General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/1/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/1/03

by Lisa

Sonny Opens Up To Carly About Lilly:

Carly finds a picture of Sonny and Lilly in the penthouse and questions Sonny, but just before he has the chance to expresses his fears, the phone rings and he has to rush out on “business” unaware that Carly is hot on his trails. Sonny arrives at Lilly’s grave site to meet with the director about the mix up in her grave plot and asks for the attendants to open up her casket to make sure that her body is inside. When Carly shows her face and asks why it was so important for Sonny to see Lilly inside her casket, he tells her that he has been seeing Lilly….her spirit. Carly suggests to Sonny that Lilly is giving him the freedom to be happy with his new family when he begins to invision Carly’s name printed on the headstone in front of him showing her signs of his paranoia. 

Jax Embarks On A New Adventure:

Jax hears the news that his father is slowing slipping away into death and rushes to do anything he can to save him. His father tells him a story about a set of lucky cards that he inherited as a young man which gave him wealth and health. After they were recently stolen their finances began to decline along with his health. He explains that the person who stole the cards sent a ransom to meet at a bar named Bolivar. Jax quickly rushes to act on behalf of his father and ends up coming to the rescue of a bad girl named Sam who had just escaped a local jail by faking suicide. Expecting her gratitude, Jax is surprised when Sam bashes him for his chivalry claiming that the situation was just beginning to heat up before he jumped in. The turns his back on him until she overhears him asking around about the “Dead Man’s Hand” and invites him to a game of poker…and the wager, is she wins she gets his yacht, but is he wins…her gets to have her!

The Fight For Baby Christina Continues

Alexis finds out that Cameron was the hero that bailed her out of jail just before running into her beloved brother, Stephan who he makes clear to her that she will be the one to go down for the crimes they committed together. Alexis later goes to visit Christina where she finds Cameron awaiting to deliver the loan agreement for posting her bail. Alexis is outraged at his terms and conditions and refuses to agree. When it slips that he has not found a “child friendly” apartment yet Alexis offers her place for temporary residence. The two begin a very extensive argument over the logistics of them living together when they are interrupted by the return of Emily and Zander and move their bickering upstairs. Once settled in their living room, Emily and Zander fear that when Christina finally leaves their home to live with Cameron that their will be nothing left keeping their marriage together. The two feel that the compromises they will need to make have been put on hold in order to give Christina a loving home but once she is gone they will have to face reality. Emily then tries to convince Zander that if they could just hold on a little bit longer that they may have a chance to save their marriage but he is weary of her love for Nikolas. 

Luke Is Back!!!

Luke returns back to Port Charles just in time to see Lucky graduate from the police academy. Luke provokes his son into arresting him just to see how far he would go to turn against his own father. Inside the interrogation room, Luke tells Lucky about his trip to visit Laura and that he knows now that there is nothing he can do to help her. When Lucky tells him that he can prove that Stephan was the one who mistakenly killed Summer in an attempt to kill Nikolas’ love Emily, the two join forces to bring the Count down to his knees. Luke then spots Stephan in the police station and confronts him about killing Summer. Luke then demands to know why Stephan is walking around free and not locked up when Baldwin explains that he got off on a technicality as so many people in Port Charles often do. Stephan then turns the spotlight on Luke for Summer’s murder explaining that he was furious about the fact that Summer had crawled out of his bed and into his son’s. 

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