GH Update Thursday 9/18/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Stefan are walking through the halls she tells him that the tape Lydia made proves he killed Summer but it canít be used in court and she can prove he killed Darious.

Ned tells Skye that he is taking a leave of absence and the board thinks that he should step down from the good of the company. AJ got Nedís job. AJ is pleased with himself and the fact that Ned screwed up for once. Edward walks in and tells Ned that if Edward were still part of the company he
would have been able to help. Skye is trying to tell them that it doesnít matter who runs ELQ. Someone walks into the house and tells Ned that Judge Farmer wants to see him. They all realize what Skye was trying to say.

Georgie is in school and a couple of guys come up to her and start hitting on her. When they ask if sheís seeing anyone Dillon comes up to her and says sheís taken. Dillon smiled because they think she is hot. Georgie is embarrassed because they think the couple is sleeping together. She asks Dillon if he feels embarrassed because other couples are having sex and theyíre not. He tells her not to worry about it, and they theyíll do it when the time is right. They leave for their classes

Jason is talking to Mac trying to get Courtney out of the interrogation room. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to get Courtney to say if she hit Elizabeth or not. Jason barges in and Courtney says she knows she did it even if she canít remember. Jason and Courtney are talking about it when Scott asks if she remembers the gory details yet. He says the DNA on the car was Elizabethís. Jason tells them that Elizabethís DNA doesnít prove that Courtney was driving the car.

Sonny is in Elizabethís hospital room talking to her. Heís making sure that Elizabeth didnít see who was driving the car. When she tells him she doesnít he tells her if she needs any favors to ask. Rick comes in and tells Sonny to get away from his wife. Sonny asks if Elizabeth wants him to call security and get Rick out, when she says she can handle him Sonny leaves. Rick tells her that Courtney is going to pay for what she did and that Sonny is only being nice so that she can help get Courtney out of this mess.
Elizabeth tells Rick thatís not the case.

Faith and the woman with the bandaged face are in Alcazarís apartment. When she asks if Faith works for Alcazar Faith gives her some advise. She says to do what your told and donít ask any questions.

Carly is sitting on bench in the hospital waiting for Sonny. Alcazar walks up to her and asks if the baby was all right. She tells him that the baby is fine. She says that Courtney spent the whole night in integration for confessing after the police found her car in the lake. She asks if he set her up. Alcazar tells Carly that he was just trying to help Courtney out because she is close to Carly. She tells him to leave her alone and stop sending her messages because she will turn them over to Sonny.

Emily is taking a walk by the docks and runs into Nicolas. They stop and talk and try to come up with a better plan since after 24 hours the last plan to never be alone together hasnít worked. Nicolas tells her that heíll never stop loving her and never stop wanting her.

Ned and Skye are in an office waiting for Judge Farmer. Skye is trying to convince him that this is all Alexisís doing and that she is winner. Alexis walks in along with Judge Farmer. Alexis says that she is prepared to take Kristina while everything is sorted out but Judge Farmer says that wonít be necessary and she is placing Kristina in Foster care. Skye tries to tell the Judge that this would be a big mistake and that Kristina is thriving in her home. Alexis asks if she could at least have temporary custody of her daughter but the Judge doesnít think that is possible. She walks out and Skye blames Alexis and tells her it is all her fault.

Judge Farmer is walking down the stairs and runs into Cameron. He asks if she is really putting Kristina in Foster care. She says yes and that she is only trying to do whatís best for the child. He tells her the same thing.

AJ is sitting in a chair and Edward is pouring him a drink. Edward tells AJ he is proud of him and AJ smiles saying that Edward finally said it. Edward asks what position he will get in ELQ and AJ makes a joke about how the position for assistant manager of the paperclips just came open. Edward
tells AJ he will bury him when he least expects it and walks out.

Georgie is upset when she got her test back and got a B-. Dillon jokes around and shows her that he got a D. She tries to tell him that getting a scholarship and getting into a good school is important to her. He says that maybe they shouldnít spend too much time together. She puts her books in her
locker and he walks away. She slams her locker shut in frustration.

Elizabeth tries to use her call button but Rick takes in away. She tells him to keep it and gets out of bed to get someone. She falls to the fall and is shocked. Elizabeth tells him that she say something. Elizabeth claims that she can see shadows.

Carly, Jason, Sonny and Courtney are at the police station. Courtney tells them that sheís not supposed to talk to anyone. Mac is by them and Alcazar walks in. He tells everyone that he knows who hit Elizabeth. He says that it was a car thief with long blonde hair who he thought to be Courtney at
first. The person didnít stop because the car was stolen. Alcazar then says that the person is right outside and Mac goes to check it out. Alcazar says that he hopes heís been of some assistance. Sonny tells him that they need to talk.

Nicolas and Emily sit on the bench talking. He mentioned the very first time she kissed him. His point was that he wasnít prepared for that kiss the same, as he wasnít prepared for what happened the night before. She wants to go back to being just friends. She says that they can start by walking away
and not turning back. They do just that.

Alexis goes to the police station and talks to Stefan. She tells him what just happened but he doesnít seem to think that changes anything. She tells him she has nothing to lose and that she is not defending him anymore.

Cameron tries to convince Judge Farmer to let Alexis have custody of her daughter. Judge Farmer doesnít think this is a good idea. Cameron says that if she is taken away from people she loves it could create emotional damage.

Georgie and Dillon run into each other outside of the cafť. They try and walk away from each other but canít. Georgie runs in Dillonís arms and they start to kiss. Georgie tells him that she is ready. They talk about where they want to go and decide on the Port Charles Hotel. Georgie makes sure
that Dillon will bring a condom.

Sonny tells Alcazar that if he started it he better finish it. Mac comes back and says that the guy checks out so Courtney is free to go. Jason hugs her and says that it is over.

Judge Farmer meets with Kristinaís family again. She tells them she had decided that Foster care is not the answer and that she is giving Cameron temporary custody of Kristina.

A doctor checks up on Elizabethís progress and tells her that this is a step in the right direction when she tells him what she can see.

Courtney is signing papers to get out of the police station. She tells Jason she knows this is just a setup and he tells her it doesnít matter. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny are outside the door talking about it and Sonny asks if it worked and it Carly now feels that she owes Alcazar.

Alcazar is talking to the bandaged woman. She asks how she will look when her face is healed. She says that she will look more beautiful then ever, the beauty that would drive a man crazy.

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