GH Update Wednesday 11/19/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie encouraged Georgie to do a makeover in order to compete with Sage. Georgie proceeds to try on an assortment of metal, pleather, and fishnet outfits. She is not pleased though. She thinks she looks like a “zombie slut”. Maxie reassures Georgie and tells her that she should just be herself.

Brian informs Courtney that Port Charles Police offered him a job. Jason happens upon them and asks what he is doing there. Jason asks him what he is really up to. Brian says he does not have a secret agenda. He says he sent out applications way before he met Courtney. When Jason goes home, he grills Courtney about what transpired between her and Brian before he got there. He asks why Michael and Morgan are still with them instead of across the hall with Carly. Courtney thinks they should stay with them until Carly gets better. Jason warns Courtney not to get too attached to the children.

Brian meets Mac on the docks. Mac tells Brian that he will approve his hiring.

Skye and Luke discuss ways to prevent Tracy’s casino form opening. Scott comes up to Luke and says he should take a look at what just pulled into the pier.

Sam confronts Jax on the waterfront about his alliance with Tracy Quartermaine. A shipman comes up and tells her that her boat has been delivered. Sam stares at her boat in disbelief. She describes it as “a wreck”. As Sam stands dejectedly on the boat, bemoaning her bad luck, Luke approaches and tells her it is his boat, the “Haunted Star”. Sam, wielding legal papers, reminds him that it is her boat. Tracy joins the party. Luke says that he will fix the boat and turn it into a casino. Scott shows up and informs everyone that by law, only one gambling establishment can be running in Port Charles at any time. Luke currently holds the permit. Sam and Luke argue over who owns the boat. Skye urges them to become partners.

A.J. warns Tracy that she should cut him in on her dealings. He warns her that Jax will double-cross her if she continues to ally herself with him. 

Tracy informs Jax that Luke has the only permitted gambling license. She tells Jax to use Sam’s feelings for him to get the upper hand over Luke. Jax then approaches Sam and pretends to be making up with her.

Sage does a sexy dance and striptease in front of Dillon. Alcazar has hired him to guard her. When Dillon complains about the dancing, she tells him she is just exercising---doing “cardiostrip”, which she explains is “huge in L.A.”. Dillon, disgusted, abandons his babysitting just before Mack shows up, they plan to sneak out and meet in his room that night. Dillon goes to Kellys and finds Sage dancing on the table. A gaggle of young guys have surrounded the table to watch the show. Dillon grabs her and carries her out. She argues with him and again throws in his face the fact that he is a virgin. Dillon gets angry and – loudly--says that he is not going to be a virgin after tonight because he is on his way to making wild, passionate love to Georgie. Unfortunately, Mac shows up at just that moment and threatens to haul him off to jail.

Tracy walks into Dillon’s candlelit room as Georgie is waiting in his bed--- under the sheets but apparently nude. 

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