GH Update Thursday 9/11/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Darin
Pictures by Juanita

General Hospital starts with Nikolas and Lydia in the hospital. She has an appointment to make sure she can have kids. They talk about needing a baby to keep her inheritance. Then he sees Emily, just as Bobbie takes Lydia for her tests. Nikolas and Emily hug, after she tells him she was discharged from the hospital. Nikolas tells Emily he is happy she has gotten better. Tells Emily why they are at the hospital. Emily reassures him that he will make a great dad.

At the same time Zander meets Ned at Kelly's. He asks Ned for some money. Standing outside the window is Skye. AJ spies her and they hug hello. AJ then spills the beans about the young girl in Ned's bed. Skye accuses him of setting Ned up. he says no. In fact he paid the girl to stay away.

Dillon and Georgie again take off. Dillon finds a barn for them to hide in. Dillon grabs Georgie and kisses her. Georgie pushes him away, and he comes clean about why he lied for Faith. That Georgie is not safe in Port Charles.

While Carly is home, she asks Michael to try to remember the phone call. He can't. Says daddy heard it, call him. She tries to get him to remember. Meanwhile, Sonny meets Alcazar at Carly's club. The argue over Carly and Alcazar says he wants her. Sonny says he will never have Carly.

We see Dillon and Georgie make up. They discuss Faith's threat. Dillon tells her, I love you. He get's nervous and keeps talking about nothing. Georgie kisses him and tells him she also loves him. Dillon leaves to get some supplies. After he leaves Georgie hears a noise.

As Sonny and Alcazar are arguing, Carly shows up. Makes it known to Alcazar that she loves Sonny. She kisses Sonny and tells Alcazar that she loves Sonny. That nothing could break her and Sonny up. He leaves and Carly hugs Sonny. They end up dancing together as Sonny playfully teases Carly about Alcazar.

Skye surprises Ned while he is at Kelly's. She questioned him about what happened while she was gone. He tells her about Emily's wedding and recovery. But leaves out the girl in his bed. So Skye brings it up. Skye yells Ned she hired a private investigator to find out what is going on. She tells Ned it is Alexis. Ned says no. BUT that she could be getting help from Stephan.

As they talk, we see Dillon looking in the window of Kelly's. Just as two of Faiths thugs grab him. They question him about Georgie's whereabouts. But Alcazar shows up and tells her men to leave him alone. Dillon tells Alcazar about Faith. Says he needs his help. Alcazar warns him that he might want a favor in return for helping him. Back at the barn, the farmer catches Georgie. Acting like he wants to have sex with her.

Stephan is in the visitor room of the PC police department. The girl he hired to mess with Ned is with him. Stephan tells her Alexis will be back soon. That they have to move up the time table. She agrees.

In the hospital, Lydia finds out she can have kids. She sees Emily and rubs it in. Zander walks in on their fight. Lydia tells him they were discussing honeymoons. Zander tells Emily he has a surprise for her. They leave the hospital. They arrive at a house and Zander picks Emily up. Carries her through the door. Tells her he rented the house for them. Emily looks very happy about it.

Lydia walks into Nicolas' bedroom and lays next to him. Lydia tells him that one day maybe he will love her. He leans over and they kiss.

While Sonny and Carly dance, her bartender shows up. Sonny goes in the back. The bartender gives Carly an envelope. Says a messenger brought it. She opens it and sees a picture of a car with broken head light. There is blood on the car. She turns it over and finds a note. It says meet me on the docks. It's signed L.

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