GH Update Thursday 11/13/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Scotty threatens to use the letter Nikolas gave to him to exonerate Luke. Luke still wants to serve time for killing Stephan. Scotty comes back from forensics lab and said that he is dropping the charges. Luke is not happy about this turn of events. Skye catches up with Luke as he is sitting on the bluffs. He begins to tell her about Summer being dead and Laura being in the institution. Skye tells him he is being self-absorbed and self-pitying. She mockingly calls him a loser and tells him to get over it. Luke almost falls over the bluffs but Skye breaks his fall. They stumble and fall all over each other. 

Georgie demands to know why Dillon is kissing Sage. Dillon explains that Sage was kissing him, he was not kissing her. Sage explains that she was just trying to thank Dillon. Georgie grabs Sage’s arm as she leaves Dillon’s room. She tells Georgie that she was hiding under Dillon’s bed the last time Georgie came to see him (and was desperately trying to get him to sleep with her). Sage’s whole demeanor is that of mockery and bitterness. 

Carly talks to Alcazar. Sonny walks in and realizes that Carly woke up. Alcazar does the decent thing and leaves Carly with Sonny and Jason. Jason goes for the doctor while Sonny tells her she was in a coma. She keeps remembering her dreams. She says she remembers a house Sonny bought for her, a storm, and Alcazar coming in. Sonny tries to explain what happened when he shot her and put her in a coma. Carly asks where her baby is. He tells her that the baby is with Courtney. Carly continues to look confused and frightened but Sonny is oblivious to this. When Alcazar comes back in, Sonny tries to literally shove him out of the room. Carly urgently asks Sonny to stop. She asks, haltingly, for them not to fight. Carly tells Bobbie she feels like she has been “out of it” for 30 years. She says she feels disconnected with everything and everyone. Sonny comes in and phones Courtney and Michael. He gives Carly the phone for her to talk to Michael. Carly seems to actually not know who Michael is. Alcazar goes to visit her again. He tells her he knows she was dreaming a lot and that she was responding to his presence. He tells her he hopes it was his love that brought her back.

During a storm, Brian brings flashlights, candle lights, etc. They light the candles (since power has gone out) and begin talking. He catches Courtney when she starts to fall. She tells him about her wonderful life in Port Charles. She tells him that she might not be able to have children of her own. When Brian drops a fork, they both go to retrieve it. Brian moves in for a kiss, but Courtney draws back. Brian apologizes. She tells him she loves her husband. As they are talking, Jason opens the door. He takes a moment to take everything in, the candles. etc. and says that Courtney should pack because they are leaving right away. 

Jax tells Sam he blames her for his father’s death. He accuses her of being the one who sabotaged the car knowing that his father was dying. Sam admits that she did it and explains that she was desperate. She explains that the fact that they slept together means a lot to her. She tearfully tells him she is sorry about his father. He says all they did was have sex. She insists that they were “making love”. He leaves the room and tells her to be gone when he gets back. Sam pours her heart out in a letter to Jax. She also mentions in the letter that she is leaving the cards. She then exits the room. A shadowy figure approaches the door. Jax goes back to the room but neither the note nor the cards are there. Later, we see Tracy setting fire to the note and fanning herself with the cards.

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