General Hospital Update Thursday 10/10/03

General Hospital Update Friday 10/10/03

by Lisa

Luke Carries Out His Plan To Murder Long Time Nemesis, Stephan:

After much coaxing from Stephan, Lydia agrees to conceive a child with him in order to help Nikolas, but in a much more romantic fashion. When Stephan begins to untie her from the post she has been roped to Luke arrives and rescues her. He manages to snatch Stephan’s blade and is ready to stick it right in his chest when Lucky fires a gun at his father warning him to let Stephan go. Luke, stubborn in his belief that the whole Cassadine clan needs to be finished of, tells Lucky that the only way to stop him from killing Stephan is to shoot him in the back. Lucky, forced with the decision of his life chooses to leave his father with Stephan in order to get Lydia out of the tunnels. Once in the study he calls the police for backup and questions Lydia on Stephan’s plan for revenge. She spills everything she knows and admits that she was willing to sleep with Stephan in order to make a Cassadine heir and urges him to quickly find Luke and stop him. Meanwhile Luke roams around Spoon Island in search for Stephan and eventually finds him near a cliff. In a moment of poetic justice Luke is able to capture Stephan, stab him and throw down him a cliff just like his hit on Emily that took the life of Summer but not before being reminded that his life is now also over for committing murder. 

Alcazar Lays Down More Groundwork In His Plan To Destroy Sonny:

Carly goes to see Bobbie at Kelly’s with the news that Sonny has moved out of the penthouse. When her mom questions her on his reasons why Carly is forced to explain his recent obsession with Lilly and her supposed supernatural warnings she gives him to keep his family safe. An emotional Carly breaks down to her mother wishing that Sonny would let go of his hold on Lilly to be with her through this crucial point in her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Alcazar runs into Sonny having dinner at the Port Charles Hotel and questions him on why he’s not with his wife. Alcazar taunts him when he reveals that he knows Sonny has moved out of the penthouse and away from Carly but is warned not to fathom any ideas about trying to steal Carly away from her mob king. Alcazar admits to Sonny that he has feelings for her and the well-being of the baby which leaves Sonny in a position vulnerability. Wanting to avoid any violence between the two, Sonny breaks free from their confrontation but not before making sure that Alcazar knows he would be signing his death warrant is he goes after Carly. 

Jason & Courtney Finally Say “I Do” in France:

Jason formally asks Courtney if she will do him the honor of being his wife and she jumps at the opportunity planning the ceremony for the next day. The two talk about the details of the big day when Jason realizes that Courtney is feeling somewhat guilty that her family will not have the chance to be involved. Seeing how important family is, Jason offers to hold off until they get back to Port Charles but Courtney is sure for her love of Jason and is dying to be his wife as soon as possible. The next day in a lovely garden ceremony Jason & Courtney see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Jason, looking ever so handsome in a sharp black suit, and Courtney looking classic in an off-white, satin, backless gown both stand in amazement in the fact that they will finally become man and wife. With all the stars in the sky sparkling in their eyes join hands to begin the ceremony, but not before Jason’s surprise….Sonny & Carly. The perfect last detail to their perfect day arrive giving the happy couple their blessing and wish them best of luck in their many years to come. 

Jax’s Return Back To Port Charles Threatens Skye’s Relationship With Ned:

Ned rushes to Skye with the news that Jax is missing from a boat explosion but tries to comfort her by explaining that Jax’s strong will to live will ultimately bring him back home. A heartbroken Skye pours out a horde sympathy for her ex when Jax enters surprising the two with the fact that he survived. The scene that he causes in the restaurant snags the attention of Sam who has just arrived to seek employment in Port Charles. After having a glass of water gracefully hurled at him by Skye the two settle down and Jax is given the chance to explain his story. He tells the two about the fortune of The Dead Man’s Hand which fascinates Skye who compliments him on his admirable will to survive. She shows genuine concern for the well being of his father when they are interrupted by A.J., the new ELQ C.E.O. Jax explains to Jr. that he has been out of the business circuit recently due to his father’s sickness, but A.J. and Ned are weary of his story and suspect that Jax is using the story as a front for his next big corporate raid. After Jax leaves, Ned accuses Skye of fawning over Jax and his story of his perilous adventure. She defends herself by explaining that she is only concerned for Jax because of his father’s declining health when Ned reiterates that idea that the story could be a complete farce just to trick everyone. The two being to argue when Skye throws in the fact that Ned is no better than her when he foolishly believed every lie at ever came out of Alexis’ mouth and walks out on him. Meanwhile Jax secures a phone number in a locked briefcase in his hotel room and leaves to take a shower just before 
Sam breaks into his room under the disguise of a housekeeper and finds the briefcase. Just before she has the chance to pick the lock she is stopped by Jax, and is surprised when he asks her what took so long for her to catch up with him. 

Nikolas Comforts Emily In Her Time Of Need:

After seeing Emily and Nikolas together again Zander has had enough and asks his wife which one of them should now file the divorce papers since their marriage is over. Emily swears that she is trying to get past her feelings for Nikolas but Zander is non-sympathetic and has had it with her lies. He brands himself as an idiot for giving their marriage another chance after he saw the pictures of her and Nikolas together. In a moment of truth Zander asks if she lied about him being the one whose kiss brought her back to life when she was dying in the hospital from meningitis. When she doesn’t respond Zander simply walks away saying absolutely nothing leaving her in tears. Later Emily goes to the hospital to get her blood cell level counted in order to be cleared to start a new chemotherapy treatment. Not to her surprise Nikolas is there for emotional support and Emily is relieved that she has him there. After hearing the news that her blood cell count is perfect for new treatment she make plans to celebrate with a night out on the town with Nikolas. The two leave the hospital and share a very passionate kiss in the elevator realizing that they will never be able to stay away from one another. 

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