GH Update Thursday 9/4/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Juanita

Emily and Zander reflect on there brief but romantic honeymoon in her hospital room and the hope of her recovery. They talk about plans for their future but Emily looks wondering into space thinking about Nicholas.

Lucky walks in on Nicholas as he forcefully grabs Lydia’s arm while at Windamere. Nicholas continues to question Lydia about her involvement in Summer’s murder and accuses Lydia of framing Stephan to protect her inheritance. Lucky accuses Nicholas of lashing out at Lydia instead of dealing with his own grief over losing Emily to Zander. Lucky tells Nicholas that what he predicted is true, Nicholas can never turn on his uncle. Nicholas apologizes for his accusation and leaves. Lydia explains to Lucky that Nicholas was only reacting to his guilt over turning Stephan in and she knows that he never really believed that she was guilty.

Stephan attempts to convince Alexis that pointing the finger at Lydia is the only way to draw attention away from himself. Alexis argues that casting doubt on Lydia’s innocence will only make him look guiltier. Stephan warns Alexis that she needs to find someway to prove him innocence.

Scoot warns Rick that he had better find some type of evidence against Alcazar or he will reinstate the kidnapping charges against him.

In the park, Carly, Sonny and Michael share an evening together at the park while attending the Port Charles Fair. Carly and Sonny talk about there future and the family that they will share. Sonny gets a call from Jason and leaves to meet. Alcazar watches the couple from the bushes.

While Jason looks on, a medicated Courtney warns Elizabeth that she is not welcome in their house. After Elizabeth leaves, Jason questions Courtney about her reaction to Elizabeth. Courtney shares with Jason that she saw the embrace that the two shared at the hospital chapel. Courtney tells Jason that she feels left out of the bond that the two share and knows that eventually he will go back to Elizabeth to get the one thing that she can never give him; a child. Jason tells Courtney that a child is not what is important to him. Courtney tells Jason that maybe she should have listened to him in the first place and finally realizes that he never really wanted a child at all. Confused, Jason leaves the penthouse.

Upset, Courtney shows up at the park to find Carly and Michael. She tells Carly that she wouldn’t blame Jason for going back to Elizabeth. Carly argues that Courtney is only seeing what she wants to see and is reading too much into Jason’s actions. She tells Courtney not to push Jason away when she needs him most. Carly tells Courtney to return to the doctor to find out if she is in fact sterile. Alcazar makes his presence know to Carly immediately after Courtney leaves the park. Carly threatens Rick to stay away from her and her family.

Sonny meets Jason at the penthouse where Jason talks about Courtney’s erratic behavior. Sonny tells Jason that Courtney is afraid to lose her and her reaction to losing their baby is understandable. Jason and leaves and Rick knocks at the door. He tells Sonny that he is willing to put Alcazar away for good if Sonny will call a truce with him. Sonny refuses the offer and vows to follow through with his threat of killing Rick.

Alexis shows up at Windamere where Lucky and Lydia questions her motive for defending Stephan. Lucky questions why Alexis would abuse Emily’s trust.

Elizabeth and Zander talk at the hospital about his hold over Emily and how the power of his love brought Emily back from the brink of death. Elizabeth talks with regret about her marriage to Rick.

Nicholas shows up in Emily’s hospital room where Nicholas brings the couple their first wedding gift. Emily is shocked to discover a ruby and diamond bracelet that Nicholas shares has been in his family since before Napoleon. Nicholas explains that the Cassadine prince was always meant to give the bracelet to the person of his choose and he has always meant the gift for her. It symbolizes her struggle for life. Nicholas shares that he heard her tell Zander that his kiss brought her back, but the two share an understanding. It was actually Nicholas’s kiss that revived her.

At the hospital, Courtney speaks with Doctor Meadows about her chance of conceiving. The Dr. tells her that surgery could give her a slight chance of getting pregnant. Courtney requests more pain medication but is denied. Overhearing her plea, Alcazar sees his chance to get to Sonny. He makes a call requesting a prescription for the drug.

Jason breaks into Alcazars hotel room to search for evidence of his plans and finds evidence of a connection between he and Stephan.

Alexis arrives at the hospital to question Emily about the time she was engagement to Nicholas. Alexis shares with Emily that the bracelet that Nicholas gave her carries the myth that any women who receives it will hold the man’s heart forever.

Nicholas and Lydia agree to give their marriage another chance while at the same time Lucky is egged on by Stephan at the PCPD.

Elizabeth arrives at the park at Carly’s request. Carly warns Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Rick overhears and jumps to the conclusion that the two have reunited.

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