GH Update Monday 9/8/03

General Hospital Update Monday 9/8/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ned arrives in his bedroom to find teenager Cindy waiting for him, wearing skimpy clothing and sitting in his bed.  Shocked, he yells for Alive.  He orders Alice to get rid of her and then he leaves, not listening to Cindy's lies.  A.J. arrives and wants to get involved.  He questions Cindy, getting rid of Alice.  He gives her money and offers her a ride home.  Later, he tells Ned that he took care of the situation for him, and now Ned owes him.  Ned is disgusted.

Nikolas visits Emily in the hospital.  She tells him that she can't accept his bracelet.  She knows the story behind it, thanks to Alexis.  He takes it back, understanding her reasons but looking sad.  She has promised to stay with Zander.

Courtney sits on her couch at home, hugging her baby blanket.  She cries and apologizes to her dead baby.

At GH, Jason wonders why Sonny thinks that his baby is doomed.  Sonny says things have been going too well.  He knows that his children are doomed to die.  That's the price he has to pay for all of his power and money, and what he gets away with.  Jason tries to make him think positively about the future.  Sonny asks Jason to take Carly home because he has something to do.

Courtney is surprised that Jason returned to her after the way she acted.  They hug and he pledges to always stay with her.  Courtney talks about her feelings about the baby and why she has the blanket still.  Jason suggests they go away together like they planned so long ago. She eagerly agrees.

Ric makes plans to leave town.  Faith arrives and says she'll go with him.  He clearly doesn't want her along but he agrees to take her.

Paramedics take Elizabeth to GH.  Scott finds out the details from Detective Andy Capelli.  Scott finds Sonny at GH and says that maybe Sonny had Elizabeth run down, to get revenge on Ric for what he did to Carly.

Capelli visits Ric to let him know about Elizabeth.

Audrey sits by Elizabeth's bedside.  Liz is still unconscious.  Nikolas comes in for a visit, shocked by what happened to Elizabeth.  Audrey is glad it's not Ric.  Elizabeth awakens.  The first thing she does is ask where Ric is.  She complains that hurt (her eyes have bandages over them). Audrey tells her that her corneas were scratched.  Ric comes in but Audrey orders him out.  Liz says she has to talk to him.  Andy and Scott come in, accusing Ric of injuring Liz.  She says that she's afraid of him.  They were arguing and then right after that, she got hit by the car, so she thinks he did it.  He is stricken.

Nikolas tells Emily about what happened to Liz, so she insists on getting out of her bed to see her.  Nikolas picks her up and carries her there so she won't have to exert herself.  The visit Elizabeth, who is now alone.  She tells them that Ric ran her down, so they are shocked.

Scott and Andy arrest Ric for trying to kill Elizabeth. He protests that he wouldn't want to kill her because he loves her.

Sonny visits Faith at Ric's.  He reminds her that a while back, he caught her trying to kill Elizabeth with a pillow.  He thinks that she ran down Elizabeth, even though he told her to leave Liz alone, so now she has to pay for ignoring his orders.  She asks why she would jeopardize things now that she has what she wants.  He asks her to explain the damage to the front of her car.  She says it's not her car, it's Ric's.

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