GH Update Tuesday 9/9/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/9/03

By Katie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny confronted Faith at Ric's home questioning her about Elizabeth. Faith told him that she had nothing to do with the hit. Sonny asked her why her car was banged up and she told him that it wasn't her car, it was Ric's. After talking for a while Sonny came to the conclusion that although Faith may be lying, he hated Ric more than her so he decided to call the cops. Sonny told Baldwin that in Ric's garage there was some evidence leading towards who may have hit Liz. When Scotty arrived at Ric's house Sonny forced Faith to tell Scotty what she knew about Ric. Faith told him that Ric had booked a ticket to Manhattan for that night and that he was planning to stay there. Baldwin seemed pretty happy and left Ric's.

After finding out that Elizabeth was hit by a car, Emily, Nikolas and Lucky went to visit her. Elizabeth told them that she believed that Ric was the one who hit her. She also blamed herself for always believing him and trusting him. Emily told her not to blame herself because she was innocent. Then, Emily brought up the fact that she, Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth were the "four musketeers" and that they should always be there for each other. Zander walked in on the whole thing and looked unhappy when he realized how Nik and Em were looking at each other. Liz told Emily that she needed to leave so that she could get better, and Zander, Lucky and Em left. Nikolas stayed with Elizabeth until she fell asleep. He then headed to the roof where he found Emily and Zander kissing. Emily heard him, but did not realize it was he.

Kyle told Maxie, Georgie and Dillon about what he saw when Liz was hit. He told them that he was the one who phoned the police and that he saw a woman with blond hair standing over Elizabeth's body. Dillon asked Kyle why he was at the street corner and Kyle confessed to trying to get drugs from his source. Maxie told Kyle off, telling him that she tried to stick up for him and give him the benefit of the doubt. She made him go to the police station and tell her father about what he saw. Mac wasn't there, so he began to tell Lucky.

Scotty arrested Ric for the hit and run of his wife, Elizabeth. Ric firmly denied having anything to do with it at all. After Scotty received that information from Sonny he told Ric about it. Sonny came to visit Ric and Ric yelled at him for turning in the information about the car accident. Ric claimed that he was being framed. Then, when Ric began to attack Sonny, Lucky told everyone at the police station that it might have been a woman that hit Liz. Kyle told everyone that he saw a blonde woman wearing all black standing over Liz's body. Ric said he knew who that was.

Courtney and Jason went to the island for a vacation. In her bag, Courtney had her pills with her but hid them when Jason came. Jason asked Courtney if she wanted to go for a swim, and at first she agreed but then decided not to. She was still upset about the loss of the baby in the water. Jason apologized and told her that he does not feel the same way that Courtney does about the loss of the baby because of what happened to him in the accident. They talked for a while.

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