GH Update Monday 11/10/03

General Hospital Update Monday 11/10/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

In Carlyís dreams, she is giving birth to Alcazarís baby with Sonny there helping her. Lorenzo walks in a shots Sonny. Carlyís eyes open and Sonny thinks she is coming out of a coma. Lorenzo rushes to get a doctor. Dr. Jones examines Carly but there is no change. He tells Sonny and Lorenzo that Carly is under a lot of stress. Sonny blames Alcazar for his wifeís newest condition and tells her that he will not allow Sonny to visit Carly anymore. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he could be Carlyís only hope of waking up but he doesnít listen. Sonny goes back into the room and talks with his wife.

Sonny tries his best to bring Carly out of her a coma. She opens her eyes again, and then closes them, this time for good, falling back into her world of dreams. Sonny continues to talk with her but nothing seems to work. Alcazar watches through the windows.

Carly is still alive and awake in her dreams, but Sonny is dead. Jason tries to shoot Alcazar but he holds up a gun to protect himself. Jason leaves and Carly asks Lorenzo whatís wrong with him. She tells him that he is turning into Sonny.

Alcazar misses work at the university again. Carly tells him that she canít keep covering for him. She also tells him she is moving away. Lorenzo accuses Carly of loving Sonny and not being able to forgive him for shooting him. Carly tells Lorenzo that she loves him. He asks her if she loves him enough to forgive him but that is something that she canít do.

Bryan tells Jason that they donít need the likes of him in his peaceful town and leaves. Jason tries to persuade Courtney to come home with him but she canít. She asks him to move in with her and the boys but he claims he needs to run Sonnyís business for him. They kiss and tell each other they donít want to be apart. Jason agrees to stay the night. They talk on the couch for a while, Jason gets a phone calls, gets off the phone, then tells Courtney he has to leave. She sighs then kisses him again. He promises to come back soon before leaving.

Courtney hears noises outside of the front door. Not sure who it is, she takes a fire poker with her to open the door. There is no one outside but an envelope on the steps. She goes back into the house and opens up the envelope. Inside, are articles on Bryan.

Bryan sits on his computer reading through information. Sheís looking at pictures of Courtney and other information about her.

Faith orders Zander to knock some sense into Nikolas. Emily yells at him not to do it, but Nikolas calls him on, saying that Zander has wanted a reason to beat Nikolas since day one. Zander tells the man holding Nikolas to let him go. He says that if heís going to go up against Nikolas, he wants it to be a fair fight. Nikolas and Emily leave together. Faith tells Zander that heís got a soft spot for Emily still and that he still loves her. Zander denies this and says that if Nikolas causes any trouble, heíll deal with it.

Faith lets Zander know that she is worried she didnít make the right decision by asking him to work for her. Zander assures her that he did. He is redeemed in her eyes, when Jason comes into the cellar and threatens to break Faithís neck. Zander holds a gun to Jasonís back ordering Jason to let Faith go. Jason lets go of Faith and tells her sheís not going to last much longer. He looks at Zander, tells him he had his chance, and then leaves.

Emily walks on the docks with Nikolas. She cannot believe the person that Zander has become. She is worried about Nikolas. He tells her not to be, that he wouldnít let anything come between his future with her.

Faith tells Zander that his next assignment is to drive her home. Zander informs her that he doesnít mix business with pleasure. Faith tells him that thatís to bad because there would be a lot of pleasure involved. Faith kisses Zander and he does nothing to stop her.

Jax gives Sam the dead manís hand and some money to gamble with. He is trying to prove to her that the cards are not lucky. She loses, even with the cards. Jax gives her some more money and takes away the cards; he wants to prove that the cards donít bring luck. She loses again. She throws some theories at him, saying that maybe the cards only bring luck to the owner. To prove her wrong again, he puts a coin in a slot machine and puts the handle. He wins the jackpot.

He tells Sam that it wasnít luck and that it was all in the numbers. She tells him that she just has bad luck. The owner of the casino hands Jax a pamphlet, showing him his prize. He looks at it, and then hands it to Sam, telling her that itís hers. She looks at the pamphlet; it is a huge ship with the name ďLazarusĒ. She smiles and hugs him.

Jax and Sam look through her new boat. She tells him that she doesnít believe in the cards luck anymore and what she believes in is Jax. He kisses her and they make love for the first time in her new boat.

Dillon saves Sage from drowning. She plays all upset and he ends up taking her home with him. Sage complains that she is wet and take off her shirt. Dillon asks she what she thinks she is doing, and to make matters worse, Georgie starts knocking on the window.

Dillon forces Sage to hide under the bed. Georgie is all over Dillon, she claims that she wants to make love him and wants their first time to be special. Dillon makes up excuses because she doesnít want to tell Georgie that thereís a half naked chick under his bed. Sage watches in amusement. Dillon finally makes her agree to wait and walks her home.

Dillon comes back in his room and looks for Sage under his bed. She is not there, but she has left a note for him.

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