GH Update Monday 8/25/03

General Hospital Update Monday 8/25/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

Alcazar is at the docks when Carly shows up with Michael. She almost falls and Alcazar catches her in time. Sonny approaches and tells Carly to go home with Michael. Carly refuses at first, but then relents and goes home. Sonny stays behind to speak to Alcazar in private. Alcazar states he is in love with Carly and Sonny tells him that he will never get his wife. Sonny tells Alcazar to back off.

Courtney tells Jason that she wants to have a baby as soon as possible. Jason tells her that although he wants the same things she wants, it is not the right time to have a baby. The discussion continues for a while.

Lydia secretly tapes a conversation with Stefan, hoping it will give Lucky the evidence he needs to prove that Stefan had Summer killed. As Lydia and are arguing, two large men with accents grab Stefan and drag him away. They later rough him up and are awaiting payment-or else Nicholas will be killed.

Rick is hiding out at Faith's house. She tries to get back with him but he tells her that although she is an extremely attractive woman, he doesn't feel the same way about her, that she feels about him. He tells her that he does not want to hurt her feelings. Rick tells her that he has to leave to get away from those who want him dead. She agrees to go out and get him the things he needs, such as a passport and money, etc. He tells her he is trusting her to do this for him. Must to Rick's dismay, Faith returns later on with Scott Baldwin. Scott tells him he does not want to arrest him but instead come up with a plan.

Emily's condition worsens and she is now unconscious. Monica keeps vigil near her bedside. Zander goes in and spends some time talking to Emily. Emily begins to have dreams of the two of them sharing fun times together. Nicholas also visits her and tells her how he feels about her. Jason comes to get an update on Emily and comforts Monica when she tells him just how frightened she is. Later, Stefan goes to Emily's hospital with the intention of harming her. Before he has a chance to Nicholas walks in and tells Stefan that he is going to leave Lydia and marry Emily. Stefan tells Nicholas that if he does so, the people they owe money to will kill Nicholas.

Courtney meets with the doctor who informs her that due to internal injuries, she may not ever be able to conceive a child in the future. Courtney blames herself and decides she is going to run away. She then has a conversation with Zander and decides to go home and tell Jason the truth.

Carly gets a visit from Scott Baldwin and they send him on his way after having a discussion. Carly later gets a box of roses from Alcazar and throws the card out. However she doesn't know that Sonny is watching the entire time. Carly tells Sonny the flowers are from her Mother, but Sonny finds the card and later asks Carly why she lied to him.

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