GH Update Thursday 11/20/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/20/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jax continues his charade of trying to make up with Sam on the docks. He’s all mea culpas, but Sam suspects his real motive. Then he moves in for the kill. He says that their sleeping together did in fact “mean something” to him. She falls for it. He asks her to dinner and she accepts. While they are at dinner, Tracy comes to their table (she knows what Jax is doing). She asks Sam if she is not sick of groveling yet. Jax asks Tracy to give him the Dead Mans Hand. Tracy “protests” but gives him the card. He then excuses himself gets up and leaves the cards on the table. He and Tracy watch from across the room. Jax tells Tracy that if Sam doesn’t take the cards, she has totally fallen for the ruse.

At her club, Faith tells Zander that her product is missing and that he must find out who did it and “make them bleed”. Alcazar reproaches Faith for losing the shipment the previous night. Nikolas asks Sonny and Jason for help. Sonny demurs and says Nikolas should talk to Jason. Nikolas and Emily go to Faith and tell her they are under Jason’s protection. Faith tells Zander she is going to make an example of Nikolas Cassadine. Zander plants a bomb on Nikolas’ ship. Later Emily and Nikolas enjoy some intimate time on the ship, oblivious to the presence of the explosive device in their midst.

Carly asks Courtney to help her “learn to love Sonny again”. Courtney urges Carly to remember key moments in their relationship. Carly admits to remembering these things, but says she cannot feel love for Sonny anymore. Carly later meets with Cameron for a session. She admits that she had dreams in which there was “another man” who she loved desperately and who she married.

Courtney tells Jason how hard a time Carly is having. She urges Jason to go see her. He acquiesces. She asks him to remind her how she felt about her friends and family. He tells her to just be who she is now—act naturally. When Sonny comes to visit she asks him to take her home and says she can’t wait to get there.

Courtney talks to Sonny about how he and Carly fell in love.

Tracy is at her witchy best accusing Georgie of trying to trap Dillon. She implies that Mac’s job is threatened if Dillon continues “slumming” with Georgie. She tells her to “get the hell out” of Dillon’s bedroom. She says that Dillon does not need her since Sage is better for him. Tracy approves of Sage since she has “breeding”. Georgie leaves. Later, Dillon sneaks into his darkened room only to discover his mother waiting for him. She tells him she “got rid of a problem” when he asks about Georgie. When he asks where Georgie is, she says she believes Georgie is “at the hospital emptying bedpans”. He insists he is in love with Georgie. She insists he better not be. If so, he’s off to military school faster than he can say, “crewcut”.

Sage lies to Mac to save Dillon’s skin. Later, Georgie approaches her at the tables outside Kellys and Sage continues to run a mind game on her. She insists that Dillon wants her because she is cultured and interesting, and “hot”. She says that she is the kind of girl Dillon dreams about at night. Georgie warns her to stay away from Dillon. Sage tells Georgie she is not pretty or sophisticated and that she is going to rock Dillon’s world. Georgie slaps Sage so hard that she falls down. Dillon arrives just as this happens.

Alcazar shows up to visit Carly at the hospital but she is not there. The nurse tells him she is going to be released tomorrow. He rushes off in a panic.

Carly, fully dressed, crosses the docks with an overnight bag in her hand.

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