General Hospital Update Thursday 10/9/03

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/9/03

by Lisa

Lucky Is Forced To Arrest Luke In Order To Save Him:

Luke breaks into Windermere again and demands that Nikolas tell him where Stephan is hiding. Nikolas persistently explains that he has had no contact with his uncle when Lucky arrives to intervene. Lucky and Nikolas admit to lurring Luke to Spoon Island in order to arrest him therefore preventing him from killing Stephan. Outraged by his son’s actions, Luke demands that Lucky be the one to cuff him, vowing that they would no longer be father and son if he follows through with it. Desperate to save his father, Lucky reads him his rights and sends him down to the P.C.P.D. to be booked. Once at the station Luke causes his usual amount of chaos by ranting and raving at the fact that the police, especially D.A. Scott Baldwin, are doing nothing to catch Stephan Cassadine and persists that the war will not be over until Stephan draws his last breath. Just before being sent to his cellblock, Luke manages to outsmart an officer and attempts an escape from the station. 

Stephan Sets His New Plan In Action:

Nikolas finally searches the tunnels for Stephan and advises him to leave the island and never return. Stephan promises that he will leave at nightfall but secretly has other plans in mind. Once Nikolas leaves, Stephan returns to his lair where he has kidnapped Lydia in order to conceive a child. Lucky later arrives to her rescue but is knocked unconscious by an out of control Stephan who is determined not to fail. A sadly deranged Stephan truly believes and explains to Lydia that making the baby with is the right thing to do to prove their love for Nikolas. 

Georgie & Dillon Brave Through Their First Fight:

Completely hung up on the fact that Georgie ratted him out to Ned about working for Alcazar, Dillon makes it perfectly clear that he needs alone time to think their relationship over. Georgie admits that she was wrong but at the same time scared that she could loose him to a life of crime and is heartbroken when he politely asks her to leave him alone for a while. Then surprisingly, with a little love advice from Grandpa Edward, Dillon is convinced that he should fight for their relationship despite the betrayal just like Edward and Lila fought to stay together all those years. Meanwhile Georgie runs to big sis. Maxie who also advises that she not give up on true love with Dillon. The two reunite at the Quartermaine house and promise that they will not let their love for each other die. 

Zander And Nikolas Both Push For Emily To Make A Decision:

At Kelly’s, Lydia runs to Zander with the news that Nikolas has finally filed for divorce so he can be with Emily. She expresses her hurt over with the fact the Emily is the reason for all her pain and suffering in her life. Just before Emily warns her to stay away from her and Zander, he convinces Lydia to leave, but not before she leaves him with a very descriptive image of Emily leaving their marriage to be with Nikolas. After she leaves, Zander demands that Emily make a definite decision on her choice between him and Nikolas and again accuses her of looking for a way out and feels that they have no other choice than to end their marriage. Emily tries to explain her confusion surrounding the situation and still claims that she chooses Zander to spend her life with. When she can’t promise that it will be forever, Zander walks out on her claiming that he deserves better. Later Nikolas finds Emily at Kelly’s and is asked if she is the reason why he ended his marriage to Lydia. He admits that she is a big part of the reason and that he wants to be with her but advises her to figure out what she wants for herself and if that person is Zander…she should fight for him. Caught up in the emotion of the situation, Emily tells Nikolas that there is a new chemotherapy treatment that she will have to brave through as Zander spies his wife in the arms of the other man…again.

Jason & Courtney Reconnect On Their Romantic Rendezvous To France:

Jason & Courtney arrive in the French Countryside just in time for dinner, but are humorously pestered and taunted by a very testy waiter named Jean Louie who can’t take his eyes off the beautiful Courtney. At their table, he gives them (97 % focus on Courtney) a very sensual lesson in the art of wine tasting while a very edgy Jason watches another man flirting with his fiancee’. Later when they arrive in their room they are surprised to see the romantic dinner decorations that Jean Louie arranged complete with a note professing his admiration for Courtney. The two begin to settle in when they are interrupted by the sound of a solo violin that Jean Louie is himself playing outside on their terrace as a serenade for Courtney. Infuriated, Jason storms out onto the terrace and warns him not to ever bother him or his fiancee’ again. Finally alone the two confess their love for one another when Jason works up the courage to ask Courtney to marry him now in France. 

Introducing Port Charles’ New Assistant D.A…..Ric Lansing????

Elizabeth guilt trips Ric after reading that his most recent client, Stephan has escaped from police custody. She suggests that he stop involving himself with the scum of the earth and focus his attention on helping people in need. Taking her advise in an attempt to win the trust her trust back, Ric makes a surprising move to become Port Charles’ Assistant District Attorney. He offers Baldwin something he can’t refuse with information that would help him lock up Stephan IF he grants him the job as the A.D.A. Scott reluctantly agrees to Ric’s terms already insinuating that he will be in the perfect position to finally bring Sonny down. Ric later runs into Elizabeth again and informs her of his new noble position claiming that he is ready to turn his life around to win her affection back. 

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