GH Update Wednesday 9/3/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Juanita

As Lucky looks on, Alexis questions Lydia about the night that Summer was pushed off of the cliff and asks her to relay to her the events as they happened. Lydia relays each detail of that night and shares with Alexis the call that she received from Darious offering his silence in exchange for one million dollars. Alexis warns Lydia that perjury is a crime and leaves suspicious.

From the PCPD interrogation room, Stephan warns Nicholas about Lydia. Stephan tells Nicholas that Lydia is a threat to his safety and warns Nicholas that he is the only person who can protect him. He is concerned that from his cell, he won’t be able to stop Lydia from carrying out her plan.

Emily tells Jason that she owes Nicholas her life and feels that the only way to truly repay him is to return the favor. Jason agrees to protect Nicholas in any way that he can but tells Emily that he is more concerned for her health than the welfare of either Nicholas or Zander.

Close by, Zander and Gia talk about the good times they have shared as Edward happens upon the couple. Edward approaches and tells Zander that he wants to talk to him about the wedding that had occurred between he and Emily the previous day.

A.J. enters the hospital room as Jason and Emily share a goodbye. Emily makes a request of the two brothers that they at least acknowledge the presence of the other before leaving. They two share a cordial greeting and Jason leaves. A.J. shares with Emily that he does sometimes miss the old Jason.

While at the penthouse, Courtney tells Carly that she is worried about the growing bond between Liz and Jason and is worried that he may turn to Liz to give him the one thing that she can’t, a child. Carly urges Courtney to talk to Jason about how she is feeling. As Carly leaves, Courtney takes more pain medication. There is a knock at the door and Courtney answers to find Liz on the other side. There to share the good news about Emily’s medical progress, Liz is stunned when Courtney lashes out at her for stopping by. Courtney is in the process of accusing Liz of trying to take Jason back when Jason arrives and demands to know what is going on. There is a stunned silence.

Edward drags Zander and Gia into Emily’s hospital room where he voices his displeasure at the kids for leaving the family out of their wedding. As Emily’s protests, Edward softens and tells the couple that he accepts their marriage and feels that Zander is what pulled Emily through her illness. Edward welcomes Zander to the family and the group shares a laugh as Zander jokingly calls Edward Grandfather.

A short time later, Emily, Zander and Gia hear singing from the hospital corridor as Dillion “Floats” by on a hospital gurney meant to look like a gondola. Pushed by Georgia and Maxie, Dillion offers the honeymooning couple a ride around the hospital on the “vessel”. As the group passes the Quartermaine's in the hallway, they each take a moment of stunned silence and continue talking about the upcoming wedding arrangements that Edward has begun to make. When the group finally makes it back to Emily’s hospital room, they discover that Maxie, Dillion and Georgie have decorated to set a Venice scene so that the couple can have a romantic honeymoon night.

Now suspicious after his conversation with Stephan, Nicholas questions Lydia about her involvement in Summers murder. Pointing the finger at Stephan, Lydia proclaims her innocence. Nicholas grabs Lydia’s arm just as Lucky walks in to witness the event.

Alexis questions Stephan at the PCPD. Stephan once again denies his involvement in the murder, but suggests that Alexis find Darious to get the answers that she seeks. He feels that if offered a deal, Darious would finger Lydia as his accomplice. Alexis tells Stephan that she thinks the blackmail threat that both he and Lydia received was nothing more than a hoax concocted by Lucky and Lydia to get a confession from Stephan. She thinks that Darious is dead after all.

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