GH Update Friday 11/14/03

General Hospital Update Friday 11/14/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

When Sam asks to stay with Jax, he jokes that she can't fight the attraction between them. She says she just needs a place to stay. He tells her that Kelly's has rooms for rent. Ned drops by again and ask Jax if he's going to get back with Skye. They talk about Skye and Alexis as Sam listens from the other room. Ned isn't sure how he feels about Skye. Jax says he'll always care about Skye but he has no intention of getting back together with her. Jax urges Ned to find Skye and make up with her. Sam puts on a French accent and calls from the other room for Jax to come back to bed, saying that the champagne is getting flat. Ned laughs, thinking Jax is just being Jax again with the ladies. Ned leaves and Sam comes out. She says she was just sick of listening to them. She thinks he wants to kick her out because of Skye, but he says it's just that he doesn't want her there. He says she shouldn't fraternize with the guests. She accuses him of wanting to follow her to find the other cards but he says maybe she is planning to follow him. They argue. Sam orders room service, which aggravates Jax. They share a meal. He says they have to find the dead man's hand so they can save his father's life and get her out of his life. They talk about clues. Jax figures the person is connected to one of the rich families in town: Quartermaines, Corinthos or Cassadine. She suggests they start with the Q's. The hotel manager knocks on the door so Sam strips off her shirt, jumps on Jax, and starts kissing him. The manager comes in and says he must locate the new maid, then his jaw drops.

Luke asks Skye for help; he releases her from his the choke hold but she elbows him, hard, and runs away. He catches her and says he just needs a place to stay. She asks him to let her go but he says he's sort of a fugitive. He can't trust her not to call the cops. Skye knows who Luke is so they discuss Stefan and his crimes. Skye is upset when Luke says he killed Stefan, thinking that he'll have to kill her now. But he tells her to relax because everyone already knows that he did it. She tells him that she's nobody's hostage. They argue about whether she will help Luke or not. Luke asks Skye why she's there in the house, which has been boarded up for a long time. She refuses to tell him. She says that if anything happens to her, she will be missed, but he laughs because he knows nobody cares about her. Ned knocks on the door just then to look for her. Luke grabs a fireplace poker and threatens Skye not to say anything. He hides while she answers the door. Ned and Skye argue. He accuses her of only being interested in Kristina. She is still annoyed that he accused her of throwing herself at Jax. She asks him to leave. He asks her to prove that she loves him by leaving with him. Ned takes that as a sign that she doesn't love him. He leaves as Skye rolls her eyes. Luke asks why she didn't give him up.

Courtney and Jason enjoy their honeymoon in France and talk about what they should do. She asks him if he's ready to start a family and how hard it will be. He asks her if she wants to do that. She says they have a few years together and can decide what they want to do. He is behind her all the way, when she does decide to get pregnant. The phone rings.

Alcazar orders his people to get the plane down safely, while Marcella listens. Alcazar is haunted by the idea that Carly could die like his first love. Alcazar beats himself up for his stupid plan to kill Sonny. He then gets a call saying that they might be able to land. Alcazar vows that he will never risk losing Carly again if she lives.

Sonny helps Carly up from the floor of the airplane and then goes to check with the pilot. He is told that the plane is in trouble; it's run out of fuel. He tells Carly that they're over the Atlantic Ocean and they may not make it to land. Sonny and Carly strap themselves in. Sonny has more news from the pilot but none of it is good. He apologizes to Carly. She tells him desperately that this is not his fault. She is more worried about Michael being alone than anything. Sonny phones Courtney to tell her about the trouble with the plane. He says they don't have much time so he has to tell her a few things. He apologizes to Courtney for how he treated her before. He says she's strong and he's proud of her. Courtney refuses to hear his goodbye. He asks her to tell Mike that he loves him and to take care of him and Jason. Sonny is too upset so Carly takes the phone. Carly thanks her for letting them be a part of their wedding. She talks about her relationship with Jason. Courtney says she loves her and gives the phone to Jason. Carly cries as she asks Jason to take care of Michael for her. She says to include Bobbie in things and to protect him if A.J. tries to take him. Jason promises to take care of things. Jason tells Carly that he loves her. Carly hands the phone back to Sonny. Sonny leaves Jason in charge of everything. Then they lose the connection. Carly wants to call Michael; Sonny thinks that's a bad idea. She just wants to tell Michael they love him. Sonny phones and gets Leticia to wake up Michael. Michael says he had a dream about them and they were having a party. Sonny tells him that he's a wonderful little boy and they're proud of him. Sonny tells him to keep doing well in school and saying his prayers. They exchange "I love you"'s and then Carly takes the phone. Michael hopes Carly won't be mad at him for spilling something on the couch. Carly says it's okay and she loves him no matter what. He asks about the baby. Carly asks him to remember that no matter where they are, they are always in his heart, and vice versa. Michael says he knows and he loves her. She loves him, too, more than she can say and he's made her the luckiest mother in the world. She says goodbye and then breaks down in Sonny's arms. Sonny tells Carly that the pilot is going to make a crash landing. Carly cries some more and says that if they die, she wants him to know that she's so glad she found him. He tells her that he didn't have a life before her. They say some more of their wedding vows. The pilot phones to say it's time for the crashing landing, so they prepare themselves as the plane goes down.

Jason is determined to find some way to help Sonny and Carly.

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