GH Update Friday 8/22/03


General Hospital Update Friday 8/22/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Michael told Courtney that his baby brother needed a friend, so she and Jason should have a baby. Courtney told him that she couldn’t have a baby until her and Jason both wanted to. Michael said he would talk to Jason, but Courtney told him that she would rather him not say anything.

Sonny and Courtney talked about her being kidnapped. Sonny wanted to know what was bothering her. Courtney said that she was upset with herself because she hadn’t trusted that Jason would rescue her from Lorenzo. Sonny said he didn’t see what the problem was because Courtney was home safe. Courtney told him that she had lost something when she jumped in, and she couldn’t just forget that.

Carly was alone in the penthouse, and Lorenzo called. He said that he was glad to hear her, and Carly said that she wasn’t letting him make Sonny crazy by calling. Jason walked in as Carly was yelling at Lorenzo. Jason wanted to know why she thought telling Lorenzo off would help. Jason asked Courtney what was going on with Courtney. She said that Courtney wasn’t raped. He asked if she was going to lie to Sonny and not tell him that Lorenzo called.

Jason stood at Lorenzo’s with a baseball bat asking what he did to Courtney. While they were talking, Dillon walked in. Jason told him that he shouldn’t be there, Dillon said he just wanted to say thanks to Lorenzo for helping him out the day before. Jason said they were leaving, and told Dillon that he was leaving too. Outside, Jason told Dillon that he was going to end up killing himself, or getting killed by Lorenzo.

Jason said if Carly knew anything about Courtney, than she should tell him. Carly tried to assure him that everything was fine, but Courtney needed love and patience. Jason said Carly needed to help him out, and she said she just had.

Sonny asked Carly about Courtney, and she told him that same thing she told Jason. That Courtney was okay. Sonny wanted to know what was going on, but Carly asked Sonny not to ask her what was wrong with Courtney. Later, Carly went to Courtney’s where she was talking to Sonny. Carly told him that Lorenzo called, and he left. Carly and Courtney talked, and Courtney told Carly she was going to the doctor, and then to be with Jason while he was with Emily.

Emily and Zander talked at GH. Zander and Emily both had headaches, his from the hang over, and hers because she was sick again. Zander told the doctor that Emily had a headache, and he examined her. The doctor told Monica that he was afraid Emily may have an infection and wanted to do a spinal tap.

Skye and Edward talked, and he told her that she would have to wait to see Emily, until he was done. Edward told her that if she didn’t want to wait, he would give Emily the present she had for him. Skye told Edward that she was glad to wait, and that she was meeting Ned.

Edward started going on about the diary, and the girl who left it. Edward told Skye that the girl was real, and young. Skye blew him off, and Ned came up and said he had no idea what was going on with the diary and the girl. Ned and Skye sat down, and Skye told him that she was going to Llanview to see Rae. Ned told her to hurry home for him and Kristina. When Ned walked away, Skye got on the phone, and asked a friend to look into Eddy Maine, and all the young groupies he might have been with.

Zander, Nikolas, Ned, Alan, and Edward stood around GH waiting to hear from Monica about Emily. Monica came over and announced that Emily had been moved to ICU because she had meningitis. Zander asked what that meant, and Alan said Emily could die.

Monica called Jason, and told him that Emily was worse, and that she had asked to see him ASAP. Jason went to see Emily, and she asked him to help her figure out a way to die. Emily said she was scared because she knew everybody was scared for her, and she didn’t know how to leave them. Jason told Emily that she had the time to say what she wanted to all the people she loved. Jason went out, and told Nikolas that Emily wanted to see him.

When Nikolas was there, he told Emily that he felt so lucky that she wanted to be with him when there were so many people waiting to see her. Emily told him that she was so lucky to have him, and all the things he did for her. She started to say something else, but started to have a seizure. He screamed for Zander to call for help.

Lydia talked to Stefan and told him that Darius had called her and threatened her. She told Stefan that Darius threatened to blackmail her, and to destroy her unless she paid him off.

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