General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/03

General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/03

by Jennifer

Sam and Jax are on the shore. Sam wakes up and sees Jax unconscious. She tries to shake him awake and then tries CPR. He kisses her as soon as he wakes up and she slaps him.

Sonny walks in and tells Carly what he heard from Lily. Dr. Meadows confirms what he already knows. Dr. Meadows tells them that there’s nothing to worry about. She walks out and Carly asks him how he knew, he says that Lily told him and that this proves Lily’s visits are real.

Alcazar asks “Lily” if she followed his instructions. She asks him how he knew something was wrong with the baby. He tells her that he has someone on the hospital staff that gives him a heads up.

Stefan tells Nicolas that he did everything for him and that Stefan will always love his nephew. Luke does not pity Stefan and tells him that Stefan is charged with attempted murder of Emily that resulted in the death of Summer. Stefan tells him that it’s not going to work. Luke takes him out and the people left in the warehouse think that he is going to kill Stefan.

Sonny asks Jason the take Carly home. Jason tells him that he thinks Sonny is seeing someone, just not Lily. Sonny leave and Jason tells Carly to let him go.

Sam finds a chest with a tent in it. Jax is pleased with her. She says that possession is 9/10 of the law and that the tent is HERS. Jax tells her that it’s fine. She’s afraid that he will take her chest. He assures her that he won’t steal her stuff. He finds another chest, but this one is filled with food, water and beer. She says that it is hers; he says that he found it, therefore he owns it.

Dillon leaves. Zander blames Nicolas for everything because he didn’t do anything. Everyone starts standing up for Nicolas, among them is Emily.

Luke brings Stefan into the police station. He goes to see his lawyer. Scott and Luke are left alone in the room to talk.

Alcazar talks to Carly’s doctor and Courtney sees it. She tells him to stay away from Carly. Alcazar tells Courtney to give Carly his best and then leaves.

Carly and Jason walk into the penthouse. Carly is worried about her baby and what might happen. Jason tells her not to worry. She starts to blame herself. Jason tells her to stop and that she did nothing to hurt her baby.

Sonny brings roses to Lily’s grave. He sits on the bench and starts to talk, looking at the gravestone. He looks around once in a while to see if Lily will appear, she does. She tells him that something is going to happen to Carly and the baby. Sonny lets his worry take over and assumes that they are going to die just like Lily did. He turns around and Lily id gone. She is on the other side of the wall crying.

Carly asks Jason to prove that Lily is not real. He tells her that he’s
working on it and leaves as Courtney walks in. She tells Carly and she saw Lorenzo. Courtney asks Carly if she has done anything to encourage Alcazar.

Jax is sitting on the beach eating his food and drinking his beer, teasing Sam about it. She finally gives in while watching him eat and says that she will share her tent if he gives her some food.

Emily tried to make Zander realize how Nicolas is feeling. He asks if Emily has a button that turns on to defend Nicolas all the time. She tells him that his has nothing to do with feelings for Nicolas but right and wrong. Zander apologizes.

Dillon meets Georgie at the police station. Stefan and Luke are talking; Stefan tells Luke that he is going to be realizes, sure enough, he is right. Cepelli phones Alcazar and tells him that Stefan is being released from custody. Alcazar tells him that he knows what to do. Stefan leaves and Luke is held back by Scott and charged for kidnapping.

Jax and Sam are sharing the tent. He looks comfortable but she is getting annoyed by the amount of room she has.

Stefan is having a drink at Windermere, Nicolas asks him why he is here and says that he meant it when he told Stefan to get out of his life.

Carly tells Courtney that her and alcazar get along but that is it. She says that he’s interesting and charming and she could have liked him under certain circumstances and Alcazar probably senses that. Sonny walks in and Courtney leave. Carly asks him if he saw Lily, he lies and shakes his head.

Sam sees that Jax is sleeping and tries to steal his card. He wakes up and asks her what she’s looking for.

Alexis comes in and talks to Scott to try and get Luke out of jail. It
works, he says that he’ll release Luke but he’s not dropping the charges. They walk out together, Alexis tells Luke how she thought he was going to kill Stefan, he says that he hasn’t taken care of the situation yet.

Nicolas tells Stefan that he loved his uncle but the man that stands in
front of him now is a stranger. Ceppelli walks in through the tunnel. He knocks Stefan down near the fireplace and spills a fluid around him. Stefan is about to get burned badly.

Jason goes back to the cemetery and finds heel marks where Lily is standing; this is the first clue that Lily is human and not a ghost.

Faith tells Alcazar that she found Lily crying in the cemetery. Lily says that she thinks she is getting a cold. She says that she think she is getting a cold, but that is not that case. She asks why Alcazar wants Sonny thinking Carly and the baby are going to die. Alcazar reveals his plan; he wants Sonny to think that the only way to save Carly is to leave her.

Sonny explains to Carly that the most important thing is that her and the baby are safe and he is going to do everything that he can to make sure that happens. 

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