GH Update Monday 11/3/03

General Hospital Update Monday 11/3/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luke, Jax, Dillon, Georgie, Sam, and A.J. wake up from being gassed at Luke's club after the auction. They all start accusing each other and denying who did it as Jax and Luke notice their cards are gone. Then Scott comes in with cops and arrests them all for aiding and abetting a fugitive (Luke). Lucky finds a gas thing near the air conditioner. Scott questions everyone but no one will admit why they were there. Lucky cuffs Luke sto a giant statue thing that's there so he can't get away. Scott finds 7 phony passports. He has Lucky uncuff Luke and put him in the squad car. Lucky asks Luke why he didn't run while he had the chance. Luke says he got distracted and sneers at Lucky for caring. Scott tells everyone that he wants to know what' s going on. Sam gets a call from someone and rushes out.

Nikolas and Emily have gotten passionate on the couch at her house; Zander comes in, disgusted, after seeing them through the window and tells Emily to just admit this is what she wanted all along. Zander and Emily argue. He accuses her of being selfish. She says "we're done" and that she loves Nikolas. She has finally made her choice. Zander says that she saved his life and he never got over it until now. He tells her goodbye and to go to Hell, and take her boyfriend with her. The he walks out. Nikolas asks her if she meant it. She meant every word, she says, and they hug. Nikolas lights a fire but tells Emily that they don't have to do this tonight. She asks him if that's what he wants. He says a romantic speech about how he can't keep his hands off her. He doesn't want her to regret it if they sleep together because he'll be crushed. More romantic he tells her how much he loves her and wants a future with her. She is touched, tears rolling down her cheeks. She takes off her wedding ring and sets it down. Then it's her turn to tell him how much she loves him (enough speeches  just do it already, sheesh!). They finally meet and kiss, then have sex in front of the fireplace. Emily and Nikolas talk sweetly to each other afterwards, lying in front of the fireplace. She talks about fairytales; he didn't hear many as a child. She compares herself to the girls in fairytales and how the heroines get their princes if they are lucky. He talks about it from the prince's point of view. They kiss more.

Carly continues with her "what if" dream. Sonny and Jason are at a nearby table talking about going down to Puerto Rico. Carly comes over to Sonny and reminds him she used to wait on him at Kelly's. She says she is sorry for her loss and says that Lily seemed to really love him. He says that she did, she was very loyal, and he killed her. His face looks grief-stricken. Alcazar watches over Carly as she sleeps.

In real life, Sonny tells Jason that everything is his now. Jason says he'll run things until Sonny is able. Sonny says he can't run his organization since he can't shoot a gun. He shot his wife, he screams, and that is the last time he shoots anyone. Jason offers to shoot for him but Sonny won't hear of it. Sonny says that guns are for people with nothing to lose. Jason started carrying one when he had no past and no conscience. It was easy because Sonny told him who to shoot. Sonny goes on about shooting and how he regrets shooting Alcazar, and how easy it is to shoot. Courtney comes in while Sonny is talking. Jason reminds him that the only way out is to disappear. Sonny says he will do that once Carly gets better; he and Carly and their kids will disappear. He has learned that you can't have a family and the business at the same time. Jason agrees to take over; Courtney looks displeased. Sonny leaves to go back to the hospital. Courtney comes down and admits she was listening. Courtney asks, if Sonny's right, which does Jason choose, family or business? He doesn't answer; she asks what he was thinking when Faith's men opened fire. He just thought about getting down, taking cover. She is surprised that he wasn't worried about dying or scared. He says that's not how it works for him. She describes how she felt as she drove to the warehouse, shaking and feeling nauseous. They hold each other. He tries to console her. She asks him to quit like Sonny but he says no. She says she knows she's being unfair. Jason says it's the only thing he's good at and he doesn't know anything else. Later, Courtney tells Jason that Leticia is packing their stuff. She's taking the boys and leaving tonight.

Coleman hits on Elizabeth as he gives her a drink at Jake's. Zander sees her and asks what happened. She says she is trying to break a very bad habit. He knows what she means. Zander joins Elizabeth at her table; they share their problems and commiserate. Zander asks Elizabeth if she didn't know that this would happen with Emily. She figured she might choose Nikolas. They talk about their problems. Elizabeth wants to do something so bad that Ric won't want her any more. So she grabs Zander and kisses him. Next we see them upstairs in a room (Zander's room?) They stop and talk about what they want; they both want to just get it on, so they do.

Sonny goes to Carly's room and sits next to her bed. He talks to her as if she can hear him. He tells her about wanting to kill Faith but he couldn't. Sonny takes her hand and says he remembers when Carly asked him to leave the organization. He says he has to change and leave now. He tells her that he quit and left everything to Jason. They will all be safe now. Sonny begs her to wake up and let him prove it to her. He wants to give them a life without fear. He goes on about how he felt when he shot her and Alcazar. He says the only time he feels good is when they are holding hands. Alcazar comes in and looks at Sonny there with Carly just as Sonny looks at him and Carly in the dream below.

In Carly's dream, she offers Sonny a drink and says she read in the paper that this was where she died. He says it's none of her business. She says she doesn't think Lily would want him to sit there where she died. She doesn't believe it when he says he killed Lily. He tells her that she died because he was going to leave her for another woman. Her father thought she was on her way to Puerto Rico so he sent a bomb to kill him. Carly says then it was his father-in-law's fault, not his. Sonny says then they are going to die together because he is going to shoot his father-in-law and then his people will shoot Sonny. Carly tells him earnestly not to throw his life away. She tells him that Lily wouldn't want him to die. He tries to say that Carly doesn't know what Lily would want but she is undeterred. He says that Lily wanted a child and wanted him to love her but she didn't get either. He married her to get her father's territory and to get out of jail. He says that's how he is; he lies, cheats, steals, and runs down everyone who gets in his way. And now it's all he has. She says, okay, so is Lily stupid or blind? Did she make up the good she saw in him. She tells him to stop over and honor Lily's life, to live up to what she thought of him. He doesn't want to start over or to feel, or to miss her. Carly feels sorry for him and holds his hand. Sonny talks about finding out that he was going to be a father. It is a tender moment and Carly obviously feels very bad for him. He pours out his feelings about finding Lily at home. They are interrupted by Lorenzo. Carly introduces them; Lorenzo says he's read about him. Sonny thanks her for her time; she tells him not to go to Puerto Rico. Carly and Lorenzo chat about Lily's accident. Lorenzo doesn't want her anywhere near Sonny because it's dangerous; he knows because that's the life his father and brothers are in. She says she probably will never talk to him again but promises. Sonny looks back at them.

Sam goes into Jake's and orders tequila shots from Coleman. An African American guy hits on her but we find out that he's her pilot and her boyfriend. She says he is a lousy excuse for a boyfriend, if a good pilot; she hasn't heard from him in months. Coleman phones Jax to tell him that he will tell him where Sam is, for a price. The boyfriend tells her that he's found her cards. She realizes he is the one who gassed them. He says he did her a favor and took them somewhere safe. She says okay, to hand them over. He says there must be something in it for him, so he proposes they have one night together. She says she won't hand over her body for the cards; Jax comes in and says yes she will.

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