GH Update Tuesday 11/11/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/11/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney opens the door with her hands full of groceries, Michael is right behind her, and they find Jason sitting at the kitchen table waiting for them.

Michael is happy to see Jason and tells him about the picnic Courtney, Morgan and he are asking and makes plans for Jason to come with him. There is a knock at the door and Bryan comes in, apparently, Courtney invited him. She tells him it is a bad time and he leaves.

Curious, Jason tells Michael to bring the groceries to the kitchen so he can talk to Courtney. She shows him the newspaper articles left at her door. He assumes they are from Bryan himself and he is playing mind games, or someone knows who he is and wants to inform her of him.

Courtney gets ready for the picnic and Jason finds an old calendar from the people who lived in the house before, from the notes left in dates on the calendar, they are able to tell that a man lived there with his wife Karen and boy Henry. The father was the town sheriff, Bryan. Jason puts some men on it and his assumptions are confirmed, Bryan and Karen used to own the house.

Jason gets a call and has to leave. Michael is upset but Courtney says that they can still have the picnic. Michael still doesn’t think it’s fair.

Michael tells Courtney that he wants someone to play with at the picnic. There is a knock on the door and he answers it, knowing who it is. Michael invites Bryan in and tells Courtney that he invited him on the picnic so that he could have someone to play with. Courtney thinks it’s awkward at first, but agrees, seeing how it seems so important to Michael.

The small picnic is cut short because of rain. Bryan, Michael, Courtney and Morgan come into the house and take off some of their wet clothes. Michael heads upstairs to have a warm bath.

Bryan asks Courtney about why she asked him to come over before and she shows him the newspaper articles. He looks at them in suspicion, saying that it is the first time he has seem them. Courtney asks him why he kept the fact he used to live in the house a secret and asks him where his wife and kid are.

Jax is in bed with Sam, the phone rings but he ignores it and they start to kiss. Later on, they are having breakfast; he checks his cell phone and sees that his mom has called. Jax phones her back up and tells him to come over as soon as possible and that his father has taken a turn for the worse.

Jax picks up his car, the handy man with his car, tells Jax he doesn’t know what exactly happened to it but he fixed it. Sam overhears this and feels guilty because of the fact that she was the one that pulled some wires out of his car.

Jax rushes into the hospital, Sam stays close behind him but Jax acts as if she’s not there. He goes to see his father and Sam waits outside.

Jax looks at his father and wakes him up. He tells John that he is there. John looks at Jax and manages two words, “my son.” Just as Jax is telling his father that he has the cards, the line on the heart monitor goes flat. Doctors go into the room and then come out establishing a time of death.

Jax sits by his father’s bed, devastated. He feels that it is his fault for not getting the cards from his father fast enough. His mother tries to tell him otherwise and lets Jax know that John was happy dying with his son beside him.

Jax leaves the room to deal with the paperwork. Sam gets up when she sees Jax and tries to tell him she is sorry for his loss. Jax says that she should be celebrating because now she has the cards and he doesn’t care what happens to them. He turns away from her and walks off, leaving Sam in tears, not knowing what to think.

Luke’s trail is being held. Alexis is trying to defend him, by saying it was self-defense. Luke refuses to co-operate and tells everyone that he killed Stefan because he wanted to, he planned to and because he could. No one is happy with this statement, as they all don’t want Luke to go to prison. Court is finished off and Luke is taken back to the police station.

Dillon sees Sage in the courtroom and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him it is none of his business and to leave her alone, she walks out.

Emily is cleaning out all the junk at Windermere. She picks up a bronze eagle antique and sees a note underneath it. Nicolas comes in and comments on how the place looks so much nicer, she shows him what she has found.

Not wanting any secrets between him and Emily, Nicolas and her read the note together. It is Stefan’s. It’s dated the day of his death and tells his plan: he was going to run off to the bluffs and push Luke into killing him. He also states in his note that if Luke didn’t kill him; he was going to jump to make it look like he did.

Alexis tries to set up a meeting with his client, Luke. Instead of meeting him, she sees Skye in front of her. Skye accuses Alexis of ruining Luke’s case so that he would go to jail for murdering her brother. Alexis leaves, not wanting to listen to Skye.

Luke meets with Skye instead of Alexis. He tells her how he wants everyone to know he killed Stefan and doesn’t care if he goes to jail. She tells him that she needs him out of jail to work with her so she is going to make sure he gets out whether he likes it or not.

Alexis goes over her notes in the courtroom, she is thinking out loud and Cameron is in the back of the room listening to her. He gives her his opinion as a shrink and says that she should let Luke take the blame for Stefan’s death if he wants to, Alexis ignores him and continues making notes, he leaves after giving his say.

Nicolas stands at the place where his uncle fell and thinks. Emily comes up behind him and tries to comfort him. Nicolas tells Emily take he doesn’t hate Luke for killing his uncle but he has to try hard to not hate Luke for making Stefan become the monster that his uncle turned into. Emily hugs Nicolas and tells him to let it go, no matter what he has to do, because he is better that all that.

Dillon catches up to Sage on the docks and tells her that that reason she was at the trail was because he was there. Sage laughs at him and tells him that he has a large ego and that the only person that would like him is his girlfriend. Dillon asks her what he problem is when she tries to walk away. Dillon grabs her arm and ends up knocking her purse to the ground. The gun Sage has been hiding is revealed. Dillon questions her as to why she has a gun; she snatches it and tells Dillon to forget that he ever met her.

Nicolas holds his uncles note, not sure if he should give it to the police or burn it. Skye walks in and asks for Nicolas’s help in keeping Luke out of jail. He gives her the note he has after hesitation.

Emily meets Jason at the docks. Knowing that she wants to talk about Nicolas and Zander, he tells her what he already knows. Emily asks Jason to protect Nicolas. He tells that that he is thinking about taking out Faith. Emily doesn’t have a problem with that until Jason goes further by saying he would have to eliminate Zander as well. Emily asks if she could maybe try and talk Zander out of it but Jason says that it’s too late, if Faith goes, Zander goes. He tells her that normally he doesn’t talk business with her but felt that he should let her know. Emily’s not quite sure what to do or think.

Nicolas and Skye show up at the police station and talk to Luke. They tell him that he is not going to jail no matter what and they have a way to make sure of it.

Sage confronts Alexis while she is alone at the courtroom. She holds a gun to Alexis and says how she is the daughter of the man she killed and is going to avenge his death. Alexis tries to tell Sage that it was self-defense but she doesn’t listen. Dillon comes in and tries to take the gun away from Sage, but it is too late. A bullet has already been shot.

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