General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/22/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/22/03

by Lisa

The Desperate Search for Carly Heats Up:

Jason brings Marcella to Sonny at the penthouse and pumps her for information about Alcazar’s plan to steal Carly away. She tells him everything she knew about the plan including the fact that Faith Roscoe was an accomplice. Sonny immediately sends Jason out to find Faith leaving him alone with Marcella. Sonny explains to Marcella that what gave her away is that he never told Lily he loved her when she was alive but Marcella assures him that his “Lily” knew just by the way he looked at her. She assures him that Alcazar has no intentions on hurting Carly because he’s in love with her. Sonny damns the two of them for desecrating the memory of his cherished dead wife when Marcella tries to defend herself by admitting that she attempted to tell him the truth once by coming to the penthouse but was pulled away by an outraged Alcazar before anyone had the chance to answer the door. Torn between his anger for their deception and his love for a woman who has the same face he tells her not to waste the face of someone that he loved so much and urges her to pray and ask God for forgiveness. After serious thought Sonny decides not blame Marcella for the work she did for Alcazar and offers her his protection in his safe house just before being ambushed and held at gunpoint by a crazed Alcazar from the penthouse terrace. At Jake’s, Jason finds Faith trying to skip town. He questions her and she tries to explain that she tried to help the Sonny after the situation started getting out of control. He bluntly tells her that she will not be eliminated because they are focusing all their energy on finding Carly and tells her that she has the choice to either run or wait until Sonny figures out how he wants to “handle” her. Meanwhile with a severe weather storm pounding Port Charles and surrounding towns, Carly struggles to hold on to her baby after falling from the top of the stairs at her new suburban home in Westhaven. Courtney eventually finds her on the ground and tries to rush her to the hospital but her contractions have already moved to the advanced stage. Carly then forces Courtney to leave her at the house in the middle of the storm in order to get help to deliver the baby now that the contractions are 13 minutes apart. Before leaving Westhaven, Courtney leaves Carly with blankets, water, a first aid kit and scissors to use in case she has to deliver the baby herself. On the road for help, Courtney calls Jason and tries to warn him that Carly is by herself in labor, but before he has the chance to hear the information clearly Courtney’s car hydroplanes on the Old Road Bridge with Jason still on the phone. Later as Carly continues to struggle through her labor, her water breaks with no sign of help in sight. Back at the penthouse Alcazar accuses Sonny of loosing control and hurting Carly because he pushed him too far by bring back “Lily”. When a branch falls on the terrace and distracts Alcazar, Sonny is able to even the score when he picks up his gun. Alcazar demands that Sonny tell him where Carly is or else he’ll shoot. Now livid with anger, Sonny demands that Alcazar be man enough to pull the trigger to end their feud. Alcazar, continually desperate to know the whereabouts Carly, professes his love to her husband by telling Sonny that he’s willing to take a bullet for her when Sonny’s gun goes off!!! 

Dillon Goes to Desperate Measures to Avoid Military School:

General Perry meets with Edward at the Quartermaine mansion to make plans to enroll grandson Dillon at the Stonewall Military Academy effective at 0600 hours the next day. With the ability to think on his feet, Dillon puts on a front as an overzealous military advocate, but when the general sees through his façade Dillon is forced to go to even more extreme measures by passing himself off as gay to avoid being shipped off. Just as the general begins to be pulled in to his ploy, Georgie rushes in claiming to be his knocked up girlfriend who can’t be deserted for the sake of their baby. She pleads with the general not to take him away from his soon-to-be family when Edward returns and proves her “pregnancy” to be a farce. He throws her out and solidifies the contract with the general to have Dillon admitted first thing in the morning. Dillon then retreats to his room where Georgie is waiting for him and promises that she will never stop loving him. She points out the fact that all they have is tonight and the two begin to make love. 

Lydia Decides to Make Port Charles Her Permanent Home:

Lydia meets with Lucky at Kelly’s and tries to convince both him and herself that there is still a possibility for her and Nikolas to stay married and produce a Cassadine heir just before Nikolas himself delivers her their divorce papers. After being crushed by his send off, Lydia makes a premature decision to go back to Europe to be with her “friends & family”. She later returns to the diner and unleashes all her built up emotions on Lucky who is more than willing to lend a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on. She explains that she was supposed to be happily married to a prince, with a fortune on the way and now that she has nothing she cannot show her face in Europe as a failure. Lucky advises her to cut her losses and never look back and the two makes plans to help each other start their new lives. The two share an intimate dance and showing signs of true happiness for the first time in a long time. 

Zander is Urged to Fight for Emily:

At Kelly’s Gia runs into Zander and questions him about his hand injury when he quickly changes the subject to her progress in getting through law school. Reverting back to the serious issue at hand, she tells him that there are rumors going around that he and Emily split and urges him to fight for their love. Zander tries to explain his frustration in the fact that Emily only married him because she thought she was dying and believes that it’s just her “duty” to stay with him and not run to Nikolas. Gia then points out that he is the one who walked away from the marriage and if he really believed in the strength of their love he would fight for her. Meanwhile at General Hospital Emily, with Nikolas by her side, hears the good news that her blood cell count is up and that the new chemotherapy is working. The two lovers are filled with hope and believe that anything in life is possible especially since Nikolas already put his divorce from Lydia in action earlier that night. The two plan a romantic overnight getaway to far away cabin and Emily gaily rushes to the Quartermaine’s to pack. When Emily strolls into the living room at the mansion she is surprised to see Zander waiting to confess his love. He admits to being overemotional about her relationship with the prince but desperately wants to give their relationship another try just as Nikolas walks in. The two begin to argue over who loves her the most when she stops them explaining that she will not be the cause of conflict between the two and threatens not to be with either one of them.

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