GH Update Tuesday 11/4/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/4/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is annoyed at Jax for wanting her to sleep with Chase to get the cards. Chase takes her hands and leads her out as she glares at Jax. At the bar, Coleman serves Jax tequila. Jax pays him the money for calling him to let him know Sam was there. Coleman observes that Jax and Sam have a lot in common, but Jax lists all of her faults.

Chase and Sam are in a hotel room. She demands to see the cards. He shows her the cards and suggests she take her clothes off for each card he shows (kind of like strip poker). She takes off a shoe and makes sure the first card is real. She strips down to her underwear as he shows each card. He goes to hide the cards again as she puts the big heavy alarm clock under the pillow and waits on the bed. She is just about to hit him, as they kiss, when Jax breaks in and grabs Sam, saying he changed his mind. Back at Jax's place, he dumps her on the couch as she bitches at him. She thinks maybe he didn't like the idea of her sleeping with someone else, but he says he just couldn't risk her getting the cards without him.

Emily and Nikolas are lying in front of the fire, happy. Zander's name comes up. They talk about how it feels to lay in each other's arms. She is glad Zander was there to teach her the difference between first love and forever love.

Zander and Elizabeth have sex. Afterwards, they briefly lie in each other's arms. They agree that they both needed someone. Elizabeth tries not to think of Ric. Zander says he's just not looking ahead. He gets up to leave. She says questioningly that she'll see him around. No pressure, he says. She looks sad and then phones Emily, saying she needs to see her. They meet on the docks. Elizabeth tells Emily about having sex with Zander. She tries to explain as Emily looks shocked. Emily says it's okay. She tells Elizabeth that she made love to Nikolas and Zander walked in on them. She's made her choice and he is free to make his.

Zander drinks heavily at Jake's. Nikolas walks in so Zander angry asks him what else he could want. Zander leaves, not waiting for an answer. Later, he is walking on the docks, drinking out of a bottle. Then he throws the bottle. Then he throws a trash can. He laughs madly, falling down drunk. He bangs his head against a dock post as he sobs.

At home, Courtney tells Jason that she's keeping the kids safe. Jason argues with her. Michael comes down so Jason tells him it's not time to leave yet. Michael doesn't understand what's gong on; Jason says he'll explain it when he understands it. Jason tells Courtney the kids are safe for now, but she doesn't think it's safe because of Faith's attack. She says that his life is not safe for children and she sees now that he can't change. She still loves him. He says that she can leave but she's not taking the children. It's not her choice. He grabs her arm to stop her.

At GH, Sonny talks to Carly as Alcazar watches from behind. Sonny talks about the kids, especially the baby. He begs her to wake up and see her baby. He prays her dreams are happy. He talks to her as if she is awake, saying she can buy anything she wants if she comes back to him. Then he gets a call from Jason saying the kids need him.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny has arrived and is arguing with Courtney about the kids. She says they would be in a little town across the state line called Hayes Landing. It's very safe there, she maintains. Sonny gives in, which shocks Jason. Jason objects, saying Carly wouldn't wantt his. He says it will hurt the children to take them away from the people who love them. Sonny says he is on edge and can't take of them right now. Sonny asks Jason to help Courtney with getting the kids to safety.

Jason sets everything up for Courtney, giving her keys to an SUV, cash, etc. He is glum and obviously hurt. She wishes he would udnerstand. He won't discuss it. She says she loves him and always will, but she is just doing what she thinks is right. He can't help her get the kids in the car, he says. He can't lie to Michael to say this is a good idea, so he can't say goodbye.

Alcazar sits next to Carly while Sonny is away. He muses that life was easier before he met her. He asks her to find her way back and says he will be waiting for her. He asks her to trust him. Later, Sonny tells her about Courtney taking the kids away to safety. He says if she thinks he's making a mistake, she should wake up.

Courtney takes the kids by GH to say goodbye to Sonny. Michael kisses Carly, and Sonny holds the baby next to Carly's face. Michael talks to her and so does Sonny. Courtney asks her to wake up. Michael hugs Sonny goodbye. Sonny kisses the baby. Courtney and the kids run into Jason, so is has to say goodbye to the kids after all. He doesn't say much to Courtney. Michael asks if Jason is going to kiss Aunt Courtney goodbye but Jason says to take care of her. Sonny keeps talking to Courtney, pleading with her to wake up and come back to him. He cries as he says he's not letting her go.

In Carly's dream, Carly and Lorenzo are on the docks. She tells him they're having a baby so he is very happy. Sonny watches them as he comes around the corner. They kiss. Later, the couple has just gotten their sonogram. They plan to meet at the car and go out to dinner to celebrate. Carly gets into the elevator and sees Sonny there. He congratulates her on the baby. Elevator gets stuck and she falls into his arms as it jerks. Sonny starts feeling claustrophobic. Carly is sympathetic. The baby kicks, so she has him feel it. He is awed. The elevator starts up again. Lorenzo greets her outside. Sonny thanks her as he walks out. She explains to Lorenzo what happened; he is upset. He doesn't want his family's life to tough her and Sonny is the same as them. Meanwhile, Sonny has Jason get someone to follow her 24/7. He tells Jason that there's something about her that makes him care. He wants to have her.

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