GH Update Tuesday 9/2/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Elizabeth
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney thanks Jason for coming home to her and apologizes for lashing out at him. She informs him that being angry is easier than dealing with the grief over the loss of their baby. He pleads with her to let him know how she is feeling. As Courtney resists Jason, he receives a call from Emily on his cell phone. He leaves for the hospital leaving Courtney behind. 

As Emily and Zander take their wedding vows, a hurt Nicholas looks on from the hallway. Emily takes a moment to look at Nicholas but ultimately continues on with the wedding. They are then pronounced husband and wife and share their first kiss while Elizabeth, Lucky, Gia and Nicholas all look on. 

Alexis accompanies Stephan to the PCPD after he was arrested for the murder of Summer. Serving as council to Stephan, Alexis tells Stephan that she wants the truth about Summers murder. Stephan pleads his innocence. After receiving a lecture from Scott about the Cassadine family, Cameron warns Alexis that Stephan set her up by offering to help her regain custody of Christina. He claims that Stephan knew that he would need Alexis’s assistance and used Christina as a bargaining chip. Alexis defends Stephan’s right to representation and a fair trial. 

Rich shows up at the PCPD and is threatened by Scott that if he doesn’t produce some ammunition to use against Sonny and Luis Alcazar, he will be charged with Carly’s kidnapping. 

Luis sees Georgie and Dillion on the Pier and congratulates Dillion on his new job at ELQ. He gives the couple money to celebrate the new job. After Luis leaves, Georgie spots a dead body floating in the water nearby. Dillion and Georgie report the dead body to the police and Dillion admits that they body may have been that of one of Courtney’s attackers. 

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t like her lingering feelings of gratitude for Luis. She doesn’t owe him anything for the part that he played in saving their unborn child. Sonny feels that Luis has gotten to Carly and that possibly his feelings for her have grown.

Emily thanks Gia for being such a good friend to Zander and tells Liz and Lucky that she loves them and considers them to be a part of her family. Nicholas enters and congratulates both Emily and Zander on their wedding and shares a sad final goodbye with Emily. The doctor informs Monica, Allan and Zander that another infection may have set in and they should prepare themselves for the worst. Emily apologizes to Monica for letting her miss out on her wedding and tells both she and Allan how much she appreciates them for taking her in as a child. 

Sonny and Luis show up at the PCPD at Scott’s request for questioning. Luis admits to Sonny that he killed Courtney’s attackers because he knew that Sonny never could. Both men plead their innocence to Scott and due to a lack of evidence are set free. 

Carly tells Courtney that Jason needs her by his side as he comes to terms with his grief over the possible loss of Emily. Courtney goes to the hospital to be with him. 

Emily thanks Jason, who is now at her bedside, for being there for her through everything and tells him to hold on to Courtney. Emily asks Jason to protect Nicholas from anyone who may want to harm him when she is gone.

Jason thanks Monica for giving him his sister and then goes to the chapel. Jason prays for Emily to find the strength to let go. Overhearing, Liz attempts to comfort him. Liz tells Jason that she loves Emily and doesn’t know how to let her go. As they lean on each other, Courtney watches from the doorway. 

Zander tells Emily that he learned about love from her and asks her to try to have hope while at the same time Monica and Allan comfort Nicholas in the hall. They give him an empty room to rest in while they wait. Nicholas dreams of he and Emily’s wedding day as she rests with Zander and he rests alone.

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