GH Update Tuesday 8/26/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

The Quartermaines worry about Emily's health but are all thankful when she begins to come around. Ned apologizes to Dillon for never being around and then offers him a job at ELQ. Dillon tells him that he'll think about it but tells Georgie that he wants to work for Alkazar instead. Georgie and Dillon discuss their love for each other and she tells him that he matters to her because he's himself and that's all that matters. Zander visits Emily and tells her about all the people who tried to get her to come out of the coma. They talk about their love for each other.

Nikolas tells Stefan that he will propose to Emily when she awakens. Stefan tells Nikolas that he hopes she doesn't awake. When Emily is still in the coma, he tells her not to leave him. He tells her to fight for him and that he loves her. Emily touches his head and calls out his name as he cries on her lap. She awakens and her fever begins to climb down. Nikolas takes this chance to propose to her, but she says no because she loves Zander.

Scotty tells Ric that he's dropping the charges against him. There is no evidence that Carly was being held against her will. Faith urges him to take the deal. He does, but asks for protection. Faith tells Ric to pack but he decides to stay and get his wife back. Ric tells Liz about the charges being dropped. Liz tells Ric not to celebrate because he should be in jail for hurting Carly. She tells him that he's out of her life for good and now she's free. Ric later tells Faith about what Sonny did to him. She tells him that she's out of patience and Ric tells Faith that he'll pay her back (in a good way). She says that if he hurts her again she will make him scream so loud that the devil will cover his ears, and then she will kill him. Scotty tells Carly that she wouldn't have been a reliable witness and that the charges are being dropped. Carly warns Sonny not to kill Ric because it's what he wants.

Sonny later confronts Ric and tells him that he's a coward. Ric tells Sonny to shoot him but Sonny says he won't because he doesn't want to go to jail because of Carly and the two kids. He says that in a few years he will kill him when Ric thinks he has finally made up for all he's done. He says he will kill him by putting a wire around his neck and saying this is for Carly. Then, he'll go home and lie next to Carly as the world forgets that Ric Lansing ever existed. Carly and Sonny talk about Ric and their love for each other. Carly asks him to put his love for the family first.

Courtney opens up to Jason about the baby and the miscarriage. Jason tells Courtney not to blame herself for the loss of the baby as she tells him she is unable to get pregnant again. Courtney tells Jason that if she wants to take a break from the marriage it would be okay. Jason talks about the first time he ever saw grief. Jason talks about the death of Lilly as well as how Michael almost died at birth and how it was really hard on Carly. Jason and Courtney spend the night under the stars telling each other not to keep blaming themselves for the miscarriage. Jason says he'll give her time and that he loves her. He tells her that losing something matters but what they have matters more.

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