GH Update Wednesday 9/10/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Darin
Pictures by Juanita

Today's General Hospital opened with Emily and Bobby talking about Emily's fast recovery. As they are walking down the hall, they hear a scream. They rush into Elizabeth's room to find her on the floor. As they help her into bed, she cries out that she is blind.

Rick and Scott are in the PC police departments questioning room. Rick is pleading his innocence to Scott. But Scott doesn't believe him. They are waiting for the forensic evidence of the hit and run accident on Elizabeth.

As Dillon wakes up, Faith tells him her plan. He has to tell the police that he was with her, in bed, the day of the accident. He says he will not do it. Faith tells him that she will kill Georgie if he doesn't go along.

Sonny and Carly discuss Sonny's insecurity over the health of their unborn baby. Carly tries to persuade him that their baby will be fine. They hug and Carly suggests they go spend sometime in the nursery. As they walk upstairs, her cell phone rings. Alcazar leaves her a message. He wants to see her at outside her club later on.

Jason and Courtney start the show coming back from swimming. They seem to be happy. Jason goes to answer the phone. As he does, Courtney grabs her pills. But she puts them back. When Jason comes back, Courtney comes clean about the pills. She decides to stop taking them. They both throw the pills off the balcony.

Back to Elizabeth's hospital room where her doctor is talking to her. He tells her that she may stay blind. But that there is also a chance she will regain her sight.

Meanwhile, Dillon gives into Faith. Just as the police arrive. Mac and Georgie buy Faiths plan. They arrest Faith anyway and bring her and Dillon to the station.

We see Sonny coming down the stairs and talks to their son. He says that some man left a message for Carly. Sonny listens and erases the message. Carly comes downstairs and tells Sonny that they have a birthing class. Sonny tries to not go, but Carly persuades him. Sonny doesn't mention the call.

Back at the PC Police station, they give Scott the forensic report. It clears Rick of the accident. Scott thinks, that it's possible, Rick and Faith are in cahoots. Georgie cries as Faith tells them that her and Dillon have been having sex for months. Dillon supports Faith and gives her an alibi. Rick and Faith see one another and she tells Rick she is innocent. Rick tells her he will kill her if she is lying.

As they quarrel, Georgie begs Dillon to tell her the truth. Surprisingly, he does. But tells her he cannot tell Mac the truth. And will not tell her why. Georgie tells Mac what Dillon said. Just as Faith is about to leave, Mac says she cannot leave just yet. That he knows Dillon is lying. Faith tells Dillon to enjoy his last minutes with Georgie.

As Courtney and Jason lay in each other's arms, there is a knock on the door. Jason says it's a surprise for Courtney. But instead of a woman, a male shows up to do the massage. You can see the jealousy in Jason's eyes. We see Courtney laying on the massage table. The guy starts the massage. It starts hurting her. She turns around and its Jason. They laugh over his jealousy. Courtney tells him he still owes her a massage. Jason starts massaging her again. Courtney gives a sigh of contentment.

Carly gets home and her son tells her about the call. When she looks at her messages, she sees that it was erased. Her son tells Carly Sonny listened to it. Carly looks afraid for Sonny. We see Sonny showing up instead of Carly. Tells Alcazar that Carly will not be coming.

Rick shows up at General Hospital. Bobby tells Rick there were complications with Elizabeth. We then see Elizabeth trying to see her hands. She hears someone come in. Rick says hi and Elizabeth orders him out. But he again pleads his case. Tells Elizabeth he wants her to love him again. Elizabeth orders him out.

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