GH Update Tuesday 11/25/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Skye finds Luke on the ship with an overhang from drinking the night before. He makes fun and jokes about it. She tells him that the ship was the worse idea she’s gotten herself into yet. Luke leaves to go clean himself up.

Sam is waiting outside Jax’s door for him. He asks her why she didn’t let herself in and Sam explains that she’s trying to gain Jax's trust. They go into his room together and she talks about them and the cards. Jax tells her that the cards mean nothing to him and asks Sam about the floating casino. Sam tells him that maybe they shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but Jax tells her he’s willing to try and make an exception for her since he would normally agree. Sam leaves to go talk business.

Sam goes to the boat in hopes to find Luke but finds Skye instead. Skye insists that they are business partners now and that Sam can talk to Skye. She tells Skye how she has Jax right where she wants him and he is all for the idea of joining with them to make a casino. Skye tells Sam that Jax is playing her. Sam disagrees so Skye tries to lay it out for her. She tells Sam that unless Jax says himself that the cards had nothing to do with his father’s death and that he would have died either way, Jax doesn’t mean any of it. Sam walks out to go and find Jax.

Ned comes into Jax’s room and asks him if he is insane. Ned can’t believe that Jax would work with his mother. Jax explains that he is using Tracy to hurt someone else. Since Jax considers Ned a friend, he tells him what he has up his sleeve. He tells Ned that he is going to make Sam fall in love with him and then crush her heart into pieces since she was the main reason for his father’s death.

Skye is left alone in the boat trying to clean it out. She finds bugs in the corners and it creeps her out. Luke comes back in a tux and starts to laugh at her. She tells Luke that she wants out of the dumb he calls a ship. Luke tells her to have a little faith and imagination. He tells her to imagine opening night with all the people in it sending their money. He then turns on some music and asks her to dance, to get the feel of the place. They dance around the boat and Skye tells Luke that he is a good dancer and that she will finance his casino for now. She tells him to clean the place up and leaves.

Sam shows back up at Jax’s apartment. She tries to talk him into giving her the cards. Jax tells her that she doesn’t need the cards right now and the casino won’t be ready for a while. She tries to get Jax to admit that his father would have dies with or without the cards but he avoids the question by talking about something else.

Jason and Courtney are outside taking a bike ride. They stop to rest and talk about how this is one of the things she missed about being away from Port Charles. Jason points out that he never wanted her to go to Hay’s Landing and if she hadn’t, Brian wouldn’t be in PC now. Jason then gets a phone call from Nicolas, telling him that they have to talk about business.

Elizabeth sits down in the hospital looking stressed out. Emily comes up to her and asks what the matter is. Elizabeth tells Emily that Dr. Meadow’s just confirmed that she was pregnant and that Elizabeth is carrying Zander’s baby. Elizabeth thinks this is a bad thing because of Rick and the tape he sent her, Emily thinks that Elizabeth should tell Zander and it could be the answer to everything because it could save Zander. Elizabeth doesn’t see how she can save Zander when she can’t even save herself but she agrees that Zander should know he has a child on the way.

Nicolas tells Jason all he knows about the explosion. He tells Jason not to worry about Zander, he doesn’t like Nicolas anyways and he can deal with him. Jason tells Nicolas to forget about Zander and forget about everything to do with the mob business. He tells Nicolas that he wants Nicolas to give Emily a better life, without that, then what he is giving Courtney.

Nicolas runs into Emily at the hospital. She tells him how Elizabeth is going to talk to Zander but she doesn’t tell him about what. Nicolas says how that is a bad idea since Jason is talking to Zander at the moment. Emily asked why he had to get Jason involved and how she wants Jason to leave Zander alone. Rick interrupts, wanting to ask some questions.

Rick asks Nicolas is his boat was insured. Nicolas tells him yes and Rick tries the angle of the fact that maybe Nicolas sunk his own ship. Nicolas tells Rick that he and Emily were on the ship when it exploded and that he wouldn’t put them in danger.

Jason tells Zander that he knows he was the one that put the bomb on the ship. Zander denies it. Jason goes on saying that he put the woman he claims to love in danger. Elizabeth comes up to the door and is about to go in but she realizes what the two are talking about. She walks away; afraid to tell Zander about the child she is carrying.

Emily walks through the halls as Zander and Jason are still talking. She over hears Zander threatening Jason and barges in to break them up before they can do anything to each other.

Outside of Zander’s room, Emily tries to explain that Zander didn’t mean any of it and that and begs him not to go after Zander. Jason tells Emily that she can’t save Zander and he’s got to do what he’s got to do and Emily can’t stop any of it.

Brian goes into Zander’s room to question him again about the explosion. Zander tells Brian that Elizabeth told Zander where Nicolas and Emily were and he went after them because technically, he and Emily are still married and he didn’t like the idea of her with another man. Brian then asks if Zander knows who would cause to explosion and Zander leads him to believe that it was Jason.

Rick sees Elizabeth sitting on her own looking stressed. He walks over to see what the matter is. Elizabeth tries to explain to Rick what she did on Halloween but he’s not listening and tells her to forget the past and focus on the future. Rick asks Elizabeth to spend and afternoon with him where they focus on the present and see agrees.

Elizabeth is outside looking at a pregnancy pamphlet, she sees Rick coming and puts it away quickly. He tells her that they are going on a picnic but need to hike up to the spot. They walk away holding hands.

Sonny tells Carly that thinks aren’t working out for wither one of them. He sits her down and explains. He tells Carly that the house is filled with too many memories and how they need to get away from them. Sonny asks Carly to go to the island with him and the children so that they can reconnect as a family when there are no bad memories. Carly agrees and Sonny goes to pack and get the boys.

Courtney shows up for babysitting. Carly tells her that they are going to the island together. Courtney says that she can’t take the boys away and doesn’t realize how wrong that statement sounded until it is too late. She tells Carly that she and Sonny could go to the island alone and reconnect and she could look after the boys. Carly says how she thinks Sonny wanted to take the boys with them. They this time, Sonny is downstairs with Michael and Morgan. Michael says how he wants to go with his mommy. Courtney settles for walking to kids to the car.

Carly and Sonny sit together at the island. She tells him that his is exactly what she needed and asked him how he knew. Sonny talks about when they’ve come here in the past. It is obvious that Carly is feeling more like herself. She moves in to kiss Sonny. Michael interrupts them, telling his dad that he promised they would go down to the beach. Sonny doesn’t want to leave Carly but she tells him she is tired anyways so to go. He leaves with Michael leaving Carly alone.

Carly drifts off to sleep where she has more dreams. First she dreams of the past and her happy life with Sonny but then she is pulled back into her a coma dream world where she was happy with Alcazar. Carly wakes up and starts to cry, confused again. Sonny hears and comes to comfort her. Carly cries that she is trying to more forward but her dreams keep on getting in the way.

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