GH Update Wednesday 11/12/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/12/03

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jax, on the brink of tears, gives Sam the cards. Sam tries to get him to keep the card. Jax shares his memories of his father with Sam. Tearfully, they share a kiss. Later, lying in bed with Sam, he speculates that if his father could have just seen the cards--- if the car had not broken down, maybe his father would be alive. The phone rings and the caller informs him that someone cut the wires on the car. It had deliberately been sabotaged. 

Nikolas visits Luke in jail. Nikolas gives Luke a letter that may exonerate him. It is a suicide note that Stephan wrote. Luke refuses it. He seems to have a neurotic need to be known as the person who killed Stephan. Skye, who is also visiting him, says this is not some game of macho one-upmanship. Nikolas goes to Emily and questions his reasons for even trying to help Luke. She says that she cannot stand by and let someone throw his or her life away. She suspects that this may also be Nikolas’ motive. Lucky is grieved about shooting Dillon. Mac suspends Lucky pending investigation of internal affairs. He cautions Lucky to really think about why he wanted to become a cop. Nikolas approaches Scotty with the letter. Luke tells him to get rid of it.

Sage shoots at Alexis. When Dillon asks her why she did this, she replies, “justice”. Alexis is actually not hurt. Lucky rushes in with the police and fires. He grazes Dillon in the arm before everyone realizes the gun has blanks. Sage explains that she just wanted to scare Alexis into dreading the day when the gun would be loaded. Dillon is rushed to the hospital. Dillon is pretty unaffected by the turn of events. Luke spies Alexis when she goes to the police to report the attack. Alcazar shows up and identifies himself as her uncle. He coldly asks Alexis to forgive his niece. Mac shows up at the hospital and grills Dillon about Sage. Dillon admitted this was not the first time he ever saw her. He castigated him about not immediately calling the police when he knew she had a gun. He admonishes him to make better choices if he wants to keep seeing Georgie. Sage goes to the hospital to visit Dillon. She plants a kiss on him and, Georgie walks in at just that moment.

Dream: Alcazar tearfully begs Carly to stay with him. She and Alcazar now have two children—one of whom is now going away to college. He thanks her for not walking away all those years ago. She says he is the best thing that ever happened to her. Next, she dreams that they are senior citizens. Alcazar seems to be on his deathbed and Carly reflects on the wonderful life that they had together with their three children. She tells him she loves him forever. He expires a moment thereafter.

Allen says Carly is in a vegetative state and may remain that way. He urges Jason to put Carly in a long-term care facility. Jason goes to Sonny who is in Carly’s room. He tells him what Allen told him. Sonny goes off on him. He doesn’t want to hear this. He insists that Carly WILL wake up. She will “beat the odds” again. Jason does not want Sonny to put his life on hold. He believes that the children should be with him. Sonny believes Jason ulterior motive is to be with Courtney again. Sonny says he won’t abandon her. When Jason asks him to try to think about what Carly would want (implying she would want the kids and Sonny to be together), Sonny says she would not want to be left abandoned, alone, and scared. Bobbie approaches Jason at the hospital. She tells him about B.J., her other daughter, who died when she was six years old. Eventually Sonny gives up; he decides to put Carly in a long-term care facility. When Allen gives him the papers to sign though, he loses his nerve. At this time, Alcazar goes to visit Carly. Right after she dreams that her beloved Alcazar has died, she opens her eyes and sees Alcazar. She looks at him and says, “You’re alive”. She then seems to go back to sleep.

Brian tells Courtney his wife and sons were killed by a drunk driver two years ago. Brian also bonds with Michael again. He explained that he was planning on moving to another town when his family was killed. 

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