GH Update Wednesday 9/17/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Emily and Nicholas continue to get hot and heavy in Emily and Zander’s new cottage. A mystery man is at the window taking pictures of them. The lights come back on and Nicolas and Emily realize what they are doing. They apologize to each other and then come up with the solution that they can never be alone together, after Emily tells Nicolas that she wants him but can’t have him because she is married to Zander.

Lydia continues to try and convince Zander that Emily and Nicolas are in love and that he should be worried Nicolas is over there helping Emily. Zander is convinced that his wife would never cheat on him. Lydia tells Zander that he’s going to find Emily and Nicholas in bed together if he’s not careful. Zander doesn’t worry about her warning and Lydia storms out of the restaurant.

Bobby is shocked when Maxie tells her that she is due in surgery with Dr. Julian. Maxie points him out as he walks by. Dr. Julian gets in the elevator and Alakazar is there with him. Julian assures him that everything is going as planned.

Rick walks into Scott Baldwin’s office and announces that he knows who ran Elizabeth over. When Rick tells Baldwin that it was Courtney Matthews but he’s not convinced. Scott is sure that this is just a way for Rick to get back at his brother. Rick tries to explain that he heard Elizabeth describe the car that hit her and Courtney told her not to tell the police. Rick tries to explain what Courtney’s emotional reasons would be to hurt Elizabeth. Mac comes in while they are talking as says that they’ve
identified that car from the lake as Courtney’s.

Courtney’s car has been found and Carly and Sonny are talking about it. They both know this is going to be used against Courtney. Sonny thinks that Alcazar is behind it all and that this is a setup. Country and Jason walk into the room. Jason tells the couple that he told Courtney about what Alcazar saw and Courtney is convinced that she was the one that ran Elizabeth down. Sonny tries to explain his idea of the setup. Country believes that the only reason they are doing this is because they know she
did it and are trying to make her feel better. Jason accuses her of not wanting a way out of this mess.

Emily stands by the fireplace with wine in her hand. She thinks about Nicholas and what could have happened if she had made love to him. Emily is writing in her dairy about her experience with Nicolas. After reading the paper over she burns it in the fireplace so that Zander will never find it.

Zander is sitting on the café when and Cindy is there. Kyle walks up to her and starts hitting on her, Zander tells him to back off. He walks over to Cindy and tells her that if she’s ever in any real trouble to call him. Nicolas walks in as Zander is writing his cell phone number down on a napkin for her. Nicolas continues to watch them carefully, as Cindy gets up to leave. Nicolas asks what his wife would think about what just happened. Zander tells Nicolas that he is not going to come between him and Emily.
Nicolas warns Zander that if he doesn’t keep Emily happy, Nicolas will wreck him. Zander nods his head and walks out.

Alcazar and Faith are walking down the hospital corridors. He tells her that he needs her help to destroy Sonny. They walk into one of the hospital rooms. Faith tells him that his plan is brilliant but she doesn’t want to help because it’s not going to work. Alcazar tells her that she’s either useful to him or she’s an obstacle that needs to be removed. Feeling threatened, Faith agrees to help him.

Carly is talking to Courtney and telling her about how she was wrong not to stop and think before getting rid of the car. Courtney thinks she got rid of it because she believes that Courtney did it. Jason is telling Sonny how he wants to take Courtney out of the country until they find out the truth about the hit and run. The police come knocking on sonny’s door telling him they have a warrant for the arrest of his sister. Sonny opens the door and lets them in but by them Courtney and Jason are gone. Scott asks Sonny where his sister is and tells him what Rick said earlier. Mac comes in and said that there were no clues as to where Courtney might be. Baldwin says to put an APD on her and then leaves.

Courtney and Jason are in one of Sonny’s safe house. Courtney tells her fiancé that she needs to know the truth about what happened the night she was high on the pills. Jason tries to give Country over possibilities as to what could have happened. Courtney is convinced that she hit Elizabeth because of her dream. Jason tells her he wants Courtney to go to the island and then he walks out of the room.

Lydia walks into the café and Nicolas is sitting at a table alone. She asks how close her and Emily got while he was over there. Lydia reminds Nicolas of their agreement to no affairs or cheating once they were married. Nicolas states that he is not having an affair with Emily but Lydia thinks that what he is doing is just the same. She tells Nicolas that she is going to fight for their marriage and then walks out.

Zander walks into the cottage and Emily gets up off the couch to meet him. She tries to tell him that Nicolas come over but he explains that he already found out from Lydia. He tells Emily that he knows Nicolas is in love with her but he trusts her completely and she can do whatever she wants. Emily
hugs Zander then tells him she’s going to the kitchen to prepare a meal. Emily walks away, looks back at Zander and starts to cry. Zander and Emily are lying on the couch together and Zander says that maybe they shouldn’t have bought this place because of Nicolas. Emile assures Zander that she
loves the house and that she loves him even though that isn’t entirely true.

Alcazar is sitting at the bedside of a woman who’s face is covered with bandages. He welcomes her back and tells her that everything went according to plan and that a large sum of money has already been put in her bank account.

Carly and Sonny are talking in the living area. Sonny tells her that he can’t get past it when she lies to him and Carly tries to explain why she did it. Carly gives up and tells him that she’s sorry. Jason walks back into the safe house to find it completely empty. He tries to call for Courtney but she is not there.

Courtney walks into Scott Baldwin’s office and tells him she thinks she’s the one who ran over Elizabeth Webber.

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