Brain.

Courtney tells Jason not to do it and convinced him to put the gun down. Jason hands Brain his badge and tells him to get out. Brain leaves and then Jason starts to question Courtney. He asks her what she told Brain and how he knew she was kidnapped. Courtney doesn’t have the answers Jason is looking for. She asks him why he never did press charges on Alcazar and starts to say that everything could have been prevented if they worked with the police. Jason starts yelling that it was lack of evidence. Courtney brings up the child they lost again, because of the fact that she lost it while being kidnapped. To hurt and upset to say anymore, Courtney walks out.

Jason gets a call on his cell phone. He picks it up to hear the sound of Carly’s voice. She tells Jason what happened on the island and how she thinks Sonny is coming back to port Charles to kill Alcazar. She tells Jason to get a hold of Sonny and tell him to contact her. Jason says that he will try, this is not good enough for Carly but it is the best she can get.

Courtney is outside. Brain comes up to her and apologizes for any trouble he has caused between her and her husband. Courtney accuses Brain of trying to work her for information of her husband. He tells Courtney that if they were back in Hay’s Landing she would still consider him a friend. Courtney tells Brain that she can’t be a friend with a cop because of her husband. Brain apologizes again for any trouble he may have caused and walks away.

Sonny makes plans on his plane to land in Port Charles immediately. He says that he has plans he should have taken care of a long time ago. Meanwhile, Carly is making plans of her own to head back to Port Charles.

Carly tries to get a hold of Sonny on the plane ride but is unsuccessful. She picks up the phone and dials another number.

Alcazar tells Sage that eh is moving out and that he will have to send her back to boarding school because he will be doing a lot of traveling. She tells him that she hates it there and doesn’t want to go but Alcazar has made up his mind. He sends Sage to pack and does some packing of his own.

Faith shows up at Alcazar’s door to talk business. He tells her that he is leaving, but will still be running the territory. Faith doesn’t believe him and makes jokes about Alcazar running away. He doesn’t listen to her, takes a call and makes plans to leave on a flight.

Sonny comes into is penthouse and takes out his gun. Jason tries to stop Sonny, saying that he promised he wouldn’t shoot a gun and saying that he can take care of everything. Sonny doesn’t listen and tells Jason that he has to take care of Alcazar himself. Courtney walks into the room just as Sonny is leaving. She asks Jason what is going on but he won’t tell her. Courtney sees the empty case Sonny’s gun usually sits in and puts the pieces together.

Courtney tells Jason that he has to go after Sonny and he can’t let him just kill Alcazar. Jason tells Courtney that it is out of his hands and that he has to let Sonny do what he wants to do. Courtney tells Jason that she thought she could live by his rules but she can’t. Courtney tells Jason that she can’t live with someone who could have prevented murder. Courtney tells Jason that she wants out and leaves him.

Courtney packs up her things and heads downstairs on the elevator. Jason stands on the other side of the door but doesn’t go after her.

Sonny sees Alcazar come out of his apartment and shoots. Carly tells him to stop but it is too late. Alcazar is knocked down and the police are there.

Alcazar stands back up and tells Sonny that he was wearing a vest, but would be dead if Carly hadn’t warned him. Carly tries to explain but the police are interrupting, telling everyone to drop their weapons. Sonny sees Sam pull up in a truck. He pulls her out of the truck and holds a gun to Sam’s head. He says that if nobody moves, he wont shoot. Carly is screaming at Sonny not to do it and trying to explain but Sonny can hear nothing.

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