GH Update Tuesday 9/16/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Darin
Pictures by Juanita

Zander and Emily get back from a walk. They start talking about their future. Emily asks why he rented that house. Was it because Nikolas used to live there. He tells her he rented it because it was open and the right price. That he figured it was perfect for them. Emily tells Zander she loves him. Then the phone rings. Zander tells the person he will be right there. After Zander leaves, a storm blows out the fuse. Emily decides to call Nikolas for help.

At Kelly's Lydia and Nikolas walk in and see Alexis there. Nikolas asks why she is helping Stephan. Alexis says as her job as attorney, she has to work hard for her client. That is why she is defending Stephan. Nikolas tells her if Stephan has threatened her, he will help her. He tells her if she turns her soul over to Stephan, she will answer to him.

Courtney and Ric are still outside Elizabeth's room. Ric asks why she is questioning Elizabeth. Jason rushes up and throws Ric against the wall. His arm on his throat. Tells Ric if he treats Courtney that way again, he will deal with him. Ric tells Jason he is only after the truth about his wife. Jason tells him Courtney had nothing to do with the accident. Ric walks away, and Jason asks her if she was asking Elizabeth questions. She said yes, that Elizabeth remembers the car is blue.

Sonny and Carly are sitting on the couch. He tells her that he hates when she lies to him. That it's hard to trust her and in his business that is dangerous. She comes clean and tells him everything about Courtney's car. That Alcazar told her he saw Courtney hit Elizabeth and drive off. Sonny asked Carly if he was at Alcazar's when he was there. She said yes. That it was to help Courtney nothing else. That Courtney lost her baby trying to save her. She owes Courtney. She explains in detail what she did with the car. Sonny asks her why she is protecting Alcazar. She tells him she is protecting Courtney. Tells him he cannot tell Jason but Sonny says he has too. As they talk, Jason shows up. Sonny tells Jason what happened. He gets mad at Carly.

A man named Julian shows up at Alcazars apartment. Alcazar shows him a file on Sonny. Tells him he is going to help him destroy Sonny. He asks Julian if he can do the job. Julian says yes.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth is getting help from a sight therapist. She gets frustrated and starts to fall. Ric runs over and catches her. She senses it's him and asks why he is there. Why he cannot leave her alone. Ric tells her he loves her and wants to be there for her.  That life is worth fighting for. She says what life. Ric starts telling her to give up then. That he thought she was stronger than this. That maybe she likes being a victim and walks away.

Courtney shows up at Alcazars place. She needs the truth from him about that night. Wants to know what she was doing when he saw her in the park. Alcazar tells her he saw her take a pill. He asked if she needed a ride home. That she had refused and stormed off. He followed her and saw her drive off to the east. He apologized for any of the suffering he has caused her.  That if she ever needs his help, just ask. She leaves.

Zander meets Alexis at Kelly's. Alexis tells him that it has to be understood that this meeting never happened. That Ned is being set up by Stephan. That she made the mistake to ask Stephan for help with the custody of her daughter. That his solution was to discredit Ned and she doesn't have the stomach for it. Zander asks her why she doesn't tell Ned. She explains that Stephan left a paper trail leading to her. That Stephan set her up. He agrees to help her. And she gives him a file on Cindy. That he needs to hook up with her. To get information on her that clears Ned. But also not make her a sacrificial lamb. She has no where else to turn. Alexis lets him know to be very careful.

Nikolas turns the lights back on for Emily. She gets up and wraps a blanket around him. They hug as a person outside is taking pictures. He sees her shivering and tells her he will light a fire. He lights it and goes for more wood.

After his meeting with Alexis, he tries calling Emily. But the phone is dead. Lydia tells him its because the power is out. Zander asks how she knows. She gladly tells him that Elizabeth called Nikolas for help.

Meanwhile Nikolas comes back with the wood. He is soaking it's because the him to warm up and stay with her. He starts taking his shirt off as Elizabeth watches. You see the longing , lust in her eyes. She tells him she has to open up. That it was him, not Zander that brought her back. Nikolas lets her know that he also had the same dream. They lean toward each other and kiss. The person outside is still taking pictures.

A prostitute arrives at Alcazars place. He looks her over and hands her an envelope with a lot of money. She agrees to do whatever he wants. Alcazar calls Julian out and asks if the girl will work. Julian says yes. Alcazar smiles.

Jason and Courtney meet on the street. She tells him she went to meet Alcazar. Tells him what he said. But Jason tells her that's not what he told Carly. He tells her the truth. That Alcazar saw her hit Elizabeth and leave. But not too worry Carly disposed of the car.

Back at Sonny's he is telling Carly he always knows when she is lying. But in the end it's the lie that hurts the most. That he doesn't think she's stupid or a bad mother. That he was just worried about her and the baby. Max walks in and tells them the police just found Courtney's car.

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