GH Update Friday 9/12/03


General Hospital Update Friday 9/12/03

By Darin
Pictures by Juanita

Today's show starts with Skye and Ned discussing Stephan and Alexis. Ned get's a call from Cindy. Saying she is in a hotel room and needs his help. He says he will be there soon.

Dillon and Alcazar are in his car talking about Faith. Alcazar asks why he should help. Dillon says he will do anything he wants. Alcazar agrees to help. He leaves to get Georgie. Georgie is at the barn with the farmer. She is scared about what he is going to do.

We then see Elizabeth yelling at her nurse. She is upset that the nurse is trying to get her to do therapy. Ric spies her through the door.

In Carly's club, Jason and Courtney show up just as Carly is leaving to meet Alcazar. They tell Carly that Courtney's car was robbed while they were gone. Courtney tells Carly and Sonny she owes them an apology. Let's them know about the pills. Carly then tells them about Elizabeth getting hit by a car. Carly looks at Courtney with suspicious eyes. Carly leaves to meet Alcazar. Ric comes in and asks Sonny For help with Faith. Wants her to disappear. Asks Sonny to kill her. Then in walks Faith. Tells both of them she is innocent.

Dillon shows up at the barn. Sees the farmer harassing Georgie. Dillon walks in and pretends to be the FBI. Thanks the farmer for catching her. Tells him that she is a drug runner. That there is a reward of $50,000. Tells the farmer to wait up at his house. Dillon and Georgie talk about the farmer and she jumps in his arms. He tells Georgie about his deal with Alcazar. Georgie apologizes for telling Mac about Faith making Dillon lie. Then Faith shows up. Dillon says she has to kill him to get to Georgie. Faith laughs and says Georgie is off the hook. That the police know she is innocent. Then thanks Dillon for their night alone. After she leaves, Georgie asks Dillon if he slept with Faith that night. He says no.

Instead of Ned going to Cindy's hotel room, Skye goes. Cindy is dressed in sexy lingerie. Tells Skye that Ned is stalking her. That if she sleeps with Ned, he will get her a singing career. Tells Skye to check his phone bill. Skye orders Cindy to say away from Ned or she will be sorry.

As Jason and Courtney show up, Elizabeth is giving Maxie a hard time. Courtney tells Jason he should go in alone. Jason tells Elizabeth it doesn't help to get upset. He asks her if she remembers what happened. She tells him she was walking and thinking about Ric, just as she was hit.

Carly meets Alcazar in his limo. He tells her that he saw Courtney popping pills in the park. That he followed her to make sure she got home ok. He let's Carly know that he saw her hit Elizabeth. He stole Courtney's car before the police could find it.He says he did it as a friendly gesture. Carly again tells him she is in love with Sonny. She asks for the car keys and where it's at.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Skye is looking at Ned's phone records. She tells Ned the phone bill shows numerous calls to Cindy. Ned denies it. Says its a forgery. Ned says only Stephan is sick enough to do it. Skye says she believes Ned. Then the police and Cindy show up. She says he raped her. They are there to arrest Ned.

Back home Jason and Courtney talk about Elizabeth. She thinks Faith hit Elizabeth.Jason thinks it might have been a drunk driver afraid to stop. They talk about AJ driving drunk and hitting Jason. While Courtney sleeps she dreams about driving. She leans over to pick her pills up. As she looks back through the window, she sees herself standing in front of the car. She wakes up startled and upset. Tells Jason maybe she hit Elizabeth.

Maxie and Ric talk outside Elizabeths room. Maxie tells him to go in and talk to her. Says he cannot, but has an idea to make her feel better. Ric has Maxie play her their song. Ric smiles as he sees Elizabeth calm. He dreams of when they danced together.

Sonny gets home and calls out for Carly. Max tells him she is not home. We see Carly driving up to a cliff. Looks over and decides to push make the car go over. She puts it in drive and shuts the door. But notices her coat is stuck in the door.

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