GH Update Monday 9/15/03

General Hospital Update Monday 9/15/03

By Darin
Pictures by Juanita

Stefan walks into the visitor room at the PC police station. Alexis is waiting for him. She doesn't look happy She tells Stefan she can prove he had Darius kill Summer. Alexis tells Stefan Darius sent letters home to his sister. That she gave them to Alexis. Darius mailed himself a letter.  It says that he killed Summer instead of Emily under the orders of Stefan. Alexis asks him if he has any remorse. Stefan says he is not guilty. That Darius probably wrote the letter to blackmail him. Alexis doesn't believe him. Says she cannot defend him if he is guilty. Stefan tells her if she doesn't, she will lose her daughter.

Ned is at the mansion denying the charges of rape. Cindy is bruised and has abrasions on her arms. She uses Skye by saying she told her Ned was stalking her. Skye told the police that she went to the hotel not Ned. They ask her where Ned was? She said they were not together for a few moments. Edward walks in and asks what Cindy is doing there again. The police ask if he has seen the girl before. He says yes. The police cuff and read Ned his rights.

As Courtney's car is going over the cliff, Carly gets loose. But she is barely hanging on. Tries inching up but slips farther. Alcazar grabs her just in time. He pulls her up and Carly thanks him. They drive to his apartment. While Sonny is home trying to track Carly down.

As Ric watches Elizabeth sleep, Audrey walks up. She starts fighting with Ric. Tells him to get out. He tells her he is still Elizabeth's husband. She says she will call security. Elizabeth calls out and tells her she wants to talk to Ric.

Courtney and Jason discuss her dream. Her tells him it was like she was driving, then was in the road. Tells him she did take a lot of pills that day. Jason suggests they retrace Courtney's steps. She tells him she took a short cut. Right in the area Elizabeth was hit.  Jason tells her she would remember hitting her. That it was not her. Sonny walks in and tells Jason Carly is missing. They leave to look for her.

Ric and Elizabeth talk about the night they danced in the Cellar. They are both smiling. Elizabeth tells him she was so in love with him. Then asks if he got the idea for the panic room that night. That it was so dark it must have given him the idea. Ric tries to tell her to forget it. That they can move on. That he loves her.  She asks how much he paid Maxie to play the song. He said nothing. That he thought it would make her feel good. Elizabeth says he did it to manipulate her. Ric keeps pleading with her. She tells him to leave or she will scream. As he leaves he admits he loves her. All alone Elizabeth turns the song back on.

Alcazar and Carly arrive at his apartment. She's filthy and asks for a place to clean up. He suggests he take her to the hospital. Carly tells him no. That no one can know what happened. Asked why he was following her. He said because he knew she would need a ride. Did not want her to walk back to town being pregnant. She lets him know that she is a scammer and is on to him. As she is cleaning up Alcazar calls to make sure the car is gone. Tells his goon to make sure there is no evidence to link Carly to it. As he hangs up, Sonny barges in and throws him against the wall. Asks what he did to Carly. Alcazar says he has not seen her. As Carly watches, Sonny leaves. Carly calls home and leaves a message. Alcazar asks her if she is afraid of Sonny. She tells him no. She just doesn't want Sonny to know about the car. That if he did, he would kill Alcazar. That he already lost his first wife and baby in a car bomb. She again tells him she loves Sonny and will never leave him.

As Elizabeth tells Courtney about the car, she asks for the phone. She wants to tell the police she remembers the color of the car. Ric is in the hallway and is spying. Courtney tells Elizabeth she should not call. She should wait until she knows more. Elizabeth agrees.  Courtney says goodbye and walks out. Ric walks up and asks what she is doing there. Courtney tells him to leave her alone. Ric asks why she did not want Elizabeth to call the police. Then where she was that day. As we see Jason spying on them, he asks her if she had anything to do with the accident.

Ned arrives at the police station and sees Stefan and Alexis in the room. Alexia is telling Stefan that  no one will believes Ned would rape anyone. He says that they will buy it. That he did it at her request. That he created a paper trail that leads directly to Alexis. With tears in her eyes she asks why he did this to her. It is because he knew she would want to back out.He tells her that she will get him off or lose her daughter. Through the window Alexis and Ned stare at each other.

Courtney walks into Elizabeth's room. Apologizes for treating Elizabeth badly that day. Elizabeth asks what she is doing there. Courtney reminds her that she was in a hit and run a few months earlier. That she blamed it on Ric. Elizabeth said she also blamed him. But that Sonny said it was Faith. But whoever it was she wants them locked up. Then Courtney starts pumping Elizabeth for information. As she does Elizabeth has a flash back. She tells Courtney the car was dark blue or black.

Sonny gets home and listens to the message from Carly. Asks Jason she sounded. Says he knows she will lie to him. Jason knows it is to protect Sonny. He agrees. Jason leaves. Carly gets home and hugs Sonny. Tells him she got caught up. He says now tell me where you really were.

 Alexis walks out and tells Ned not to worry, that she is on top of things. That it's obvious the girl is after money. She denies setting Ned up. But Skye keeps telling Alexis she knows she is behind it. Alexis tells them she will prove Ned is innocent.  Ned is led away to finger printing. Alexis tells Skye that if she really loves Ned she will stay out of it. Skye walks off. And with no one around, Cindy walks to Alexis. Asks her how she is doing. Alexis says she doesn't know her. Cindy says that is not what the paper trail says.

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