GH Update Monday 11/24/03

General Hospital Update Monday 11/24/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney tells Jason that the children should stay with them and that Michael and Morgan need her. Jason is not convinced; he believes that Courtney is the one that needs the children.

Sonny sits on the couch and holds his baby boy. He tells Morgan that Mommy will be home soon and that everything will be all right. Faith comes in the room and tells Sonny she needs to talk business. She tells Sonny that she blew up Nicolas’s boat and she needs to make sure that Jason won’t retaliate. Sonny tells Faith again, that he is out of the business. Faith tells him that he will always be in charge and that he can’t get out before he leaves.

Zander is lying on the floor of the ship while it is sinking. Someone comes in and gets Zander out. He tries to explain that there is a woman on the ship but he is dragged out before he can do anything about it.

Carly knocks on Alcazar’s door and he lets her in. She looks around and notices that everything is set up. He tells Carly that he knew she was coming. Lorenzo tells Carly how she can trust him and that he can give her everything she ever wanted starting now. Carly is confused and doesn’t know what to think, feel or do.

Marcella listens on the other side of the door. She debates on whether she should go in or not when she hears Carly’s voice but takes her chances and knocks. Lorenzo opens the door and he and Carly are both shocked. Carly recognizes Marcella as Lily and doesn’t make the connection to who she really is until a couple minutes later.

Marcella tries to explain everything why Alcazar tries to talk over her. Carly puts the pieces together and realizes that Alcazar was the one who caused all the trouble between her and Sonny. She calls Alcazar a monster and leaves, he tries to stop he but doesn’t succeed.

Courtney and Jason walk into Sonny’s penthouse. He is holding the baby and is about to put him down to sleep. Courtney suggests that he sleep across the hall with her but Sonny bushes it off, asking her why he would do that.

There is a knock on the door and Carly walks in. Everyone is happy to see her. She tells them all that she is sorry and that she didn’t mean to worry anyone. Sonny assures her that it is okay and that he is just happy she’s home. Sonny gives Carly the baby and they sit down on the couch. Courtney gives Carly some tips on how to keep Morgan calm before she leaves with Jason.

Alcazar yells at Marcella and tells her that she’s ruined everything and how he paid her a lot of money, told her what to do and that she should have listened. Marcella tells him that he would have based everything on a lie and that she saved him. Lorenzo orders Marcella to get out of his face and she leaves in a hurry. Alcazar lets out all his anger on his home. He throws the piece of jewelry he wanted to give to Carly and breaks all the glass before he starts to drink.

Courtney and Jason are in bed together. She finds a stuffed animal and thinks that she should send it over to Morgan. Jason tells her to do it in the morning and brings her into a kiss. Courtney is upset because she misses the children and wants them there with her.

Michael rushes downstairs and is happy to see his mommy at home. He hugs her and they sit on the couch together. She tells him that she just got in and was going to go up and see him so he doesn’t get upset. Sonny brings Michael and Morgan upstairs to put them to sleep.

Sonny comes back downstairs and brings Carly into a kiss. She is confused and still doesn’t know what to feel but knows Sonny is her husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. However, Sonny pushes her to far when goes to take off the robe she’s wearing and Carly forces herself to push away. She apologizes and tells Sonny that she’s not ready and that she needs some rest. Sonny tries to act like he understands, but it is obvious to him and Carly that he is hurt by this.

Zander is at the hospital telling everyone that Emily was in the boat and that he has to save her. Lucky, Rick and Brain are all there trying to do their job and asking Zander questions. Elizabeth is also in the hospital waiting for an appointment and sees Zander there.

Brain tries to assure Zander that they have divers looking for Emily and Nicolas. Rick brings up the subject of the bomb and accuses Zander of knowing too much and planting it there. Elizabeth is offended by this remark and thinks Rick is up to his old tricks. She pulls him off to the side to tell him so. Rick tells Brain to go find out where Alcazar was during the time of the boat explosion since he has reason to because of the money the Cassidines owe him. Brain leaves to do his job and Lucky leaves to go help find his brother.

Elizabeth tries to talk to Rick. He explains to her that too many people on the job could make it worse. She doesn’t understand and tells Rick and Emily and Nicolas are her best friends before walking away.

Elizabeth and Zander worry for their friends together. They both spot Nicolas and Emily come into the hospital wet and with blankets around them. Elizabeth hugs Emily and says how worried she was. Monica also joins and is thankful and Emily is alive. Nicolas as to part with his friends for a check-up to makes sure he is all right. Monica tells Emily that she’s going to see a specialist.

Emily asks Elizabeth why she is in the hospital. Elizabeth explains how she’s been feeling sick lately but brushes it off saying that she probably just has a case of the flu or something. She says good-bye to Emily and leaves.

Nicolas accuses Zander of almost killing Emily and him. He denies it. Nicolas keeps on pushing but Emily breaks it up telling him that they’re alive and it doesn’t matter. With that said, Emily leaves to go wait to see the doctor.

Nicolas tells Zander that if he keeps on pushing, Nicolas will push back and Zander won’t like it before he walks away. Nicolas then runs into Faith. She tells him that next time he should listen to her before his boat sinks to the bottom of the lake. Nicolas warns Faith not to ever put Emily in danger again. He threatens that she’s seen what his family has done to people within and they are worse with outsiders and enemies. Faith smiled and sarcastically calls him the scary prince.

Maxie tells Zander that she thought it was a brave thing that he did. Faith shows up and tells Maxie to get lost. She tells Zander that he ruined his suit. She says that it’s not attractive when he acts all heroic for Emily. He tells Faith not to worry and that he got the job done. She tells Zander that she saved him and warns him that she can make him worse off then he was before if he doesn’t get his act together.

Rick makes a videotape for Elizabeth telling her how sorry he is, hoe much he has messed up and how he is trying to change for her. He also mentions that he loves her and wants a second chance.

Brain show up at Alcazar house. He stumbles to the door, obviously drunk. He tries to push Brain away but Brain pushes him right back until he gets answers from Alcazar. Lorenzo informs Brain that he sold the Cassidine debt to Faith. Brain nods his head and then leaves.

Nicolas meets up with Emily who is still waiting to see a doctor. He tells her that she knows that Zander put the bomb there and asks Emily why she didn’t do anything about it. Emily tells Nicolas that Zander never meant for them to be on the boat and that it wasn’t his fault that they were. Nicolas tells Emily not to expect him to be the kind and sympathetic one just because he has Emily and Zander is still in love with her. He tells Emily that he doesn’t want anything to come between their future together and that he doesn’t know what kind of person he would be without Emily in his life.

Elizabeth sees the tape that Rick made for her outside of her door but doesn’t know what it is quite yet. She leaves it on her table and takes out a pregnancy test. While waiting for the results, she watches the tape and then cries when it is over. She then picks up the test and is shocked by the results.

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